Democast August 2011

August 23, 2011 in Podcast

Riley has been going through your best demos and come up with these 10 in our latest democast. We listen to everything you send us to our aim inbox “hospitaldubs” and present the best ones every couple of months on this show. It’s an international selection this time around.

Please let us know what you think in the comments section…

1. Zigzag and B-Cloud – Good Feelings
2. Flame – Rough Times
3. Derrick and Tonika – Trust Me
4. Heavy1 – Scramble
5. Gold – Beyond Space
6. Mr Frenkie – You Are My Sunshine feat Mashur
7. Tim Reaper and Drumlines – Deep Into Space
8. Tomek – Warp Speed
9. DJ Wash – Division
10. Proluxe – My Hands Are Wings Again


  • DJ Wash Richard


    Thanks LOTS for the support on my tune :)
    I was wondering if you would be able to change the name to the correct one?

    DJ Wash – Division

    Thanks a million!

  • Tomek N

    Thanks so much for the support guys! You also left out an N from my name in the description ;)

  • -

    I think Wash is from Hong Kong and not Prague.

  • Tim Reaper

    Massive respects for playing the tune me and Drumlinezz made, which is forthcoming on Channel 82.
    Nice one. :)

  • Gold

    Big up for the play of Beyond Space on the show!

    Thanks for the support :)


  • Elena

    Beyond Space Very good track, continue us to please and further with such works.

    • gold

      Thanks Elena. Glad u like it. Lots of stuff in the pipes forthcoming on Dread, Co-lab, lion dub int and Extent. :)

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  • ZigZag

    Thanks for the support!!
    My debut)

  • carlo

    Really nice demo tracks! I love the songs from Proluxe, Zigzag and B-Cloud and Heavy1! Keep the demos coming :)

  • Pro Luxe

    Thanks for the support!

    • dynomeat

      Great work! Your tune is outstanding.

  • dynomeat

    “Proluxe” and “Mr Frenkie” are just fantastic!
    Thanks for the democast, great work!

  • Flame

    Thanx for the support, Riley and all the crew! bigups!

  • Matt Green

    These democasts are really good for promotion and it’s amazing how good some of the tracks on here are! Check out my soundcloud for more modern music! I know it’s not exactly drum and bass but oh well :)

  • Riley

    Keep sending through the quality music everyone. I hope some of the tracks get signed! I know a few are already…

  • Lena

    like very much Pro Luxe – My Hands Are Wings Again)) really cool tune))))

  • Igor

    thanks for load of nice tunes!!!! )) derrik and tonika – respect!

  • Charles

    Big ups Riley! Don’t let the LE keep you down!

  • lord conski

    Riley – what a podcast! Very pro. Tony needs to keep his rants on the down low and take a lesson from you on style buddy!

    • lord conski

      And congrats on the wedding.

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