Welcome To Hospital Records: UNGLUED!

March 22, 2018 in News

We’re ecstatic to welcome one of the scenes freshest and most illusive artists to our fine roster: ‘Unglued’.

First releasing with us on the Hospitality In The Park 2017 compilation with ‘Ay!’ he swiftly upped the levels with his cataclysmic roller ‘Bootstrap Bill‘ featuring on Sick Music 2018. Turning heads, dropping jaws and melting speakers far and wide, it was clear this producer was poised for great things.

Having received support from Metrik, Noisia and Skankandbass on the airwaves and ‘UKF’, ‘DJ Mag’ and prestigious imprint ‘The Wire’ all the right people were starting to pay attention.

Hurled into the forefront of the D+B elite with his minimal bootleg of High Contrasts iconic ‘If We Ever’, from A-list DJs to bedroom DJs, they all had one name on their lips: ‘Unglued’.

It’s with great excitement that we announce this enigmatic and illusive producer has been inducted into our ranks. Signed exclusively to Hospital Records, we expect nothing but big things from this bright spark.

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