Hospital Podcast 68

September 26, 2008 in News

Danny Byrd is in the hot seat this week, grilling London Elektricity about his new album Syncopated City. Plenty of banter, laughs and fun as usual as Danny brings his west country wobble.

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  • steveoh

    Hi tony, good podcast :D:D i was wondering if theres any way of getting EVERY single podcast you have released :P

  • ST33L PH03NIX

    can we have an update of how the legendary studio spider is doing in the next podcast?

    please and thank you

  • munt_one

    hi LE!

    Just got my copy of the new album of the hospital shop, love every second of it.

    Can you let us know where your playing in OZ? Cant wait!

    How long till the future sound album is out?

  • londonelektricity

    “Can you let us know where your playing in OZ? Cant wait!

    How long till the future sound album is out?”

    No plans to come to OZ in the near future, have to lay off long haul touring for a while.

    Future sound album is out mid November!

  • Joe_SE2

    Mr Colman, Syncopated City is one of the most brilliant albums I’ve ever bought.


  • Spoony J

    First off: Big ups from Vegas!

    I was wondering where I can download that Logistics tune, Eastern Promise? Same question for NerdStep?

    Also, I can’t wait to hear the Byrdman’s remix of Just One Second =D


  • katalyst

    Hey Tony,

    Printer jam, next podcast, pleaseeeeeeeeee. Big ups.

  • londonelektricity

    everyone wants me to play Printer Jam and i want to as well but Mistabishi asked me not to cos he wanted there to be some surprises left on his album. I’ll make him change his mind……

  • PFunk

    Massive big ups to the Hospital Podcast this week Tony, particularly liked the NERD bootleg. Can we get a few more cameo appearences from Danny on the podcast as he is by far the most entertaining Hospital artist to listen to, and its not just because he’s a west country boy like me ;-)Peace!

  • katalyst

    Ah well, from what I’ve heard so far it’s going to be an amazing album.

    Glad to hear you are taking some time off, you deserve it.

  • ST33L PH03NIX

    congratulations on your win!!!!!

  • djb64

    Great album Tony,my cd just arrived yesterday (even though i bought the gatefold vinyl as well) ,love the extra tracks

  • stringfellow

    Haha, awesome episode :-D

    Well done for winning the award again, well deserved!

    Commix knows how to work the sub! Bear Music is filth. Love it.

    Hoe Bass!!! Amazing!

    A mate and I were gonna make a new genre of DnB by making sounds from garden furniture and call it Drum n Homebase…. eherm.

    So… guys, you are Mac users…
    I have a shameless plug to make… (but its free, was written to the sounds of Hospital Mix 6 + Tough Guys Don’t Dance, and I’m a poor student…):

    For Mac using music lovers who like order to their iTunes libraries… “Shtaggle”
    a little something I made to ensure I could find music I want quickly with a few commands in iTunes’ smart playlists.
    A few bugs, but it works for the most part.
    Hope you/someone finds it useful!


  • Googs

    Tony, you never played Mistabishi’s new tune “Printer Jam”! What happened mate?

  • feucht

    Hi Tony,

    Love the new album. I can’t listen to it though without pondering this question:

    Is Bare Religion supposed to be a tribute/homage to Omni Trio, or is it just my imagination? Don’t get me wrong, no higher praise can there be in my book than comparison to the sainted Mr Haigh, and Bare Religion could easily be something off Skeleton Keys. I just wonder if this is just coincidence, or you had OT on in the car on the way to the studio, or whether I’m just talking out of my hat!


    Jeremy, Cambridge

  • Colak

    a month of solid banging out the new LE album and i can categorically state it’s one of the finest long players i’ve ever heard and will be in rotation for years to come – but i’m glad that Outnumbered tune didn’t make the cut – it sound like fucking coldplay (the “5 to 1″ bit is particularly hollyoaks.

    everything that did is flawless, mind!

    can you please give a shout to nick, col, keyboard si and colak on the next podcast, who will be listening on shitty ipod speakers in a hostel in slovakia – apparently there’s a mad club in a disused nuclear fallout shelter in bratislava that does D&B nights, so you know we’ve got to check that out!


  • kayaitch

    loving the new album and congrats on the podcast award, totally deserved and i think that bandwidth bill is only going to get bigger unfortunately with the amount my colleagues and I pass on the podcast to newbies!

    could you give a shout out in the next podcast to pugwash and heppers (long time listeners, first time callers) in the next podcast, without the hospital podcast, our lives as search engine marketers would be pretty much disastrous!!

    cheers again for all the tunes and laughs,

  • piranhi

    Oi oi, just want to say that the last pod cast had to be your best yet. I was laughing all the way through. You two should team up every week or two and present the pod cast as a double team! The music you played was awesome this week as well and I loved that NERD bootleg! Anyway keep up the good work mate!

    P.S Amazing new album!

  • danieltoshiro

    simplesmente sensacional

  • Riley

    1.London Elektricity – Bare Religion

    2. Logistics – Cosmonaut

    3.Distorted minds and Dirty Harry – Hoe Bass

    4. N*E*R*D – Nerdstep

    5. Timmy Vegas – Danny Byrd Remix

    6. Chase & Status – Smash TV

    7. London Elektricity – All Hell IS Breaking Loose

    8. London Elektricity – Fast Soul Music

    9. Roni Size – Drity Beatz Street Mindz

    10. Commix, Logistics, NuTone – Coffee

    11. London Elektricity – Outnumbered

    12. Commix – Bear Music

    13. Logistics – Eastern Promise

    14. London Elektricity – Sat Nav

  • Kutuzov

    ohoho Daniel )

  • Maltos

    Fantastic! Thanks for brightening up my friday, Tony!

    Cosmonaut is a cracking track. Also cannot wait for the Danny Byrd remix of Just One Second!

  • alxspb

    another wicked podcast , thanks to Tony & Danny =)

    and… finally! Tommorow! Tony will play in Moscow! Can’t Wait! =) I know, this gonna be absolutely massive party =) 24 h remains..

  • paragonconcept

    Why are you never coming back to America? Not all of us are fat conservatives….

  • londonelektricity

    Submitted by paragonconcept on Fri, 09/26/2008 – 23:13.
    Why are you never coming back to America? Not all of us are fat conservatives….

    well as i now have a family i have to curtail certain sectors of my touring, most which will be long haul tours which would traditionally take me away from home for lengthy periods of time. I’ve enjoyed playing in the USA in the past, especially the smaller shows in small bars and bowling alleys – those shows have been a privilege for me. Sadly i have to cut touring down, and have decided not to come back to the USA and certain other territories. It’s a practical (and difficult) decision.

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Tony, you MUST release Nerdstep!!!
    Shame you’re not coming to America though…

  • djpooyen


    danny, you are the best guest in any podcast

    your sample pack is really good!!!!

    keep rocking

    emiliano in spain

  • Roger Berkeley

    what a fun…
    can`t wait for the coffee track.
    hope i got it in my mailbox this week.

    again good work on the podcast and danny is the best guesthost ever.

    shouts to both of you.


  • sidedown

    That bit with the Harvest Spider cracked me up… my girlfriend would get a kick out of that, because when I see those godawful centipedes, I freak out.

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