Democast October 2010 with Riley

October 26, 2010 in News

It’s been a little while since our last democast and with London Elektricity hard at work in the studio Riley, who works behind the scenes on the Hospital podcast, stepped up to showcase your finest demos.

There are some great tracks here, we love recieving your demos. You can get your tracks to us by clearly labelling an MP3 and sending it via aim to the screen name hospitaldubs.

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1. Max Splav + Shebuzzz – Nightcall
2. Atmospherix – Trashbag
3. Wobble T. Feat Sisley – Stay Alive
4. East Colours + Noel – Cr4ck3r
5. Dexcell – Break (Only So Much I Can Take)
6. Fred V – Simple Beginnings
7. Melo – Insight
8. Zi2do – Orange
9. Neon Light, SH1 + Wintermute – Reminiscence
10. Catalyst – Let Yourself

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  • Andy Hallett

    Dear Tony,
    I have been listening to the podcast since #35 and use it as a basis for a lot of tunes that i buy. Hospital is most definitely (for me) still one of the best and origional labels out there. Really wanted to say a big congratulations on your massive success with Mr Byrd, and having heard the album i can say you deserve it! Love it! And also a big respect for keeping vinyl alive because thats all i buy and mix with. Please give a shout out to my lovely fiancee Lynsey and the rest of the Fleet massive.
    Cheers and keep up the good work.

    Andy Hallett (CERBERUS)

  • londonelektricity

    riley you sound hot

  • Louis

    Love the Melo song, good podcast!

  • Jonthan Bird

    whaattss up Tony and all of Hospital?
    the Democast was siick, word up Riley for that one! was devastated when it came to an end, there is some strong new music out there!
    please give me a ‘MASSSIVE’ shout out Birdy (south wales) d[-_-]b

  • Riley

    Yeah i liked that Melo track too, lots of great tracks on there.

  • Sheradon Dublin

    Riley, you smacked it with that demo selection. Track 3 is a killer- my work office has sat up & taken notice of Hospital Records, I think you’ll have a few more followers after this demo. Nice one Riley

    Sheradon ( Londonfoto)

  • Jbon

    Nice podcast, however you guys need to sort out getting the chapters back onto the podcast, its been too long!

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    Nicely done, Riley. Finally! after 120 something podcasts Tony let’s you on. Haha when are the chapters coming back? I noticed the Shogun audio podcast still has chapters. Maybe you should hit up Ed Friction and found out what his sécret is.

    Big ups to you, Riley. Keep your pimp hand strong.

  • Puss ‘n Bootlegs

    Big up Riley. Finally got a go on hosting duties! Great demos. I especially love that Dexcell track.

    By the way, what ever happened to the Acapella competition? I made this the other day for shits and giggles but forgot to submit it:

    L.A.O.S – Panda Style V.S Gustav Holst – Mars the Bringer of War (from “The Planets”)
    a.k.a “Pandas From Mars!”

  • Laurie Ewen


  • Riley

    Are the chapters working for people on IOS4?
    we will be bringing them back this week.
    thanks for all the nice messages everyone

  • Rory Tomkinson

    Awesome podcast guys, i thought all the tunes were great, but the Atmospherix – Trashbag and Melo – Insight really stood out for me.
    Much respect for doing all these podcasts,
    cant wait for hospitality at the warehouse project either.

    • Rory Tomkinson

      Nothing to do with the podcast, this dude has the same name as me and i’ve never seen that before.

  • Hugo

    Tis bliss! Shout out Mr. Coleman if you could to Hugo and his son Theo in Maryland (U S of A). Long time listeners and Vinyl stalwarts! -Hugo

    PS: come to the US already!

  • Alex

    Track 3 Stay alive is incredible!!!! I would buy that tune :)

  • daid

    Hi where can i buy the wobble t feat Sisley Track Stay alive?

  • miss sisley


    you can buy our track on


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