Hospital Podcast 101

November 30, 2009 in Podcast

Smashing it post 100 with number 101, we bring you awesome new tracks, the results of our Bop remix competition and Trisector, who tells us all about his new single “Lifeforms” on Medschool.

Featuring brand new Hospital music from Sonic, Netsky and Mr Sizef, this is another podcast well worth checking out.

Grab a copy of “Lifeforms” on the Hospital Shop.


1. Megadrummer – Sedna
2. Sonic – Piano Anthem
3. Trisector – Lifeforms
4. Rob F + Impulse – Ultraviolet
5. K – Slow Motion
6. Bop – Enjoy The Moment (Thinnen Remix)
7. Mr Sizef – Garminoya Mirov
8. Netsky – Memory Lane
9. Trisector + Inztance – Trace Of A Smile
10. Trisector + Inztance – Framed to Forget
11. Champagne – Good Times (Fanu Remix)

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  • Roger Berkeley

    quality as usual….

  • dj BMX

    yeah, bloody frenchy’s speaking !!!
    MON FRANCAIS EST TRES BON ! very good accent Tony….. you have to now, we listen to you in france, we love your podcast! we want more podz like the 100 part 2, i just listen this one… like 30 times this week !!!
    french comm : j’ai beaucoup d’amis roostbeef et je les aimes bien !
    can you say that in (french of course) the next podcast please Tony ???
    we luv your music !
    keep doing “cette merde” well….



  • iseli2

    hey tony
    I went on a charity walk for the big issue foundation through London with 250 other people we walked through the night on the 20th of november, i listened to podcast 100 (1) congrats on the 100th anniversary sorry for the late congrats, gotta say the podcast got me through the night.
    Thank you tony for giving us 100 podcasts of pure bliss!!! Wicked mate!!! hope to see u at matter on the 08/01/2010!!

  • west c russell

    Hey Tony,
    How about a shout out to us teenagers here in the U.S. who have to endure persecution for being a drum and bass head, it hasn’t quite caught on here yet, or any dance music for that matter. However, I have converted a few and will continue doing so as a Drum and Bass missionary here in northern California.
    Thanks a bunch,

    p.s. The dnb step is just the crip walk eastern European style

  • bigtom

    les belges sont là pour représenter!

  • thefrench

    yes the French do listen to your podcast, and to be honest I quite surprised us Frenchies haven’t sent comments yet… usually we’re pretty good a being loud ;)

    keep it up man, love the music


  • SpiredArc

    Tony, could you please give a massive shout out to my two older sisters Christina and Lindsey because, I just lately found out that Christina has my second niece or nephew (don’t know which yet) due in May. And Lindsey just got engaged to be married. I want to congratulate them by giving them a shout on the happiest Podcast I listen to.

  • Ghosrok

    Hello there tony =] My name is Larsen, I’m 16 from Auckland, New Zealand and I just thought I stop by to share a few thoughts on Hospital and the Hospital Podcast. I must say that the Jaw-dropping tunes pumping out of Hospital are tremendous. One thing that is very unique about Hospital music I have found, is that the tunes are very Impactive. Every tune I have listened to from hospital carries an overwhelmingly heart-felt, spine-tingling,ultimately beautiful vibe with it, a distinctive characterisitic that Hospital holds that is in a different league from many other DnB cliques. I think you should give yourselves a massive pat on the back for such great great tunes! I’m absolutely loving the Hospital Podcast.As an aspiring Drum and Bass artist (and still very young) every Episode is truly inspirational material. I am definately going to purchase a heck of alot of Hospital albums this Christmas!!!! Well all I have left to say is I’m loving the tunes, loving the voice of Tony Coleman, Loving Hospital, and also I’d like to make shout out to my main man Ivan who needs the inspiration right now! PLEASE IVAN LETS MAKE SOME LOVELY TUNES!!! Cheers Tony!Kia Ora from New Zealand =]

  • Zone Rouge

    Hi Tony,

    Old time listener of your podcast, I confirm what was written earlier, French do jump up on d&b but the fact is we have sooo less events loke the ones you perform in UK and worldwide. Local scene is rather poor compared to what uk offers but nevertheless, perhaps one day, Hospitality will be held in Paris’ Zenith or else ?

    Many many thanks for what you offer to d&b / liquid funk lovers ^^ Cheers :)

    Greeting from France


  • dj BMX

    yo Fred ! t’as un facebook ou myspace ?
    qu’on se connecte !
    french liquid lovers…

  • Jojo

    thanks so much for the shout out, you made my day :D

  • tomwilcox

    Cool to her that all these people have been tracking down the older tunes from podcast 100 – I got myself a vinyl promo of Vivid Dreams :D

  • simpatico

    Love the podcasts! But they’re getting a bit NSFW. I work at a Subaru dealership and love to listen to my tunes. But I have to keep turning it off because of all the cussing. Clean it up, please! Let’s get this podcast friendly for everyone!

  • sebi1109
  • tryptameena

    Love it!! as usual really nice job.
    and netsky. ow yesssss i’ve seen him a couple of weeks ago in brussels, he played a lot of hospital records. i could tell he signed with u haha.wearin even the t’shirt and all :p.. but he is quite a little genius. i enjoy his music so much. and so happy he got to u!! cus hospital is amaizing.
    btw tony, i was wondering if u already know the date of february’s hospitality at matter party.cus i really need to attend one of those and february is the perfect month for me and my boyfriend to get to London and we need to book stuff!!
    and keep it on with the lovely podcast.

    ps: french people dont speak english ; they cant comment or understand..haha

  • londonelektricity

    inna – no matter party in Feb, sorry, jan and march it is!

  • dj BMX

    that’s a “blague belge” ???
    LOL !
    i love belgium peoples…

  • Perfect Solution

    Hey Tony,
    Just downloaded the new episode; will rock it on the way to work in the a.m. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the demise of the Technics 1200’s & 1210″s; unless this is a hoax, it is a very sad day indeed for all us DJ’s, bedroom or mega-star…

  • nicho

    Salut Tony,

    Bon alors comme tu peux le voir il y a des francais qui ecoutent Hospital podcast!
    Suces me boules!

    the downside is that i’m also australian and live in Sydney!
    So how about a big shout out to french people who live in australian. Vive la France et vive DNB!

    Keep up you’re rocking podcast!


  • okibeats

    loving the podcast, excellent standard as usual, great to hear about netsky, gonna be a big 2010 from him i feel!

    also, i notice you’ve been putting hospitalitys all over the place, brighton, oxford, cardiff etc… how about plymouth! there are many many d’n’b heads down here that would chop off their right hand to have one down here, me included! help us out tony and spread the hospital love!

  • Kiinnostus

    Awesome podcast once again! Yay us finns, being guest in the Podcast!

  • tryptameena

    uhhhhh sad sad sad!!!.well we’ll try other time^^. thankyou!

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