Hospital Demo Cast June 2010 – Part 1

June 9, 2010 in Podcast

We go through some of your latest demos, giving some of them their first ever public plays. Some great tracks as always and a little insight into some of the latest D+B production talent out there. What do you think of the tracks?


Anile – Change Of Direction
Indivision Livewire – Cloud Nine
Brooklyn Hype – Eva
Breakslinger – Liquid Voodoo
Bulb feat Tiiu – Distinctions of the same
Deli jay – Indulge Me
Subreachers – Elysian Fields
Requiem – Acid Rain
Sober Soul – have It More
East Colours – Go To Nowhere
Sverik – Cloud Castles
Zebra – Sensible Sounds
Mad Rabbit – Down by the Riverside
Exorcist, Imprints, Chloe – Vision


  • Hugo

    I have to say… I absolutely loved the podcast. I’m not sure how exactly to put it… There seems to be a gentler attention to detail (save Klute) shown here than in most major releases. Very refreshing voice to the DnB collective. Thanks Tony for bringing these into the light! ‘East Colors’ track was perfect! Shouts from Annapolis, MD USA! (bring your geazer ass to the US).

    Respect, Hugo

  • Jorge Mendes

    i agree with hugo here.. its such a massive podcast, so many great and refreshing songs, and i bet some of song could easily made on medschool or even on hospital… i liked each and every one on the podcast but…

    BIG BIG shout to:

    Subreachers – Elysian Fields, because its like OH MY F*CKING GOD!, i felt the same when i heard the Stray Rmx of Helios – First Dream Called Ocean: So damn relaxed.

    i hope that this is the first of many democasts!
    Keep bringing up the ‘goodmoodcreators’

    ps just another thing, colminator for iphone its brilliant, always get’s me a laugh! ahah

    cheers mate
    big up

  • tenbensons

    That first mix is on par with the standard of my demo tracks… BIG podcast always love the democasts bring on part 2!

  • Tuck

    Absolutely solid podcast as always. I just finished backpacking around Europe and was listening to all of the podcasts as I went. I was heartbroken to find out that I left the UK only a few days before the last hospitality at matter. The hospital crew will have to find an even better venue for hospitality to lure me back across the Atlantic, or even better bring a hospitality to the states!

    cheers, keep up the work

  • BenMarshall

    I loved the podcast, i was so surprised many of the tracks haven’t had a release.
    Favorite was certainty: Subreachers – Elysian Fields & Bulb Feat Tiiu – Distinctions of the same.

    Both lovely tunes that were so relaxing. I’d definitely buy them on vinyl, when not if they get a release!

  • Rick

    big ups everyone on this pod cast… especially deli jay! gotta get that one released~ #BOOM

  • Tom

    Loved all the demos. Quite possibly my favourite podcast…

  • Dan

    Absolutely cracking podcast. Much love must go to Subreachers…awesome tune. Keep it up boys and girls.

  • Amanda

    Yummy selection of demos :) This is why i dedicated a paragraph of my GCSE english exam to your good selves at Hospital: your podcasts have done no less than KEEP ME SANE. Also, do another U18 gig. Much love.

  • 2rb

    Sitting at work bored is so much better with the Hospital Podcast. You’re podcast is like crack, gotta have it, j/k. Especially with the long awaited demo cast, Love it… This demo cast got me inspired to get back to work on some of my own DnB projects. Who knows maybe in the near future you will play one of my tunes :)

    My favorite tune is a toss up between Deli Jay – Indulge Me and Requiem – Acid Rain… These tune had me jumping and raving around the office. Great Tracks

    Much respect to all artist in the demo cast and of course London for providing us with these golden sounds

    Cheers, 2rb

  • Alex C

    With the repackaging of the Plastic surgery etc compilations could you commemorate it by playing Mirage by Citizen and DJ Kalm, a personal favorite from the compilation series. Out to Orrell and Benny C. Cheers mate.

  • Chris

    Loved Subreachers Elysian Fields as I think that just about everyone did!!
    Nice and diverse tracks as well something for everyone, looking forward to part 2

  • m brown

    Keep up the good work. remark’s ‘eva’ was my favourite from a grand bunch of tunes.

  • donkey

    Zebra – Sensible Sounds , one of the best tracks on this democast.. he/she got great potential in my opinion :B

  • Keep In Key

    Mad Rabbit Down By The Riverside is a bangin tune love it

  • Manwhore

    Nice selection of demos, tone. “Eva” and “cloud castles” took me on mental journeys through the sky, and “indulge me” and “sensible sounds” brought me back down to the dance floor with bass n funkiness. I can see any one of these tunes getting signed n released. A+ work.

    Corona, CA USA

  • Annika

    Amazing podcast as always! :)

    So much great demo tracks!

    My favourites:
    East Colours, Indivision & Livewire, Breakslinger, Sober Soul…but they’re all amazing tracks! Really high quality demos.

  • Roger Berkeley

    nice demos, can´t wait for part 2….

  • GhosrokNZ


    My Gosh, I was so damn busy that I missed you while you were down here in New Zealand, I am so so sooo gutted man I’m really kicking myself on that one, (grrrrrr!) Ahwell hopefully next time :)

    At least I can listen to your interview on the NZ electronic show lol it is so nice to hear good things about our very own “DnB Maestro’s” from you Tony and I have to say I am so Proud to be part of the New Zealand DnB scene down here, I think that it is fair to say that we have “something special” going on down here in little old N.Z! I’ll continue to write tunes and represent!

    I’ve gotta say a Big Cheers to you Tony and a big up to Hospital for Soulfully Composing and Distributing the greatest tunes today! Keep it Moving…


  • teddy toe

    Zeebra – sensibles sounds, rigid funk in full swing/

  • Luc

    This is easily one of my favourite podcasts, absolutely stunning music. Best track has to be Subreachers – Elysian Fields (just to mix things up) and I also loved Bulb feat. Tiiu, ooooh and Cloud Castles. Actually, every track put me in a great mood. THANK YOU. Now to earn some money so I can buy the vinyls… being a student is hard.

  • Holly

    Indulge by Deli Jay is by FAR one of the best tunes I have heard in about 4 years! Big up … that shit is rad. Holly x

  • Joe Malleck

    Best democast to date. Got me excited about DNB again. Now to make some tunes.

  • zosia

    Hey Tony

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the artists on sick music 2, whose beautiful and dirty beats helped me knit over two thousand rows without many a dropped stitch. Big shout out to all knitters, and creative people alike who get inspired by other creative people like you Tony. Hoorah for trying to make the world a more diverse and inspiring place, instead of sticking for just something than pays the bills. Yup, i seem to spend all my money on DnB and live off good ole sainsburys basics.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work, so i can keep up mine!

  • http://none Mike Koo

    Awesome demo cast!!!! these track are off the hook!!! since you have so many you should do them more often instead of a couple times a year. I played the last one out cause i listened to them so much. Get the good tracks out, if the hospital team likes them then there shouldn’t be filtering again, let the good tunes roll!!!!


  • Elle

    very impressed with all of the demos! especially elysian fields by subreachers. also, big shout out to the university of portsmouth drum and bass society!

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