Shipping Fees

Shipping fees on the Hospital Records shop depend on what you order and your delivery address. The fees are calculated by two pricing tiers. There is a first item price, which covers packaging and handling as well as the shipping, then because we try to ship your items in the fewest packets possible, each subsequent item is at a reduced rate.

We try to be as fair as possible, so you will never pay the first item rate more than once per order. You pay the maximum first item price in your order, then everything else is at the reduced subsequent item rate. For example, if you order a 4-piece LP and a t-shirt, we can put the t-shirt in a parcel suitable for the vinyl, but we wouldn’t be able to put the LP in a parcel suitable for a T-shirt, so that cost is covered.

This might sound confusing, but as long as you have Registered with a Shop account before you start your order, shipping fees will be calculated as you add items to your basket, so you can see how much the shipping will be on-the-go.

The Hospital Records Shop team pride ourselves on our shipping efficiency, and we try to provide you with the best combination of service and price.

For those who want the details, the table below should give you an idea of how our fees are calculated.

UK Europe Rest of World
Item Item 1 Item 2+ Item 1 Item 2+ Item 1 Item 2+
Base Rate
(12″ Single, CD, Accessory etc)
£2.25 £0.90 £2.75 £1.50 £3.39 £1.80
2×12″ Vinyl £2.90 £1.80 £4.90 £2.90 £5.90 £4.40
4×12″ Vinyl £3.90 £3.00 £6.39 £5.50 £8.49 £7.10
T-shirt £2.25 £0.70 £2.75 £1.50 £3.39 £1.80
Stickers £0.90 £0.05 £1.20 £0.05 £1.50 £0.05

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