Sick Music 2 Previews

March 29, 2010 in News

Hospital’s massive compilation Sick Music 2 is available to pre-order now on 2xCD.

We have uploaded previews of CD 1 and CD 2 onto our YouTube Channel


  • Roger Berkeley

    can’t wait and i hope that these tracks make it on vinyl;)
    hypnosis, three dots, slap chop, 1N2, battle theme, pinball fantasies, chemicals, twin galaxies, tough luck, and bare religion remix.
    guess it will be the best drum&bass compilation in 2010.

  • Pfhor

    Big up for putting Reso there. He has been my favorite dubstep producer for a while. I’ve been in love with Chemicals by MRSA ever since I first heard it in a High Contrast mix. We need more MRSA on vinyl! (Different and Chemicals would be a good start)

    Keep the sick choons coming!

  • freakzoid

    woot! memory lane, pinball fantasies, 1n2 etc etc etc i’ll look foward to buy this, but first i’ll buy some t-shirts to spread some Hospital magic in portugal! :)

  • wild_kayote

    dont think it will make it to the podcast! dont know if i want it to, although really want to vent my angst about something i read in my local paper about mephadrone! local lads were talking to the papers about the drug and generally bragging about how much they can take. abit frustrating really as one of them said they found it on a drum and bass forum! you numpty! telling a paper! whether it is leagal or not, now or in the future nice one for giving bait to those narrow minded idiots to blame dnb!
    maybe its my comedown making me annoyed?

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