Bonus Democast

August 28, 2009 in Podcast

We delve into our Demo inbox and bring you the best ones we have recieved in the last month or so…

We hope you like them, remember you can get music to us via our aim inbox hospitaldubs.

What do you think?


  • Drako

    High Speed Dubbing – AMC

  • elwezzo

    Hey Tony,

    I’d like to thank you as you managed to entertain me for 18 hours on the plane back from Perth to London. Unfortuntly I missed your gig in Perth but theres always Matter I suppose. Please give me a shout on one of the podcasts it would make me very very happy! ;)


  • Verb

    WOW – Joe Syntax – Expectra…

    This tune is incredible! Is this coming out on Hospital, if so when!?

    Verb NZ:)

  • Ronaldo Vetro

    How can i post a demo in hospitaldubs?

  • princess_sparkles

    Yay! Another democast! They’re my favorite. I’m not super familiar with DNB, so I really love you taking us through the different genres out there. The only bad thing I can say is the music is so good, it’s kind of tortuous not being able to buy it =). Thanks Tony!

  • fatcat7493

    hi tony,

    just to say a massive thanks for the set you did at jerseylive…hope you enjoyed it…i know i certainly did, im the guy that im told looks like a cross between ron weasly and the mcfly guys who was at the front for the whole of your set and who pointed to you when you had that bottle of champagne, i sang along to every single tune and loved every minute….anyways, thank you for a great night and i loved your little air guitar to the brookes brothers remix of star guitar haha…..could you please send out a big shout out on the next podcast to all my friends in jersey who saw you aswel that night, including campbell, patty and mckenzie who i know will be listening.

    cheers tony, ur a true hero :)

    much love, dave from jersey

  • IronFire

    Love the Bexxie track 6 months, light hearted and bouncy. The demo cast was getting all too serious for a minute!

  • Ditto83

    Special demo cast this time:)

    Especially feeling the tune from Joe Syntax – Expectra. Really great energy in that1

    Big ups Tony!

  • hootenanny

    just listened to the democast can you get that last track anywhere? LOVE THE PODCAST TONY ! !

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Yes Tony!

    Hospitality was amazing the other friday your set was very special i watched it with b complex from the first balcony, Danny Byrd absolutely tore it up as usual….i was well happy i got to go as i missed the last one because i was in ibiza…

    i am so happy to hear that u are making a new album… please make more tunes like outnumbered, that has to be one of my favourite songs of all time… so well written and ur singing voice is very soothing, me and the boys were vibing to it in mc donalds car park the other day, just monging so hard….

    they hadnt really heard much of ur tunes before, so i thought id bust out syncopated city… can u give a shout out to Bartlett, Goodman, Lewey and my brother sam, he is a new listener to the podcast and would love it….

    thanks mate

    Boogaloo Thom

  • pumptronics

    Hi Tony,
    We’re throwing a surprise party this weekend for a friend’s 40th birthday. Somehow this party ended up as a James Bond themed casino party with everyone wearing formal evening wear, playing on roulette wheels and drinking cocktails. As host (and barman) I thought you’d like to know that I’ve lined up a largely Hospital based playlist for the night. I don’t think it’s going to be easy slipping between your stuff and Diamonds Are Forever and back again but I’m going to give it a bloody good go! Please wish Duncan a happy birthday from us on your next podcast if you can. Thanks for all your extremely hard work that continues to make our days brighter. Matt
    p.s. If you are passing Streatham on Saturday night I’d be delighted to serve you a martini in a plastic glass!
    p.p.s I think for spacesuit you need rucksack or fire extinguisher on back, white baggy trousers, large gloves and most importantly, walk very slowly!

  • jonlane

    hey tony, great democast – dig out the a4 paper and get some of these guys signed – it worked for bop! cheers, jon

  • dmax

    Bexxie tune is off the hook! What great positive energy to make you move

  • highway-man

    I now realise that in the heat of expertness I managed to place the previous comment in the wrong section!
    It wont happen again, I promise….

  • highway-man

    Live and let die was absolutely brilliant, I have certainly oerdered mine! However I am a bit disapointed with the “beautiful lies VIP” because it didnt really sound all that different to the original and that, is one tune that has the potential to be a massive 12″ as everyone from all walks of drum and bass likes it however not everyone may want to buy the whole album so therefore, in my expert opinion if you release the VIP as a 12″ and tweak it up a bit, it will be a massive seller!

    (please note: In absolutley no way am I an expert)

  • londonelektricity

    highway man – you’re bang on.

  • pedrosendro

    Hi Tony.

    I just reterned from abroad to find this demo podacst sitting in my i tunes. Have to say its the best yet…

    My 2 favs are Circa – Ida & Joe Syntax – Expectra. mmmm sign em up mate. Loving these tunes absolutely!!

    Shouts Tony!

  • Riley

    1. Kharm – Meridian
    2. AMC – High Speed Dubbin
    3. Solley – Summer 09
    4. Circa – Ida
    5. Royalston – The Test
    6. Atom – Black Cherry
    7. So Flow – Long Wait Over
    8. G-Fox – All Night And Day
    9. Megadrummer – Sedna
    10 Bexxy – 6 Months
    11. Rockwell – Full Circle
    12. Joe Syntax – Expectra

  • Gizm0

    First :P
    Ingloious Basterds cinema screening = 12 Euro
    Few J + couple o beers = 15 Euro
    Waking up on a saturday afternoon to find a another set of banging tunes = Priceless

    Im loving the sound Khram, G Fox and Bexxy tracks.

    Keep it up the podcasting looking forward to this 100th edition.
    Greets out of NL

  • PsyNeko

    Royalston – The Test is going OFF. Absolutely love it.

  • PsyNeko

    Royalston – The Test is going OFF. Absolutely love it.

  • Swanvesta

    Hi There Hospital Artistry…..

    CLUCKING FOR NEWs ON THE WHEREABOUTS to purchase tickets for September 24 EAST Village….

    If THE RILEYNaTOR OR TONYYYYYYY can let me know would be supered Up.

    Safety First.

    ANd go on mustard colman and give me A SHOUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
    gO ON
    GO ON
    GO ON
    GO ON


  • tryptameena

    solley – summer 09 is luuuuuuuuvley!

    thats what i think at this time in the night..ehm morning :D

  • Dugy09

    summer 09 is a tuuuune nice one solley, great democast altogether

  • Alegria

    You misspelled Bexxie’s name.

    Also Kharm wins, and so does Joe Syntax! Needs more of their chewns featured on the podcast ;)

    Big ups Tony!

  • fat_bright

    Hey Tony,
    Gday from Perth Australia. Cheers for biggin up perth on podcast 90, we love our dnb here. Love the podcast, always fresh tunes, pretty much gets me through Uni. Look forward to the next Hospital gig down under, keep up the good work. Cheers, Harry

    ps If i could get a shout out on the podcast would make my day!

    pps I hate redbull too

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