November 12, 2007 in News

With the shockwaves still being felt from the award winning debut album “Now More Than Ever”, Logistics is back with a brand new forward-thinking EP.

“Wide Lens” kicks things off in ideal fashion, a lush synth build up warms it up nicely until BANG you are into a bassline straight out of murksville. Switching things up “Cold World” burns white hot with half time pressure that will turn heads and cross over into the dubstep domain nicely. With lasers set to stun, “Glitch” is a slow burning masterpiece with glitchy bitcrushed synths and some heavyweight reese bass. The awesome foursome is rounded off in spectacular fashion with the filtered cyber stomp of “Spotlight”. The sound of the future once again from jungle’s own Jedi in the making, however, which side of the force he is on still remains an enigma!

Full release with artwork available now on the Hospital Shop…

12″ vinyl / MP3


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