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Hospital Podcast with Degs #462

July 14, 2022 in Podcasts

Lock into the #462 episode of the Hospital Podcast with Degs, recorded straight from Seattle during his U.S tour!

MAKOTO, SOLAH & LXT | Hospital Podcast with Degs #461

June 9, 2022 in Podcasts

Tune in to episode #461 of the almighty Hospital Podcast with Degs featuring very special guests Makoto, SOLAH & LXT to celebrate the drum & bass legend’s latest album ‘Motion Of Change’



Makoto – The Best Is Yet To Come (feat. Cleveland Watkiss)
Pola & Bryson – Floodgates
Rezilient – Flashback
Makoto – Fade Away (feat. Lauren Archer)
Mitekiss – N68
Pola & Bryson – Neverend (feat. Solah)
S.P.Y – Dreaming
Linguistics & Monroe – Eyes Shut
The Sauce & Serum – Got The Money
Birdy – Wings (Nu:Logic Remix)
Makoto – Motion Of Change (feat. Solah)
Unglued – Got 2 Have
Emz & Sam Binga – Don’t Stress
Data 3 – Fractal
Askel & Elere x Unglued – Off-Angle
Alibi – Uneasy
DRS – The View (feat. LSB & Tyler Daley)
Makoto – One More Chance (feat. LXT)
Subdue – Dusk
Mountain – Delorean Dreams (feat. Makoto)
Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids
Makoto – Tokyo 96 (feat. S.P.Y)
Enei – Omega (feat. Jakes)
Dominator & Turno – Bomb Squad
Whiney & Inja – Game Face (Stay Alert)
Bladerunner – Don’t Break It VIP
Pola & Bryson – Crazy In Love
Hyroglifics – Iridescent Fog
Makoto – Explorer (feat. Degs)
IYRE – Reverse Apology
Sub Focus – Follow The Light
Fred v & Grafix – Games People Play
Makoto – Ascender
Particle – Drivin’ Me Crazy
Askel & Elere – 42 (feat. Degs) (Circumference Remix)
Halogenix – IDGAF
Particle – That Hz
Annix – Nocturnal (feat. Elipsa)
Simula & Bassman – Break ‘Em Down
Seba & Paradox – Move On (feat. Robert Manos)

UNGLUED | Hospital Podcast with Degs #460 (NZ Special)

May 23, 2022 in Podcasts

Join us for a New Zealand Tour Special of the Hospital Records Podcast with Degs, featuring guest Unglued! Lock in as we take a break from the Hospital HQ Studio and transport you to the picturesque landscape from the other side of the world.


Nu:Tone – Fly Away
Solah – Constant
Klinical – In Vain
Degs – No Prisoners (feat. Evil B, De:tune & Citrusfly)
Emperor – Still
Mitekiss – Seventeen (feat. Pixie Cola)
CPH & Phil Tangent – Full Circle
P Money x Whiney – Sorry I’m Not Sorry
Unglued – Ichnusa
Unglued – South By West
Wingz & Waeys – Exiter
Degs – Trenches (feat. Harry Shotta & T95)
Waeys – Mapper
Unglued – Sardinian Sunrise (feat. Singing Fats)
Mozey – Number One (feat. Taxman)
Serum & Voltage – 8 Bit (Taxman Remix)
Beat Merchants & GQ – Step Pon Babylon (Dirty Mix)
Alibi – Deeper
Justin Hawkes – Lift Off The Roof
DPR – Ghost Keys
Dennis Brown – At The Foot Of The Mountain (Double O & Mantra Remix)
Etherwood – Amongst The Crowd
S.P.Y – Whole In The Speaker
Tim Reaper – Full Moon
Evasion & m00seT – Capture The Moon
Degs – Head Trip (feat. Phil:osophy)
Bladerunner – Destination Jungle
Break – Strictly Entertainment
Unglued – Crusty Rolls (feat. Benny L & Javeon)
Degs – Trade Places (feat. LSB & Phoebe Freya)
Whytwo – Cyclical
Etherwood – I Will Wave To You
Degs – Wobbo Dub (feat. Keeno, Royalston, Unglued & Whiney)
Bredren – Abyss
London Elektricity – Just One Second (Apex Remix)
Unglued – Think About It (feat. Colette Warren)
Josh Brown – Jazzy Drummer

Hospital Podcast with Degs #459

April 21, 2022 in Podcasts

Lock in with Degs as he takes the lead for the 2nd episode of the new edition of our Hospital Records Podcast!



Mukiyare & Joakuim – Noches de Yambak
Whytwo – Memories
Mitekiss – Sophie’s Tales (feat. Milo Merah)
Elk – Counter Intuition
Motiv – Evershifting (feat. Zoe Kypri)
Degs – Crusade (feat. In:Most)
Makoto – Mystic Crystals (feat. Technimatic)
Mitekiss – River So Deep (feat. Milo Merah)
North Base x Smooth x Dima Pulsar – Fall Back (feat. MC AD)
Hologram – Gucci Bounce
Urbandawn – Egregor
Grafix – Skyline (feat. Metrik)
Sub Focus – Druggy
Nectax – Babylon Get Weak (feat. Parly B)
Vex – Steppin Up
Hologram – Wreck It
John Rolodex – Archetypes
Visionobi, GLXY & Riya – Paradise
Tarz – Not Ready
Sl8r – In Ur Arms
London Elektricity – Hanging Rock
DJ Fresh – Heavyweight
Trex – Sleep On It
Mitekiss – Mortala (feat. Emiko & Duskee)
Logistics – Together
Hologram – Forever Young (feat. Degs)
Monty & Visages – Vibin’
Xeonz – Talk To Me DEGSCLUSIVE
Mountain – I’ll Be Waiting (feat. Ruth Royall)
Hugh Hardie – Deckard’s Chords
Villem & McLeod – Crossways (feat. Degs) (L-Side Remix)
Kings Of The Rollers – Down I Go
imo-Lu – Hard Feelings
Outlier – Hinterland
Unglued – Way Back When (feat. Esther Durin) (Halogenix Remix)
Hugh Hardie – Kodiak
Whiney – Back In Action (feat. Slay)
Annix, K Motionz & Simula – Diagram
Filthy Habits – Paramount
Monrroe – Warsaw
Unglued – Pigeon Funk
Unglued – Total XTC (Fixate Remix)
Whytwo – Promises

Hospital Podcast with Degs #458

April 5, 2022 in Podcasts

Lock in with Degs as he takes the lead for the 1st episode of the new edition of our Hospital Records Podcast!



Makoto – Explorer (feat. Degs)
Hugh Hardie – I Got U Wrong (feat. Phaction & Javeon)
Blame – Hindsight (DJ Marky Remix)
Bladerunner – Don’t Let Me Go
Hologram – Cold Sweats (feat. Degs)
D’Cypher – Off The Wall
Fred V – Dive (feat. Tudor)
P Money x Whiney – Buss The Red
Gray – Rubadub
Optical, Ed Rush & Fierce – Alien Girl
Shy FX – Raggamuffin (feat. Mr Williamz)
En:vy – Broie
Etherwood – Amen Roadtrip
Subwave – Possession
Degs – Sleepless (feat. Pola & Bryson)
Wingz – One Beat
Optical & Ed Rush – Chubrub
Selecta J-Man – Sekkle Yourself (L-Side Remix)
Camo & Krooked & Mefjus – Sientelo
Cliques – Rave Sequence
Lally x Lens – Love The Way
Grafix – Feel Alive (feat. Lauren Laiment)
Camo & Krooked – Loa (Fade Black Remix)
Hologram – Self (feat. Degs)
Mountain – Live The Life
Joja – Bounce
Logistics – Inside My Soul
Nu:Tone – ‘Til Dawn
Wingz – Exo
BCee, Kubiks & Degs – The Evolution
Hugh Hardie – Coulda Woulda
Unglued – Way Back When (feat. Esther Durin) (Halogenix Remix)
Watch The Ride x Emz – READY4DEM
Keeno – Try To Love Me
Enta – Keep Your Distance
Filthy Habits – Primitive
Hologram – 404
Degs – Crosstown Blues
Unglued – H to the A to the R to the D to the C to the O to the R to the E (V to the I to the P)
IMANU x The Caracal Project – La Fournaise (feat. Josh Pan)
Crate Classics x Catching Cairo – Ghost Mode

Hospital Podcast 456 – Hospital Mix 1 – 20 Year Anniversary Special

February 16, 2022 in Podcasts

Celebrating 20 years of one of our best selling compilation albums, London Elektricity and Chris Goss sat down to reminisce and play through the ‘Hospital Mix 1’ release which changed the game for the label! Get locked.

Hospital Podcast 455 with Grafix

January 26, 2022 in Podcasts

For episode 455 of the Hospital Podcast, we’ve got the one and only Grafix in the mix! Get locked for a heated selection of fresh music and legendary D&B cuts

Hospital Podcast 453 with Chris Goss & Degs – Forza Horizon Special

December 1, 2021 in Podcasts

Sliding straight into fifth gear, Chris Goss & Degs take the wheel for the 453rd episode of the Hospital Podcast with a Forza Horizon special!


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