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Hospital Records Advent Calendar – Day 01

December 1, 2020 in News

The 1st of December is here, which means one thing… The Hospital Records Advent Calendar is back! Head over to the link below to see what treats we’ve got in store for you today. We’ll be seeing you through with festive goodness right up until Christmas! Ho ho ho…

Keeno – ‘I Live, I Learn’ [OUT NOW]

November 27, 2020 in News

Bringing 2020 to a gleaming crescendo with an exciting new chapter of music, Keeno’s debut album on Hospital Records is finally out today! ‘I Live, I Learn‘ incorporates his classically-infused drum & bass influences with uplifting vibes alongside throwing in some dark and gritty sonics, going above and beyond his previous repertoire with a fresh musical outlook. Available now on streaming, digital and 12″ vinyl!



Nu:Tone – ‘Sweeter / Do It Right’ [OUT NOW]

November 20, 2020 in News

Today is a good day as Nu:Tone blesses us with two brand new tracks – his first solo release since his seminal album ‘Future History’ in 2014! ‘Sweeter‘ and ‘Do It Right‘ rest on different ends of the drum & bass spectrum but they both encapsulate Nu:Tone’s instantly recognisable production style. Out now on streaming and 12″ vinyl!



Nu:Tone – ‘Sweeter / Do It Right’ [PRE-SAVE/PRE-ORDER]

November 16, 2020 in News

The day is among us where we can officially announce brand new solo music from Nu:Tone, the first solo release since his seminal ‘Future History’ album in 2014An artist of the highest caliber who has paved a rich history in the world of dance music, ‘Sweeter’ and ‘Do It Right’ showcase Nu:Tone’s pioneering approach to drum & bass as he brings his renowned liquid loungecore sound into 2020. Out this Friday! Also available on 12″ vinyl.



Fred V – ‘Apeldoorn Jamming / Atmosphere’ [OUT NOW]

November 13, 2020 in News

We’re super excited to be dropping two fresh tracks from Fred V today! Drawing influence from his enchanting new home in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, ‘Apeldoorn Jamming‘ and ‘Atmosphere (feat. Lottie Jones)‘ are a beautiful sonic showcase of Fred’s solo journey as we head closer towards 2021 with exciting new chapters around the corner…



Fred V – ‘Apeldoorn Jamming / Atmosphere’ [PRE-SAVE]

November 9, 2020 in News

Who’s ready for some brand new music from Fred V this Friday? As we head towards 2021, Fred begins a brand new chapter as he draws on organic inspiration from his enchanting new home in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. His euphoric new single ‘Apeldoorn Jamming’ brings his multi-instrumentalist abilities into play, along with Lottie Jones’ heart-wrenching vocals in B-side ‘Atmosphere’, this magical two-track release overflows with emotion and electricity. 



Keeno – ‘Severn Summers’ [OUT NOW]

November 6, 2020 in News

The latest singe from Keeno’s forthcoming album ‘I Live, I Learn‘ is out today. Transcendent atmospherics and soulful guitar grooves set the scene on ‘Severn Summers’ before splashy Amen breaks and jazzy chords ignite into an explosion of musical brightness. Exquisitely executed vintage vocal samples add to the cut’s sublime flair. This is liquid drum & bass at its finest.



Whiney – ‘Bubblers: Part Two’ [OUT NOW]

in News

Part Two of Whiney’s energetic Bubblers EP series is out now! Continuing to craft and pioneer his unique drum & bass sound, ‘Bubblers: Part Two‘ consists of four fresh heat-bringers guaranteed to get you moving. The brand new EP from the rising star features collaborations with the likes of Ben Verse and Parly B – serious business. Out now on digital, streaming and 12″ vinyl.



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