Here at Hospital Records, we wanted to help raise funds for Leke and his family as he goes through this challenging time, so we decided to repress our legendary Junglist Movement collaboration tee, with ALL PROFITS heading straight to the Help for Leke GoFundMe Campaign, initiated by Dan Crespel. 


"If you happen to be into Jungle music, UK Hip Hop and the scene surrounding both, you will have heard of Junglist Movement, Hip-Hop Movement and the baby soul range and its brand position within both genres, scenes and the surrounding street art and expressionism scene that is thick within the UK underground and more recently above!

Leke not many of you know, has all his life suffered from sickle cell anaemia; this means he has to have blood exchanges every six weeks without fail, or it can lead to massive organ failure and other life-changing ailments.

Leke recently took a fall while at a gig and hurt his leg. Moving rapidly forward five months later and he has now been diagnosed with Giant Cell Tumour of the Bone. This disease affects only one in a million people and is a critical situation.

Leke continues to fight in the hospital and is in good spirits, but naturally, he is concerned about the welfare of his wife and two young daughters while he is in hospital and the foreseable future, unfortunately Leke is unable to run things in his normal high speed fashion!

As a huge community and backed by some of the brands ambassadors we are wanting to take some of the financial pressure away from him so he can focus on getting back to health and being the pillar of our community in his natural style on the front line!" - Dan Crespel / Help for Leke

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