Hospital Democast Summer 2012

July 13, 2012 in Podcast

15 year old work experience Joe Riley joins his big brother Matt to bring you a Hospital democast.

Sorry it’s been so long since out last one! You can get the show here or grab the show as an mp3 here. Enjoy…

(we apologise for the slight glitches in the recording on this show)

1. Flame – Canned Sunset
2. Harvest – Concrete
3. Mr Joseph and Penny Giles – Floating Island
4. Tomek N – Templar
5. Severity Zero – Snow
6. Deli J – Gung Ho
7. Minor Rain – Terabyte
8. Salary Man – Inside
9. Vidual – Sleeping Powder
10. Jalex – Everything I Can’t Speak About


  • assmeat

    it STINKS

  • gill riley

    well done boy, no spanking for you 2night.

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