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Rising duo Circumference is made up of Bristol-based uni students & music producers Kit Jones and Finlay Freshney-Lee, who deliver gut-punching soundscapes that will literally stop you in your skank. The young pair have an impressive 10 years of production experience between them, and have been releasing music on labels like Flexout, Overview and Soulvent over the last 2 years. Their latest output provides further insight into their awe-inspiring approach to dance music, which certainly leaves an impression to say the least.

Title track ‘Breathe’ crackles to life with that satisfying match stroke followed by an intense build through a seemingly endless series of crescendos. Orchestral, hard-hitting thumps of percussion are met with gritty vocals and an impending sense of doom. This one is likely to turn your next rave into a 999-call with immediate effect, and will most certainly have some of you reaching for your inhaler.

Thankfully, ‘Pyramid’ builds a more subtle foundation, with some welcomingly calmer tones to salve its predecessor's onslaught. The build-up offers more delightful synth work and a more traditional structure, which are met with whooshing, satisfying sidechaining and playful percussive elements.

The murky atmosphere of ‘SEE’ yet again switches up the vibe, with a more dystopian intro, followed by week-altering, half-time flavours. Drop number two progresses the synth wonderment with an even more risque rhythm section switch up will have you grinning. This Ivy Lab-esque curveball proves that this pair are far from one-hit-wonders and worth considering as artists to watch as 2022 looms.

Finally ‘Breathe (Out)’ offers a real insight into the duos’ penchant and appreciation for more classically coined and intricate instrumentation. This heart-wrenching reprise delivers just as much force as its brother, but with an unexpected twist in its drum pattern. Stress-inducing suspense levels are met with more tense strings and roars of bass which are a marvel all of their own and will certainly have you frowning on the tube and the dancefloor alike.

Breathe in deep and appreciate this cleverly constructed, thought-provoking EP from 2 of d&b’s most exciting prospects, landing in all good stores on the 19th of November.

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