Hospital Podcast 100 (Part 2)

November 18, 2009 in Podcast

Part two of our epic two-parter is London Elektricity and of course, your good selves.

Parts one and two are now online, let us know what you think…


1. London Elektricity – Pussy Galore
2. Sci Clone – Everywhere I Go (remix)
3. Johnny L – I Let You
4. Makai – Beneath The Mask
5. London Elektricity – Great Drum + Bass Swindle Remix
6. B-Complex – Beautiful Lies
7. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (High Contrast Remix)
8. Photek – Seven Samurai
9. Dillinja – Acid Track
10. Matrix + Futurebound – American Beauty VIP

  • jonlane

    tony, that makai tune was dirrrty!

    so good hearing renegade snares hc remix getting a good airing. bought the 12″ last year – well worth the 15 quid. shame moving shadow couldn’t keep up with the pace R.I.P.

    as you were able to put it on confidential it must have already been suggested to have a cheeky repress no? nice to hear your voice virtually back to normal!

    peace jon x

  • jonlane

    P.S. good to see attack ships on fire/southeastern dream sold out quickly on special offer on the shop – couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw that little gem up there and got in there straight away – cracking 12″ mate!

    …..10 quid says the signing is netsky ;-D

  • Tenbensons

    ‘i would have been a right lazy fuck if was given prizes for every failure i ever made made’

    i dont know Tony, your records have sold well yet you still seem a busy man. :-p

  • mogo

    saw this and thought of you…

    album art idea?

    congrats on the centenary, quality control remains as high as ever.

    thankin y’ll all the way from the exotic climes of… rainy east sussex.



  • stereosteve

    That whole rant had me in tears, bang on the fucking money!
    Awesome podcast(s), well done Hospital!

  • Kimba

    Great anniversary podcast Hospital!! Love High Contrast’s intro- Van Halen’s Jump, anyone? Wicked. Thanks for playing my intro to Johnny L!

    Tony, the phenomenon you’re referring to is the kids “self esteem movement”- total rubbish and gives them a false sense of entitlement. Kids should lose because they’ll grow up to be loads cooler than the winners anyway, and actually unique. We don’t need more of the same!

  • SpiredArc

    The anniversary podcast was amazing, it saved my week. Give a massive shout to Kimber for the jonny L track, from a fellow bostonian, sort of, I go to school there.

  • stick

    Anyone up for posting their unselected intros? Here’s mine to get the ball rolling.

    And the tune (spotify link) :)

  • Dugy09

    To organise your records have you tried the dewy decimal system like they use in librarys, it may be a bit of work catagorising the records to begin with but you could break them down into sub genres and your own made up genres as you will be the one using them for example I think you called it sumert festival friendly dnb when you were describing the Calvin haris bootleg by featurecast. Anyway Yet another wicked podcast can’t wait for the next one. Cheers. Dugy

  • londonelektricity

    ouch @tenbensons but true

  • west c russell

    Great podcast, glad there really was a part 2. Haha when I went on itunes and didn’t see part 2 it had me worried, very happy to see it come through a few days later. Johnny L’s track has to be one of my favorite DnB tunes of all time.Keep em coming and thanks alot!

  • Nomus

    This is the first podcast I’ve listened to, and it won’t be the last. I’ve been looking forever for a podcast like this; I wasn’t expecting to find it from here. Lots of familiar music here. Shame I hadn’t found this earlier.

  • mhariclaire

    These last these last two podcasts have been a real treat, thank you! So nice to hear a mix of recent and not so recent.

    But I have to tell you they got me hankering for some proper old dirty, no dutty tunes XD- Been searching youtube all night for a song to sate me. Maybe you could help me out on your next show?

    Thanks again, keep up the good work.

  • vBeeeee

    LOOOL! I havnt even finished the podcast but just had to write this up:

    “There not guna make beats! Why would they lock themselves in a bedroom for 24 hours making 1 amen break unless theyve been bullied for it”

    AHAHAHA had me laughing OUT LOUD! Loved it Tony! Always good to let those deep seeded traumas surface :D

  • londonelektricity

    nomus – dig a little deeper and you can find all of em ;-)

  • CEG

    Love the education rant

  • Trippin

    Loving this podcast. One of the best.
    Look forward to the next 100!
    Anyone know where I can get a copy of the Johnny L track?

  • kenneth

    holy shit!

    that Makai track Beneath The Mask blew my mind.

    Tony, please, before we get to 200, give us a: Tony Introduces His Much Loved Classics podcast. a 1990’s special? What hidden old gems are in your record collection?

  • Trippin

    Found it on itunes.
    For some reason they have him listed as ‘Jonny L’…
    Oh well, got it in the end.

  • timmyraa

    Oh good God, the Jonny L track is stomping, I’ve had it on repeat for the last hour. And what an alluring intro by Kimber! Hi!… as Tony says. :)

  • Laurie

    Big congratulations on hitting the big 100, and what a way to celebrate it.

    Long live the Hospital Podcast!

  • joshpalmer

    Awesome podcast once again, glad to see beautiful lies got a metion, could you tell me where the intro music is from please Tony?


  • jonlane

    tony, I hope I wasn’t too much of a bellend in guessing netsky being signed….. he kind of revealed it 3 weeks ago on his myspace page! worst kept secret since bill clinton’s affair but DEFINATELY the best news so far this autumn along with the subwave signing.

    can’t wait to hear the releases he puts out. peace, jon x

  • Swanvesta

    big up hospital!

    Hello there hospital, Riley An Tony

    Bit Peeved off btw as a i sent in over 7 intro requests for the Mighty 100..

    An I DIDNT make it on there..

    Would have been nice as havbe been supporting hospital for a good few years now and Purchase alot of your merchandise & releases.

    Any chance putting my request/s on future podcast,, would be GREAT as me and my pals had a good laugh recording them.!


  • pumptronics

    Dear David Icke

    I would like to congratulate you on your recent podcasts under the guise of Hospital Records. Your persuasive voice and subtle messages about the future of freedom in this country brought hope and warmth to all our hearts. Your impersonation of Tony
    Colman was all a bit Pete Tong however, and I don’t mean in the rhyming slang way. Next time you assimilate someone working in the audio arena like him, I suggest you take their microphone as well.

    Please look after him, he is our John Peel.

    Your friend, V

  • robert

    Tony! Massive thank you for putting these podcasts together. Listened to part 1 for about the 5th time on the tube this morning and realised I only notice how early or late I am depending on what song i’m at in the podcast!

    Can I get a shout for Olie Sonik who introduced me to this podcast back in the summer. After both agreeing that Drum&Bass twinned with your voice is strangely therapeutic we decided to take a nap whilst giving the show 94 a listen. So much bromance.

    Huge amounts of love to the whole hospital team!

  • RyanDeDom

    first of all mr Coleman I’d like to congradulate you on your 100th podcast, I’ve been an avid listener for some time now and am truly addicted to everything hospital do! You have got me through some rough times throughout my years as a dnb head. I recently moved to a new city completely on my own and it’s amazing how many people I have met and become good friends with solely through the love of drum n bass. Secondly could you give a shoutout on your next podcast to Pogz, Woozi and G of hartley avenue, I miss you all guys!.

  • Vision_cze

    Congrats to 100 !!! U have been doing such a good job fellas !!! Because of people like u DnB gets more and more popular which is good because everybody is already sick of trance, righ??
    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up fellas

  • dan1812

    Ez to all at hospital im a newby to your podcast just listened to 96-100 back to back and it bangin , any chance of a shoutout to dan and emma on ya next pod cast ? keep up the crackin work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimba

    It’s funky fanfare by Keith Mansfield. Also sampled by DangerDoom

  • Avelina Fitts

    yes I agreee Here’s some pass forward: Thought for the day? : If we call it tourist season why can’t we shoot them?

  • kinky curly curling custard 16 oz

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  • londonelektricity

    tcho riley cut and pasted his blurb gonna have to change that

  • Kiinnostus

    Epic podcast, once again! And you changed your voice back to normal again?

  • Dicho7omy

    Awesome you used my intro for Beautiful Lies! Haha! I promise I don’t stalk you Tony but you’re bang on about being at Matter, love it. Brilliant podcast and congrats again.

  • okibi

    Wicked! That’s my voice introducing Renegade Snares (HC Remix) at 38:48! What a track list.

  • Swiftnezz

    -=~= EPIC 100 PODCAST =~=-
    (Part 2)

    Once again Tony epic podcast and big ups to yourself, Riley, and edition one and two of episode 100! Lots of awesome shout outs and requests, enjoyed every second of the podcast as if I wish it would never end. Although, I continue to ponder that once the podcast had ended, after hearing such great introductions, I still belive that their should be yet another dedication podcast. Something of the sort to mash up all the lovly audio files that our from the family of Drum & Bass fans everyware who took a second to stop and tell everyone what a great podcast we have. Instead of a shoutout which dont get me wrong pulls chills on ma back to be announced on the podcast but to hear my and the rest of the DnB lovers introductions would be amazeing. Nothing to waste, and more to enjoy. Tony just meerly giving a suggestion, what your doing with Hospital Podcast is phaenomenal, epic, and mind numbing (in a good way) and I will forever be a addict to Hosptial.

    Big love from USA,
    Drake Anning
    (My Shoutout: Hospital Podcast #63 [20:15])

    Ps. Your shouts keep me going Tony! =D

  • Roger Berkeley

    epic podcast and well done for the number 100.
    my request made it, but not my voice and the funny thing is the guy who introduced it, is a friend of mine and i didn´t know he requested it too.

    looking forward to the next 100 episodes and to hospitality at matter in january.
    just booked my flight…

    big shout to all @ hospital

  • sk-tter

    Nice podcast! Wish more producers would still make tunes that just roll on. Loved the rant about schooling these days; I totally agree, Tony.

    I hope you’ll come back to Sydney before Podcast 200!

  • Colak

    i’ve never heard that Makai tune, got to get a copy of that! if anyone fancies having a crack at the rework, i’m fairly sure the vocal samples that come in after the second drop is from the soundtrack of the original ghost In the shell film.

    big ups on the big 100, peace!

  • Colak

    with you on the deep seated hatred as motivation thing too!

  • Roger Berkeley

    as an additional info for the makai track.
    the original is from 1998 and in 2007 the track was re-released with an ill.skillz remix, and an alternate mix.
    the track contains a sample of “making of cyborg” by kenji kawai. which is from the movie ghost in the shell.
    the makai track was also the theme to the ghost in the shell series on tv.

    and i also play it nearly every time…

  • jonlane

    tony/riley, the hospital shop has been teasing me for months…….. are you going to sell any more slip mats? cheers, jon x

  • Zone Rouge

    Absolutely massive mix ! OMG !!

  • inorganik

    The Jonny L tune “I let U” is on an old dnb mix done by DJ DB that was released in 1999 called “Shades of Technology”. It was the mix that got me into drum n’ bass. It’s fucking amazing, you must check it out.

  • Mila

    Hey! I just had a quick question for Tony. At the beginning of the 100th Podcast (2nd part), there was some kind of intro that played before the first song. What was the name of that intro?
    Thanks so much,
    Mila :)

  • nishadds86

    Really its a good news. I am very interested for this Hospital Podcast 100 post. This side will be help all of us. Thanks.

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