OUT NOW: Nu:Logic – ‘Morning Light’

February 25, 2013 in News

Nu:Logic is the collaborative alias of brothers Nu:Tone and Logistics, here joining forces in the studio for the first time since 2010’s “New Technique EP”.

Calm and mellow from start to finish, “Morning Light” is a blissed out track which pairs pattering drums with cooing vocals for maximum effect, whilst guitar strumming and sub-heavy upright bass add weight and depth.

Over on the flipside we have the not-so-cuddly “Grizzly” which switches up the tempo and goes for the jugular with superb trigger-clicking, bass-ridden stabbing beats.


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  • Tyler OO


  • http://twitter.com/webmatros Oliver Nielsen

    Which “sub-heavy bass” that adds weight and depth are you talking about? Sorry, but I feel drum & bass has lost the “bass” during the last year or so.

    I believe the reason is the commercialisation of D&B – which in and of itself is positive – has led it into the “let’s maximize and compress to the max” in order to make it as pop-radio friendly as the rest of the pop chart music. When mastering / compressing, it’s easier to do with an overall balanced track that isn’t too heavy bass-wise, since the bass would hit the compressor / limiter hard.

    But it is drum & BASS afterall. I just find it so disappointing that there’s so weak bass in it theses days. Listen to some Lomax, Spor, Phace, Misanthrop and you hear bass.

  • http://twitter.com/ALAIN01UK Alain Attias

    What an absolutely gorgeous Drum and Bass track! Would absolutely love to hear a remix of it? Possibly High Contrast or Calibre maybe…

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