The NHS has always held a big place in our hearts, however, there has never been a time when they have needed our support more than they do now.

Whilst it's easy to feel helpless in a time like this, there are always things we can do small and large to contribute positively to the world.

We have have now plastered our NHS tee (with a new spin) on some brand new mugs and donating 100% profits to our local NHS trust, giving you a stylish way to help support the frontline workers keeping our country safe right now.

We are fundraising to provide supplies that are needed to stock the Wellness Centres at Kings College Hospital at Denmark Hill and PRUH. The Wellness Centres provide a place for frontline staff to take a break from patient duties. In coordination with the team at Kings we are supplying i) fresh fruit to eat throughout the day ii) vegetables and groceries to pick up at the end of the shift and iii) something sweet to grab and go – because everyone needs a little sweetness in their day:

Spread Love ♥

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