Hospital shop sale extended to VINYL

January 18, 2010 in News

yes you got your way! all singles are £4 for the next week only. get em while you can…….

  • Pfhor

    I just realized that I’ve spent over $1000 US in the past year on the Hospital Shop. Where’s my customer of the year award?! Certainly that’s a record, is it not?

    Just got my Sweet Harmony and Piano Anthem white labels in the post. Can’t wait to play them out!

    Big big love to Tony and the Hospital Crew!

    -Pfhor (4)

  • vBeeeee

    Listened to this one a lil late but as per usual great podcast Tony.

    Once again got me in fits of laughter. As soon as i heard the drop by Mutated forms i was proper wanting to rave it up! However i did notice that you called it “Centuries” whereas im pretty sure its actually called “Ready When You Are”

    Some amazing tunes on there. Cant wait for Sick Music 2.

  • tomhosking

    Yeahhhh there’s the vinyl love!

  • Roger Berkeley

    great one, just ordered:)

  • Swanvesta

    Mr TOny .

    REALly NO nEED for the TEnsion was just saying. Sorry BIg man.


    IF you can give my MRS a shout on on the Mighty 105 would be ULTIMACY DE LA SIKNESS. Her names Nicole bytheway.

    kind Regards de la Swanves

  • sean

    hey tony,
    just wanna say your podcast is absolutley amazing and has sucessfully swung me over to dnb and all things hospital. Anyways if you gave me a shout out it would make my day, big shout out to the whole notts uni crew and in particluar Harry, and also the boys back in Norwich (we’re not all inbred farmers like in Alan Partridge!). Yeh mate you’re a legend and keep it up dunno where id be without you.
    Sean from Nottingham x

  • Lanny


    I have a question for you. Do you buy tunes anymore? or do people send you enough tunes for free?


  • Chuckie

    Picked up loads of Hospital tunage at the weekened, mad props for showin the vinyl heads some love!

  • theidp

    you need to get more of the future sound of russia tracks cut to vinyl, i would kill to have some of the mr sizef tracks! makes me want to pack in vinyl…

    john p.

  • Swanvesta


    Whats going on with releases then.. I am eagerly awaiting SICK MUSIKKKK 2 .

    will be Ultimacy de la newness””

    Can you give mR The Swanvest & Nicole de la Buckett a shout out”

    Safety Tony

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