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Undeniably one of the hardest working human beings in music right now, Ruth Royall’s name is one that you simply must be familiar with. Since her debut release ‘Real Hearts’ with Chris Munky back in 2017, the Bristol-based musician has been blessing beats with her signature soulful sound and jazz-infused melodies. Her influences stem from far and wide, including Jungle, Snarky Puppy, The Nextmen and D’Angelo to name a few. ‘Running In The Dark’ saw her collaborate with Soulvent co-founders Pola & Bryson on their 2019 ‘Pacific’ EP, and the songstress has since continued to pump out high-quality music across a whole host of genres and labels. From Hospital to Viper, Shogun to Soulvent, Rampage to MURKT and more. We are incredibly excited to host her first 4-track foray on the label, and trust us, it was certainly worth the wait!

Opener ‘New Love’ sees Ruth link up with the Japanese mastermind producer behind ‘Spread Love (feat. Pete Simpson)’ & the ‘Tomodachi Sessions’ LP: the ever-present & well-respected Makoto. The track opens with warming rhodes and smooth, calming pads - all the while our Bristollian’s rousing, relatable lyrics & rich harmonies weave through the dense aural layers present. The result is an uplifting marvel; a heady love song full of butterflies and a smitten teenage optimism.

Next up, our protagonist partners with Goldfat founder, Hospital affiliate and seasoned producer Mitekiss. Continuing to build on their fruitful musical partnership, ‘Ricochets’ is a sultry, sophisticated breakbeat number complete with tight drums, fluid bass and emotive strings. The call and response vocal elements present in the chorus build a comforting, hypnotic atmosphere while the raw tone and measured delivery of the verses display a firm knowledge of dynamics and timbre.

The penultimate track on the EP is a slightly further afield link-up, as our good friends & Las Vegas locals Blacklab deliver the goods on ‘Mind Over Matter’. The punchy drums and Break-inspired, wobbly bass on the drop offer a satisfying, contrasting, down-right-screw-face-inducing moment in this iridescent, vocal-laden extended player.

Finally, we’re treated to an acoustic reprise of ‘Ricochets’ that is more akin to the initial demo version which birthed the song. This stripped-back iteration provides the listener with a raw representation of the undeniably catchy songwriting and skillful production that permeate this 4-track wonder.

Arriving in all good stores on Friday the 3rd of September, add Ruth Royall’s vivid, vibrant ‘Colours’ EP to your musical palette. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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