I’m touring Australia and I don’t have a gig in Sydney

March 22, 2009 in News

so yes it’s stupid but true. I’m playing in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide but NO Sydney and the irony is i’ll be staying in Sydney on June 1st, 2nd and 3rd. So, answers on a postcard please! How can i do a set somehow in Sydney while i’m there?

  • forcefeedswede

    So pleased you are actively trying to get a gig in Sydney, if it’s not already up on inthemix.com.au I’ll throw up a shout about this. Someone has gotta show some love.

    You need to play Sydney. Ridiculous that it’s not covered in your gig list. I’ll even settle for a sun, mon, tues or weds (why does Sydney always get rubbish gig days anyway !)

  • djb64

    Come to Perth … haha, hmmm no ,i feelin bad for you ,i hope Tony works something out…

    Metros nightclub in Perth is such a great venue as long as they open up all the balonies… please!!!



  • cmossbattery

    Bahhhh I know you don’t want to come to America anymore but the Winter Music Conference in Miami is this week and, once again, the lineup sucks basically like it did the last few years. Oh but i can still see a live Pendulum show…pfffft!

  • Runera

    Hey Bro!

    Lookin forward to the Auckland gig!

    Hit me up on dan@biggie.co.nz i can sus out shit load of exposure on http://www.biggie.co.nz for you!

  • Dj_Xander

    Nooooooo >< i'm turning 18 in july.
    whats worse is i'll be selling tickets for your perth show at work, yet i Can't get in, aswell as the the gig on april 12th with logistics & cyantic.
    This isn't fair ><

  • dubfx

    maybe you are passing through singapore on the way to Oz?
    We can set u up for a night – or if not, a big session.

  • londonelektricity

    yep will be passing through the ‘pore -but only for an hour or so!

  • digitaljunglist

    Tony, you should stay on in perth and do another show – the weekend you’re here is a long weekend :)

    really lookin forward to the show – i was front row centre at your Perth Good Vibes gig, one of the most blinding sets i’ve seen .. EVER! spoke to before the show & requested Strangest Secret, would love you to play it again when you come back :) hope the tour is treatin you well, safe travels and see you in Perth

  • g8crsha

    awwww man he should play in syd on the 6th i’ll catch him in christchurch on the 5th then syd on 6th that would be mint

  • lordimmortal

    You got to do somthing in NSW mate if needed do it in my backyard mate ill sort it

  • londonelektricity

    i DO have a show! june 3rd Favella in Sydney. thanks everyone!

  • forcefeedswede

    Fantastic news. I’m delighted you managed to sort it. Huge thanks to Bass drop and anyone else involved in arranging this. See you all down there.

  • sk-tter

    Mate I am fucking ecstatic about this news! Can’t wait! :D

  • Moisty

    Do a beetles style rooftop performance?

    just get some big fury coats and spread the music to the people

  • PsyNeko

    Do a uni gig! preferably my uni (Macquarie University) so i don’t have to travel that far :P. I swear the reception you’d receive would be EPIC! If you toured Australia without doing a gig in Sydney, i’d just have to punch a melbourner or something in rage (not that i have anything against Melbourner

  • Funok

    poor people from sidney… :( im feeling sad for you…

    Cheers Funok

  • sk-tter

    Seconding the idea of doing a uni gig. The UTS Glasshouse is a good venue. I saw Noisia there late last year and the place went off ;) Tony, if you don’t do a gig in Sydney, …someone’s gonna be hospitalised.

  • gipsey

    Doubt your into doing sets for free!!!

  • alphajuliet

    You can play at my house. I’ll stick an extra couple of sausages on the barbie. Bring your own beers, mind. And just ignore the missus if she requests Abba.

  • katalyst

    Let’s ask/hijack the abandoned looking warehouse Channel 10 uses for SYTYCD.

  • amplifier

    Tony, I remember you saying a while back you would never be going on the long journey to Australia again, so what changed your mind? Anyway look forward to it…

  • Pixie

    Aw, screw sydney, come to New York City!!!

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