Yikes – OUT NOW

April 22, 2011 in News

The wait is over….

London Elektricity’s new album “Yikes!” is out now on digital download.

“Yikes!” is the brand new album from London Elektricity, brimming with beautiful vocals, intriguing instrumentals and sumptuous compositions.

From the soothing contemplative lilt of piano-driven, vocal-led

“Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm” through the energetic, uplifting cuts like “The Plan That Cannot Fail”with its soaring synths, rock n roll tear out pieces like the eponymous track of the album Yikes! and back again to the downtempo, vocal led intro of “Invisible Worlds” and “Fault Lines”, London Elektricity’s signature style is stamped indelibly into each track, but as so often is the case, it is as a whole that “Yikes!” is made a timeless classic.

Buy a copy of “Yikes!” on digital download from the Hospital Shop (due to the massive demand for Yikes! on the Hospital webshop, you may notice that for a short time download speeds are slightly slower than usual).


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