Hospital Podcast 100 (part 1)

November 12, 2009 in Podcast

After nearly three-and-a-half years, millions of downloads and subscribers hailing from Bangkok to Beirut, Brazil to Beckenham, Brisbane to Baltimore… We have reached our 100th show!

Hosting this epic two-parter is London Elektricity and of course, your good selves.

We asked you to deliver your requests by introducing your fave tracks and you delivered. Hundreds of you sent us recorded messages. We included our favourites, and there will be prizes for each of you who made it onto the show.

Part two will be coming shortly, in the mean time, let us know what you think of the show…

Happy 100 :o)


1. Cyantific – Disconnected
2. Ganja Kru – Super Sharp Shooter
3. London Elektricity – Just One Second (Apex Remix)
4. Sunchase – Remember Me
5. Danny Byrd – Shockout 6. London Elektricity – Hectic
7. Vivid Dreams – Rise Up
8. Pendulum – Girl In The Fire
9. Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction
10. London Elektricity – Out Of This World
11. Seba – Snow
12. Klute – Hell Hath No Fury

  • Dugy09

    Yes tony epic podcast and an epic night on friday thankyou! i know you get this all the time but what youv done has helped me masivly from homesicknes to sleep deprivation this podcast got me through it all by taking me away to a hapier place, it was great to finaly meet you on friday, matta was better than i could have expected and finaly cheers for playing my intro and giving me yet another wicked shout you are the don of drum and bass keep it up

  • Plumbster

    Big up—— so I’m hoping that Riley put out my suggestion on part 2 then….
    Super sharp shooter— big up to anyone who remembers shocking out to this track many moons ago….

  • groovelastig

    yeaah! i can’t believe i’m on hospital podcast 100 (!), announcing my favourite hospital tune!!! i’m roughly at 23’40” and i’m doing the beatbox and helium rap for danny byrd / shockout!

    the CD compilation that danny byrd is talkin about at 30’40” that originally contained ‘Hectic’ by LE is “Off-Centre: A Riot On Old Street” and was released on BBE (2001).

    voila the discogs >

    cheers roland

  • Pixie

    OMG OMG OMG, you are the best!
    I know I wasn’t the only one that requested Just One Second but I’m so so so happy you included it in your podcast. Thank you so much!
    The whole podcast was delicious & the apex remix was the shot of Grey Goose that went with it =P
    Thanx again bru

  • mattgway

    Wicked podcast. I’d never heard Sunchase – Remember Me. nearly started dancing in the office haha

  • Funok

    WTF, had goosebumps over the whole part… what an amazing tracklist…

    if my english would not suck like this, i would send an intro too… :(

    I love you all including the Hospital Records crew and the whole dnb community :)

    Im looking forward to Hospital Podcast Episode 200!!!

    Cheeers Funok

  • petecooper

    Yay! Thanks for choosing my intro and track :)

    If anyone wants a cheeky 320kbps mp3 of ‘Rise Up’, drop me a line and I’ll sort you one (gaekwad [at] gmail).

    Cheers, Tony. Made my day proper good.

  • jessticulate

    Amazing podcast, sets, tracks, nights out… everyone at Hospital does the genre proud. An absolutely legendary crew, and you’re still smashing it every time.

    Here’s to many more! Roll on #200.

  • katalyst

    Absolutely epic. Now I can stop refreshing my RSS feed (well at least until part 2 gets released).

  • KevinTh0m

    Absolutely brilliant!
    Looking forward to #200. ;)

    Lots of love from Canada!


  • Swiftnezz

    BIG UPS TONY! Epic 100th podcast and epic past 99 episdoes! I thank you and continue to wounder what my life would be like without Hospital. I will continue to listen onto podcast 200, and wishing the best from the states to you Mr. Elektricity.


  • djb64

    Thoroughly enjoy part one ,can’t wait for the other half … Thanks for so many entertaining moments from your podcasts , its been a joy to listen to!!!

    If anyone wants to download some of the previous podcasts and vids , heres a link …

    thanks Tony!!!

  • jonlane

    echoing everyone else tony, your voice is very radio friendly in this podcast – not sure what to make of it!!

    congrats on reaching 100 – massive respect and support for it to reach the double century and beyond

    P.S. you sneeky so and so – signing memory lane by netsky without telling us????? what’s on the flip mr c?!

    peace, jon x

  • Kiinnostus

    Congratulations on the 100th podcast! 71 minutes of pure audio gold! Can’t wait for the part two!

  • Bob Pigee

    Yes, happy anniversary!..
    …you’re not ready for this!..
    …mental goosebumps…
    …with the live chickens…
    …vspominai menja (remember me)…
    …make some fucking noise for yourselves!!!

    I was SO happy to hear the 100th issue! Truly global Hospital community!
    Tony, thank you so much! The world became a little happier the day the podcast came out – for that I am sure!
    And thanks for choosing my intro! (I was introducing Hell Hath No Fury – one of my all-time favourites as well)

    Shout to each and every subscriber! We are indeed united by the best music in the world!

    Big love, Vladimir, Russia

  • GrafZhL

    Yeah, #100! :) I like it a lot and I’M ON IT! :D Can’t tell you how excited I was when I spotted my requested track in the playlist (Girl in the fire). That just added to the general sweetness of this episode 8)

    Greetings from Germany,

    P.S.: Easy, Tony :p

  • guy-in-the-fire

    Mr tony :)
    such a good podcast :)
    seriously good tunes
    i cannot wait for part 2 :)

  • kruszczyk

    Big up on the great great podcast 100 reaching Poland’s coast as well!

    Tony, your voice is deffinately processed diffrent here, you sound so american radio DJ :D

    but it’s nice I like it, tunes sound bit better as well

    Massive shout to you all and never never stop!

  • jonlane

    tony/riley, very random but this’ll bug me otherwise. is the first part of the female vocal in “hectic” the re-ocurring vocal in “can you make it tonight” by high contrast but like 3 times slower? cheers guys x

  • motivasean

    Senor Tony,

    Muchas Gracias Amigo! Enjoyed 100 very much.

    Many more to come,


  • Shivaxi

    Absolutely epic. Cannot be more proud of everything you (Tony) have done for the DnB scene, even if I don’t really express it as much as I should.

    Major shouts to you Tony, for without, I don’t believe the DnB scene would be as big as it is today ;)

  • sugarytea

    Super massive epic. Everyone else has said what I would have so I won’t bother BUT what is the little jingle at the very start of the podcast?! It sounds ideal to listen to while running around on modern warfare 2 (gt: sugarytea)! stabbing everyone. Much love,

    P.S. Nevermind, found it. Keith Mansfield – Funky Fanfare

    Makes me feel like an international spy.

  • petecooper

    I put a better quality version (HQ, embeddable) of Vivid Dreams – ‘Rise Up’ on YouTube if anyone’s interested:

    Well pleased with this coverage this tune is getting :)

  • Kensington

    Massive congrats for the hard work you guys have done to achieve this mammoth milestone!

    I cannot describe how much I appreciate this podcast man, it truely has opend my eyes to the creativity drum n bass has (I started at 78)

    This is pure music and when your walking through the streets seeing the world go by and listening to tunes like these, simply unbeatable.

    Thankyou so much


  • tomwilcox


    Thanks for the link!

  • Plumbster

    Wow!!! that Jonny L track ‘I let you’ is immense!!!!!!!

    I reckon it’s worth a 2009 rework?

  • Bill – Vivid Dreams

    Just seen that my tune Vivid Dreams got surfaced again on this podcast through clips on youtube, a tad late to the party but thanks for featuring!! :)

  • shapeshed

    Bit congrats on reaching three figures. Raise your bat, take the applause, lap it up.

    Seriously – THANK YOU.

  • duff

    What a way to start the podcast, Disconnected!! Love it!

    Hospitality at Matter (the 6th) was the best night at matter so far, it just got better and better. Please try and get Beardyman to play again, he was epic! Please can we also have another night at East Village??!!

    Cant wait for January 8th!

  • sk-tter

    Nice podcast Tony!

    Mix sounds different to usual though; did you put the Pete Tong filter on your voice or something?

  • sammy lang

    finally landed!
    loving the chickens on super sharp shooter
    also feeling the new filter on your voice tony, as sk-tter said, very pete tong :P
    countdown begins to 200…

  • londonelektricity

    sktter, sammy, was different ‘cos instead of recording it live I compiled the show in cubase + then i overdubbed my voice – and side chained the music so it ducked like crazy. gonna go back to live from podcast 101, takes ages to do otherwise!

  • markt74

    Congrats LE on the 100th podcast!

    And a very well-composed podcast it is. Lots of stuff I haven’t heard for a looong time.

    Ever since discovering this podcast somewhere around the 70th episode, I’ve been a dedicated listener and am so thankful for all of the great tracks I’ve become aware of as a result. Your podcast solidified my interest in DnB and motivated me to check out different artists and labels. Now I just need to make a DnB pilgrimage to the UK for a Hospitality event or two.

    Thanks Tony for the service and your dedication to the genre!

    Mark in Milwaukee

  • ArkeeDUB

    Yes Hospital! I just wanted to say congratulations on Podcast 100! I’ve been listening to the podcast ever since day dot and have never missed an episode. I’m currently studying for the second part of my architecture degree…after a pretty eventful year living out in Cape Town, which Tony mentioned on Podcast 61.

    Look forward to hearing the 200th podcast in the near future…

    Douglas Harding

  • lee.hatfield

    Just wanted to say thank you, I have only just discovered your podcast, but can’t wait for the each edition.

    Just listen to the 100th Show and its fanstatic.

    Thank you very much

  • vBeeeee

    Listened to this Podcast today, and absolutely loved the tunes being dropped. Honestly threw my fist in the air when i heard Snow.

    Loved all the song intros. Couldnt agree more with the Apex remix of Just One Second.

    Thanks so much Tony.

  • lawnbitis

    Life was in the shitter (my bathroom ceiling was pissing on me, no job, no overstimuladies, no submissions just submitting) and then along comes Podcast 100 parts one and two. Not only did it fill up my eardrums with memories it also made it impossible for the gabby couples in the coffee shop to poison my mind.
    So Colossal ups to you Mr. Elek for making my list of top moments in 2009. Genius stuff. When the fuck is Chicago getting properly Hospitotality!!
    Join facebook groups: Gotcha!Squad, Team Ward and Ward about Town.

  • Halcie

    Hello from the other side of the pond, in currently rainy Montreal!

    You mentioned the studio spider on the podcast (BIG UP for the 100th episode!) and it brought to me something funny I’d like to share!
    I am a student in chemistry and some of the graduate students are breeding spiders in their office for quite a moment now! It all started with the catch of a big tough one in a window of our university. One morning I found a pretty long-legged spider in my shower. So after spending such intimacy with her, I didn’t have the heart to kill the poor thing. So I brought it to school to keep company to the first one. Being the blood-thirsty guys they are, my friends decided to put the two spiders in the same container, hoping for a fight. But the spiders actually didn’t care much for each other.

    It stayed like that for a while, they fed them with fruit flies they caught with old Pepsi (ew!) and gave the water. But one Friday afternoon, feeling bored they decided to shake their home to provoke the fight. With the violence, the long-legged spider got hurt and, being vulnerable, it was eaten by the other one. Have you ever seen a spider eating? It’s pretty gross!

    The next Monday, one of the guys brought the biggest spider ever! It was as big as a quarter, with big hairy legs. The second she was put into the container, she rushed and ate the remaining spider without ceremony!
    Few weeks later, she laid a big nest of eggs and shrunk to about half her size. Sadly, she died days later, maybe due to exhaustion or maybe that’s the way it is for spiders.

    At the moment we are waiting to see if the eggs will hatch!

    Anyway, sorry for the long (and probably really annoying!) post, but I wanted to share what has been an amazement for the few last months! Just like your podcast has been!

    Keep up the good work and I hope to have the chance to attend an Hospitality night someday! I bet it’s freaking awesommmee!

    P.S.: It was great hearing your super cheery voice throughout the episode, brought a smile to my face while studying for my upcoming exams!

  • mogo

    an interesting little piece on the vinyl production process for anyone unfamiliar with that magic black plastic…

    roll on the next podcast Tony.

  • Madloveforthebeat

    Big up…
    Tony been listing to DNB since the 11th grade ‘1998. … PART 1&2 podcast.. Epic just Epic. Thanks mate for all your hard work, Time and Energy..Effort Keep Producing I will keep buying… Thanks mate,

    Ryan “Madloveforthebeat” Martin

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