OUT NOW: S.P.Y – ‘Alone In The Dark EP:3’

October 27, 2017 in News

S.P.Y‘s ‘Alone In The Dark’ trilogy has finally come to an end, and with this final piece of the puzzle complete, we are proud to announce S.P.Y’s ultimate sonic chapter is available today! They say three’s a crowd, but in this case they couldn’t be more wrong, and it’s safe to say S.P.Y has ended on a high.


Opening track Dominator is a primordial tech-stepper, bringing classically rugged DNB stylings well and truly into the contemporary realm with cutting edge production stylings. Rustic and tribal with a distorted vocal sample sitting atop the percussion manufactures a truly dystopian auditory atmosphere.

We all dare to dream, but S.P.Y appears to bring these feint fantasies well and truly into the physical realm. The pertinently named Dreaming surveys a cosmic landscape with astral synths and a bassline both sweet and terrible. Distant vocals and wistful melodies fuse in perfect coherence to form an unadulterated and heavenly piece of music.

Now it wouldn’t be a S.P.Y release without that signature grit. Fear not, this is delivered very much so in Hardcore Harry. Latin chic breaks are met with sheer grubbiness. Whoever thought such a jagged sound could feel so smooth? Met with the warmest of sub licks, this stupendous anthem is a wall-to-wall banger. Everything we love about DNB in one fell sonic swoop. The same can be said for Lockdown. Vintage S.P.Y.

Unfortunately it’s time to end our Transmission, and S.P.Y’s final musical message of his three-piece DNB coup de grâce can be described as nothing but premium merkage. He forges such certified devastation through a gorgeous cocktail of exquisite percussion and dastardly deep basslines that prove to be all the ingredients you need to imbue the ultimate riddim.


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