London Elektricity – BBC RADIO1 ESSENTIAL MIX 08/11/08

November 7, 2008 in News

Set your alarm clocks for the Early Hours of Saturday morning as London Elektricity debuts on the world famous BBC Radio1 Essential Mix.

Dropping fresh tracks of his own plus plenty dubs from the likes of Cyantific, Logistics, Nu:Tone, Mistabishi and more this is definitely not to be missed!

If you are not around to listen live, make sure you listen again over the next week on the Essential Mix Homepage.

  • Si

    This is superb, thank you!
    See you in Kiev @ Cinema on Friday!

  • brighter.than.sun

    Tony … i can’t wait to see u in Kiev … and what are the odd that i’m bying a signed SC vynil from you in Cinema club in Kiev on Friday? … i would be insanely happy … it’s just i can not buy it anywhere in Ukraine … :( is sumthing comes to ur mind …

    Andrew, Lviv, Ukraine!

  • munt_one


    Love the Essential Mix, by far the best ever. Love the mixing, love the tunes, big ups.

  • cj22

    You killed it London!! – well mixed, well picked and well done mate. Spot on as usual…

  • donaldj

    Your set was phenomenal. Any plans to release that Danny Breaks remix. Logistics nailed it!

    Donald in Los Angeles

  • apats

    oh, that was realy awsome mix! great job!

  • Peanut

    Awesome essential mix Tony.
    Looking forward to Hospitality on the 28th.

  • red dave

    Amazing! Seeing you in Leeds on saturday, please play that photek remix of different drum!

    BIG anticipation!

  • Renan

    MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!Would die to see a remix of the live version, and a full lgenth of the bootleg. This was amazeballs.

  • Kutuzov

    cant wait!

  • Marik

    Can’t wait to hear those secret dubs =)

  • Maltos

    Can, not, wait.

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Loved it. The song selection was perfect!

  • Armstrong

    Congratulations on a fantastic mix! (Any chance it can be put on the podcast?)
    Would love to attend the last hospitality at heaven, but can’t due to university work (in Wales!) on the day!.
    Hope it turns out to be a killer night, and will probably catch one of the other hospitality events at either Brighton or Birmingham in the near future.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Connaisseur_M

    Unbelievably fantastic!

    This is like one long perfect tune.

    And I never thought that Hogh Contrast’s Essential Mix from 2003 could be beaten :-))

  • Roger Berkeley

    what a wicked mix!!!
    nice selection, brilliant dubs and very harmonic.
    and a very quick mixing.
    was it a vinyl mix?
    maybe a three-deck?

    the nu:tone remix of this dark matter is ill.
    will it be released???…please…
    on vinyl…please…;)


  • Riley

    London Elektricity ‘Fast Soul Music’ (Hospital)
    Makoto + T_Ak ‘Voyager’ (Hospital)
    Klute ‘Trust Me’ (Dub Plate)
    London Elektricity ‘Bare Religion’ (Hospital)
    Logistics ‘Cosmonaught’ (Hospital)
    Logistics ‘Kaleidoscope’ (Hospital)
    Snow Patrol ‘Open Your Eyes (D&B Mix)’ (White Label)
    Randomer ‘Blind’ (Medschool)
    Martsman ‘Sir Gordon Jumpmeister Lll ‘ (Medschool)
    Randomer ‘Synth Geek’ (Medschool)
    Q Project ‘Credit Crunch’ (Hospital)
    Danny Byrd ‘Red Mist’ (Hospital)
    London Elektricity The Great Drum & Bass Swindle (Logistics Rmx)’ (Hospital)
    London Elektricity ‘Just One Second’ (Hospital)
    Mistabishi ‘Greed’ (Hospital)
    Furney & Tayla ‘Stand Still’ ( Liquid V)
    London Elektricity ‘Uska’ (Hospital)
    Kanye West ‘Flashlight (D&B Mix)’ (Dub Plate)
    N*E*R*D ‘Nerdstep’ (Dub Plate)
    Nu:Tone ‘Balaclava’ (Hospital)
    London Elektricity ‘Remember The Future (High Contrast Remix)’ (Hospital)
    Adele ‘ Hometown Glory (High Contrast Remix)’ (XL)
    The Brookes Bros ‘She Tears You Down’ (BBK)
    Mistabishi ‘No Matter What’ (Hospital)
    Commix ‘Bear Music’ (Hospital)
    Chase & Status ‘Music Club’ (Ram)
    London Elektricity ‘All Hell Is Breaking Loose’ (Hospital)
    Commix ‘Rackit’ ( Hospital)
    Noisia ‘Diplodocus (Nu:Tone Edit)’ (Dub Plate)
    Logistics ‘Jungle Music’ (Hospital)
    London Elektricity ‘This Dark Matter (Nu:Tone Remix)’ (Hospital)
    Muffler ‘Hear Me Scream’ (Hospital)
    Eric Prydz ‘Pianoo (High Contrast Remix)’ (Data)
    Nu:Tone ‘System (Matrix + Futurebound Remix)’ (Hospital)
    Shinichi Osawa ‘Star Guitar (Brookes Bros Remix)’ (Data)
    Sigma ‘Paint It Black’ (Hospital)
    London Elektricity ‘Different Drum (Photek Remix)’ (Hospital)
    High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ (Hospital)
    London Elektricity ‘Billion Dollar Gravy’ (Hospital)
    Danny Byrd ‘Shockout’ (Hospital)
    Chase & Status ‘Street Life’ (Ram)
    London Elektricity ‘South Eastern Dream’ (Hospital)
    Trisector ‘Morning Rain’ (Medschool)
    Danny Breaks ‘Volume 1 (Logistics Remix)’ (Dub Plate)
    Apex ‘Emo Funk’ (Cyanide)
    Roni Size ‘Swings & Roundabouts’ (Full Cycle)
    Logistics ‘Take Be To The Bridge’ (Hospital)_
    Roni Size & DJ Die ‘Its A Jazz Thing (Utah Jazz Remix)’ (V Recordings)
    Matrix & Futurebound ‘American Beauty’ (Dub Plate)
    Icicle ‘So Close’ (Medschool)
    The Streets ‘Has It Come To This (High Contrast Mix)’ (679)
    DJ Zinc ‘Reachout Remix’ (True Playaz)
    Lenny Fontana ‘Spread Love (Nu:Tone Remix)’ (Hospital)
    MJ Cole & Rodney P ‘Tuff Like Me (Shy Fx & T-Power Remix)’ (London Republic)
    TC ‘Game Over’ ( D-Style)
    Subfocus ‘Druggy’ (Ram)
    Apex & Ayah ‘The Space Between’ (Hospital)

  • jacko

    Can you put this on a super special podcast? brilliant mix!

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