Democast June 2010 – 2

June 29, 2010 in News

Tony has his 2nd batch of demos of the month and this is from artists we know a little more about. Again, there is a wealth of talent out there and we are always eager to give it a platform. Send your demos via aim to “hospitaldubs”. We check every single one!

(We are aware of IOS4 issues, and are working hard to fix them. We understand, if you download to your computer then sync to phone it appears to get around the bug.)


1. Furi Anger – Inside the sun
2. N.Phect – Without Your Touch
3. Enei – I Don’t Know
4. Oak – Kite
5. Engage – Paranoia
6. Andy Skopes + Mike Rea – Once more with feeling
7. Resound – Kindred Minds
8. Megadrummer – Your Happiness
9. Subterra + Basil – Cold Shoulder


  • dnbhead

    its furi anga btw

  • Oliver

    N.Phect – Without Your Touch
    Enei – I Don’t Know
    Resound – Kindred Minds
    Megadrummer – Your Happiness
    Subterra + Basil – Cold Shoulder

    The above were all personal favourites from this ‘cast. Good stuff, can’t wait for the Camo and/or Krooked interview!

  • Jorge Mendes

    “Resound – Kindred Minds” & “N.Phect – Without Your Touch”

    definetly worth the sign :) brilliant tunes, nice democast, however i prefered the first democast :P

    big shout to Resound for the massive bassline.. LOVE IT!!!!

  • donkey

    to be honest i liked the “unknown artists” democast more – but hey thats just me

  • si wak

    i have brought the new acappella cd surgest you dont bother if like music cause theres no music on there thought they should of had 2cds one with the oringinal versions and one with just the acapellas great for making mash ups but else im not sure and it cost 14 ouid thought you should of explained it better tony

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