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Grafix – ‘Somewhere’ (Feat Reiki Ruawai) [OUT NOW]

January 14, 2022 in News

Grafix’s latest single ’Somewhere’ (feat. Reiki Ruawai) Is a deep dive into Grafix’s constantly evolving production styles as he draws upon his influences spanning the likes of electronica, indie, dance and techno 🔊 He crafts a crescendo of immersive pads, irresistible synth work and his signature precision-cut drums as Reiki Ruawei delivers a majestic topline ❤️🔥 Available on all streaming services now.


Winslow – ‘Breaking News’ [OUT NOW]

January 13, 2022 in News

Drum & bass meets hip hop on Winslow’s latest single ‘Breaking News’ 🗞🗞🗞 Winslow crafts up a feel-good liquid pacer with crispy snares, feel-good samples and a mighty drop! His flawless production ties in effortlessly with the rhymes and tales from Brooklyn born MC, T.R.A.C 🔥 Available on all major streaming services.


Winslow – ‘Breaking News’ [PRE-SAVE]

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BREAKING NEWS: WINSLOW RETURNS WITH HIS SECOND EP ON HOSPITAL 🗞 We are so excited to announce a brand new EP from D+B wizard and tea connoisseur Winslow. ’Breaking News’ is officially available to pre-save on all the usual platforms ❤️ The first single ‘Breaking News’ featuring the legendary T.R.A.C is out today 👀


Logistics – ‘Vega’ [OUT NOW]

January 12, 2022 in News

Logistics’ latest single ‘Vega’ injects nothing but pure euphoria. Rolling drums, organ-style synths and uplifting vocals see the decades of Logistics’ experience effortlessly translate into yet another drum & bass anthem 🔥


Logistics – ‘Love Letters’ [PRE-ORDER/PRE-SAVE]

in News

We are thrilled to announce drum & bass champion Logistics is back with a fresh six-track EP that sees him delve back into the classic Hospital Records sound, with a 2022 🌀💛 ‘Love Letters’ EP is officially available to pre-save and the 12″ vinyl is available for pre-order! The first single ‘Vega’ is out today on all major streaming services 👀


Grafix – ‘Somewhere’ (Feat Reiki Ruawai)[PRE-SAVE]

January 10, 2022 in News

Grafix is back with his latest single ‘Somewhere’, featuring one of New Zealand’s finest talents Reiki Ruawei 👀 Expect a crescendo of immersive pads, irresistible synth-work and his signature precision-cut drums. Guaranteed to ignite any rave! 💥 Available to pre-save on all major streaming services. The track is officially out this Friday and marks the first single from his forthcoming solo album project ❤️


Mitekiss – ‘Sophie’s Tale’ (Feat Milo Merah) [OUT NOW]

January 7, 2022 in News

Mitekiss is unleashing his first single of the year! With the mesmerising ‘Sophie’s Tale’ (feat. Milo Merah) Sending listeners into a deep state of liquid lusciousness, Mitekiss provides immersive synth work and mesmerising reversed piano chords that are perfectly complemented by Milo Merah’s majestic vocals. If you’re a fan of this duo, be sure to check out ‘City Angels’ also featuring d.e.o.n released last year.


Mitekiss – ‘Bolivian Bistro Hotel’ [PRE-ORDER/PRE-SAVE]

in News

We are thrilled to announce a brand new album from soulful drum & bass connoisseur Mitekiss 🧡 His second studio long-player ‘Bolivian Hotel Bistro’ is officially available to pre-order & pre-save now – and the first single ‘Sophie’s Tale (feat. Milo Merah)’ is also out today! 🏨 👀 Available on all major streaming services and the stunning 12″ vinyl is available for pre-order.


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