Digital Downloads: Customer support

What happens if I download a file with an error or glitch in the sound?
Please let us know immediately – if there is any problem with a file then we need to replace it as soon as possible. Please email with a description of the problem and we will get you the correct file to you straight away.

What happens if my download fails before the whole file has transferred?
How quickly your file is delivered will depend on the quality of your internet connection. The file will remain on your “Account” page, under “Orders” for you to download again.

After downloading the file, my computer thinks it’s an Excel/Text/Word/Bin file! What do I do?
Some older operating systems can’t handle long file names. When the file is downloaded, it shortens the filename and loses the appropriate file extension. This leaves your computer unable to know how to handle the file, so it often makes a guess (hence thinking it’s an Excel or Word file). If you rename the file, adding the extension .mp3 or .wav (depending on what you ordered) to the end of the filename, it should work fine.

What happens if I accidentally delete a file from my hard drive?
Although technically, once you’ve downloaded the file it becomes your responsibility, we do provide the opportunity for you to download the file again. If this happens you can simply log back in to your account, and re-download the order from your “account” page, under “orders”.

Can I download music from your store straight to my iPhone, iPod or iPad?
While our digital download formats are fully compatible with all Apple devices, we do not recommend you try to purchase digital downloads directly onto the device. The easiest method of getting our music onto your device is through a computer running iTunes, which you can then sync with your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

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