Welcome To Hospital Records: Inja

November 14, 2017 in News

It is with great honour we can now announce the latest addition to the Hospital Records family: Inja. The most prolific MC on the circuit, and a resident MC at many of our shows, we felt it was about time we inducted him into the ranks. A versatile artist, eloquent wordsmith and potentially the nicest rapper in the world.

MC, Father, Poet, Rapper. This man does it all, and with a big old grin on his face. His work transcends that beyond the typical function of the MC, as he co-runs writing and poetry workshops at schools, universities and museums across the country. Forever championing the power and majesty of the spoken word, Inja is a man on a mission, and that mission is the ever spreading of vibes through music and language wherever he may go, and nobody does it better.

Having taken the scene by storm this year with seminal tracks ‘Blow Them Away’ and ‘Flashlight’, Inja is regularly the certified mic controller of choice for A-list DJs such as Zed Bias, Randall, Holy Goof, Diemantle, Sigma, and S.P.Y. His quality matched only by his versatility, spitting on hip hop, 140, jungle and D+B.

There’s some incredible music to come from this whimsical wordsmith, poised to come at you from all angles, keep your eyes and ears peeled, big things are going down…


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