Medical History

June 4, 2007 in News


After the BBC 1Xtra Award winning, 24 track monster album Now More Than Ever blew the drum & bass scene apart last year, fans have been hounding Hospital for more & more Logistics. So here it is! 10 top end unreleased cuts from both sides of the force.

One of Logistics’ finest pieces to date the hugely in-demand “Maybe Next Time” is joined by “Life Rhythm” which appeared in the mix on High Contrast’s Fabric Live mix. Elsewhere there is the future funk “Divided” and the sound of the cosmos – “R2D2” along with the toughed up grind of “Connect 4” – all the quality dance floor drum and bass Logistics is famous for…

Flipping the script at half time “Through The Looking Glass” and the heart felt “Babe” give you another side to the Logistics enigma. Make sure you check in and get to know the Medical History of this prodigal talent; one of the finest producers of the moment!

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