Hospital Podcast 104

January 12, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity rocks into 2010 with a new edition of the Hospital Podcast. 4 years in the podcast game, thanks all of you for subscribing.

Today we have music from Netsky, Noisia, Blokhe4d and lots more, whilst we fill you in on all the latest Hospitalities and the massive sale on the Hospital Shop.

Go and get some bargains at


1. Netsky – I Refuse
2. Camo + Crooked – Mindset
3. Icicle + Noisia – Driftwood
4. Nu:Tone – Hyper Hyper
5. Distorted Minds – Thief
6. Camo And Crooked – Skyline
7. Noisia – Deception
8. Moving Fusion – Mass Deception
9. Danny Byrd feat Liquid – Sweet Harmony (Jungle Mix)
10. Moby – One Time We Lived – Matrix + Futurebound Remix
11. Netsky – Smile
12. Circa – Ida
13. Blokhe4d – Full Circle

  • Nomus

    Great podcast. Loving Nu:Tone’s new track. Netsky seems to be a great addition to Hospital as well!

  • ito

    i just received a parcel in the post all the way in canada, with a couple of my favourite hospital tracks on vinyl, and a hospital hoody – a surprise late christmas arrival from my wife.

    can you please, please give her a shout out on the next podcast – name’s corinne – i often crank the podcasts in the car, which is how she knows how much i love the tracks i do, and hearing her name would make her day.

    long live creative, musical d&b (on vinyl).
    thanks tony

    ben in vancouver

  • Smashall

    Hi Tony,
    My name’s Sam, 19, and i just want to say how i can’t believe how you manage to deliver time after time on the podcasts. Every one (that i’ve heard) is a belter!
    I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to know i’ve been spreading the hospital word throughout Morrisons where i work and converting a few fellow employees. On the next podcast can you please give a shout to everyone who works at Morrisons in Warrington, especially Mike Stanton! Who is now loving his drum and bass and i know will be listening. Please make one of your (now patented) funny noises as it will make his year if you do!
    Thanks a lot, keep up the crackin work!
    P.S come up north more often! x

  • crazyjoyce


    If you dont love motorbikes already, see if this changes your mind!

    Im sure you’ll recognise the amazing backing track ;)

    Keep up the good work

  • Chuckie

    Broke my Hospitality & Matter cherry last Friday and just wanted to say you f**king smacked it! Totally worth the wait in sub-zero conditions! Shame Lincoln couldn’t make it but all the other DJ’s stepped up their game so its all good. Bought my ticket to the one in March already & can’t wait!

    Love the podcast but it keeps enticing me to spend too much money on vinyl from the shop (how come us vinyl-headz get no love in the sale huh?!)

    Big-up yourself & all the Hospital crew, 2010 is gonna be big for DnB!

    Can you please shout-out my drinking & raving buddy Tasha on the next podcast?

    Much love, keep up the sterling effort.

  • Dugy09

    alrite tony listening to the podcast rite now i cant get enough of netsky pure tuneage. i thought of a great idea for your next competition, you could have a world cup themed remix competition imagine a Footballs coming home booty to rave to when england win, it could be called three lions in the jungle haha. Dugy

  • Swanvesta

    Just downloaded the Colmonstrocity APp.

    BIT MAd i must say! Nonetheless pretty cool!

    oi oi tony

    Nice to see BIG IN THE GAME in the podders. & SAFE FOR giving me and mates a SHouty out.

    I HAVE NOTICED THOUGH THAT YOU ARE USING MY SLOGAN NOW to ADvertise your events. Hospitality Sheffield! Is INDEED…


    IF you can give my MRS a shout on on the Mighty 105 would be ULTIMACY DE LA SIKNESS. Her names Nicole bytheway. Easy RIley

    kind Regards de la Swanvest

  • londonelektricity

    your slogan my arse

  • JRod

    TONY! i have recently moved to australia and am missing the UK drum and bass scene terribly, do you and the boys have any plans to come back over to australia at any t5ime in the near future?

    keep smashing it…

    Jarred. Perth Australia…

  • Laurie

    Hey Tony, my new Hospital T-Shirt arrived the other day and I’ve got to say that it’s looking pretty sweet. I’ll be sure to wear it for many future raves to come :)

    Btw I’m still waiting for a Hospital artist to show up at a UTR 16+ event. As great as Sub Focus, Andy C, and many others are, the nights are currently missing something! The events in London are held at respected places (e.g. Matter) so I don’t think that your headphones would be nicked like they did at Lets Go Crazy.

    Much love from Essex!

  • pumptronics

    hi tony,
    i know i’m a bit late on this but your christmas podcast was fucking marvellous. you chose pretty much all of my personal favourites to play from all of those albums you made me buy!! thanks for a brilliant year of music.

    also late on the new year resolutions but in keeping with your final message….my resolution was to give up work for the new year. so i did. and so did the missus. and we’re going travelling.

    only shame is all those podcasts i’ll miss….

    matt (your friend v!)

  • Melon

    hey tony been listening for a year to your podcasts now loving every 1, just wanted to say tell people to stop sending in their wingy little complaints about this thing or another, “aww he said something out of the ordinary” i mean for god sake even complaining about the way you spell your producing name. who cares, its all part of the drum and bass thing, and if u are one of those rare people that dont like it, you listen to the podcast for the music and its obviously done well so far, those little thing you cant put up with… tough, life’s not perfect, get over it! As for hospitality got 3 words, KEEP IT GOING! xx

  • sean

    hey tony,
    just wanna say your podcast is absolutley amazing and has sucessfully swung me over to dnb and all things hospital. Anyways if you gave me a shout out it would make my day, big shout out to the whole notts uni crew and in particluar Harry, and also the boys back in Norwich (we’re not all inbred farmers like in Alan Partridge!). Yeh mate you’re a legend and keep it up dunno where id be without you.
    Sean from Nottingham x

  • JakMorley

    Hi Tony,
    I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now, and you never disappoint. Every time a new one is released, I rinse it in anticipation for the next. I try to make my own tunes, and the podcast is a great help for getting ideas. I’m 18 in April, and I’m looking forward to my first hospitality more than anything else this year. I would love a shoutout on the next podcast!
    Keep up the amazing work, you legend :)


  • paritydnb

    massive podcast 104 mate, piano anthem is the one!!

    can i have a shout out for my 13 year old sister jess who has decided to come on board the d n b train by subscribing to the podcast, but unfortunately has the sniffles!!

    she agrees btw that it hasnt saved her life, its just (i quote) sic…

  • Thom

    Hi Tony,
    I first listened to this podcast last week when we had ANOTHER massive overnight downpour of snow which left me unable to get to work (believe me, I tried!). I’ve got to say, I agree with Richie Burns’ jungle digging revelation, as I decided to spend my morning shovelling snow from my driveway to some 170BPM beauties. Without a doubt, Camo & Krooked’s ‘Skyline’ definitely helped!!

    One of the best podcasts I have heard (since no. 47) – keep up the great work!

  • katalyst
  • Maxwell

    Hello Tony,
    I must be honest and say we’re fairly new to the podcast and its taken me 1/2 a schooner of beer to work up the confidence to send you a comment, but we’re big fans and happy to hear good radio for once, Australian radio eats arse. Could you give a shout out to Witho, Giles, and Hawke for me pretty please?
    All the way from Newcastle, Aus.

  • jonlane

    tony, go down to liq-weed at give hype a massive slap – he says netsky’s tomorrow’s another day vip isn’t going to be released….. give him a few quid for the rights for it. totally worth it. kisses x

  • jonlane

    btw, some cheeky buggers are spamming ads on podcast 99’s page

  • Now More Than Trevor

    Easy Tony, I know you get a load of shout out requests, but can you please hit me up on Podcast 105. I am currently in NZ on a working/holiday and am flying the Hospital flag down here. Had some telesales work last week and they were playing hard house in the background all shift, it was relentless, and making the already tedious job even more so. Until the last hour when, to my surprise, Hospital mix 6 kicked in. It made my hour and I got 3 sales because of it. Keep it up guys, and i’ll see you at Matter upon my return.


    Queenstown NZ

  • JUWJ

    Hey Tony,
    Big ups, and much respect! I am relatively new to the drum & bass world. I’m a 22 year old artist currently attending school in NYC.
    I am a strong believer that good music is key to any “creative” environment. Having said that, The Hospital podcasts keeps me going like no other. While constantly being bombarded with fresh new tracks, it keeps my mind on that same level of stochasticity, that drum & bass is all about. Thanks again, and much love from the states.

    – Corin

  • sean

    hey tony,
    just wanna say your podcast is absolutley amazing and has sucessfully swung me over to dnb and all things hospital. Anyways if you gave me a shout out it would make my day, big shout out to the whole notts uni crew and in particluar Harry, and also the boys back in Norwich (we’re not all inbred farmers like in Alan Partridge!). Yeh mate you’re a legend and keep it up dunno where id be without you.
    Sean from Nottingham x

  • london_electronics

    Tony, Zak from Los Angeles. Big fan of the podcast (and hospital). A couple things:

    1) You need a catch phrase or sound effect that you scream/play every episode, repetedly. The more ridiculous the better.

    2) Can you play mrsa-chemicals and scream when it drops? I’d like that tune and your energy together. That’s like my favorite track, is that called liquid?

    3) Why can’t I find more MRSA releases, or more artist info on the hospital site.

    Many thanks!

  • jonlane

    tony, netsky’s got 3 tracks in the trackitdown top 20. you sir have a licence to print money (once you start releasing that mountain of gold he’s sitting on!) – fancy floating hospital records on the LSE?!

  • Swanvesta

    tHE LINK doesn’t work Mr Catalyst… Seriousl Now!!

  • Soundbwoy222

    My man Tony/ London Elek

    Massive respect to you and what you have done for the DNB community.

    I sadly shake my head as my turntables collect dust in the closet along with about 1,500 dnb records.

    However, I thank you and your producers (logi, high c, boris netsky- the man is white hot, subwave, and the many others that you have promoted)- boh!!!

    You feed my need for dnb- your podcasts are one of the few things that allow me to feel like I am keeping it real to the jungle/dnb days.

    Long winded as i go, long time listener since pod cast 30 something, 2 kids later, 3 houses later,3 jobs later, 3 year later, love you man!

    Please give a shout to my 222 (two- twenty-two) dnb crew in Texas (soundbwoy, j rose, virtue, solti, volition, and mc chango). If you ever come back to the states please let me know i will promote you and show you the time of your life in Texas- my selektah!

    Easy Tony!

  • Swanvesta


    Whats going on with releases then.. I am eagerly awaiting SICK MUSIKKKK 2 .

    will be Ultimacy de la newness””

    Can you give The mR Swanvest & Nicole de la Buckett a shout out”

    Safety Tony

    Would BE
    “BIG in the Jet Li’s Purchased Swanvest”
    (Swan Slogan)

  • PsyNeko

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for yet another cracker of a podcast. Especially happy to hear Nu:Tone out of the basement! I was wondering if i could get a shout out on the next podcast to all my peeps in Sydney, Australia. I am currently studying behind the lines in the West Bank, Palestine and as such have been rather isolated. Hospital Podcast has been my main source of DnB news. I love every second of every podcast here. Your voice is music to my ears :P

    Keep it real Tony!


  • tomhosking

    No vinyl love in the sale?

    Massive massive podcast though!

  • Scrm

    Thx for getting me something to listen while i study. I’ve only recently discoverd the podcast , but it’s helping me through the exams

    One Love from Belgium,

  • Funk Acrylic

    Great Podcast….

  • Sleaty

    What a great way to start off 2010!!! If podcast 104 is in any way representative of what is to come later on this year, it looks like Drum & Bass got a good year ahead of itself. Especially with no more than 5 hospital artists working on albums!! Plus Sick Music 2!!!!! I’m really looking forwrad to this year, I still have yet to go to a Hospitality! Massive podcast Tony you’re an absolute legend! One question, will Hospital Mix 8 be available for pre-order on the shop? If not I’ll pre-order from Amazon or buy from Catapult Records up by me. Cheers mate ;)

  • katalyst

    Props to Netsky. Amazing producer and smashing DJ to match (check his feb 09 studiomix or the minimix).

    2010 looks promising for dnb!

  • 00bidlo

    Hey Tony,

    I love the podcast and just want to let you know that I am slowly introducing my mates at university here in the states to everything Hospital records! I wouldn’t be able to make it through my work without the music or the podcast keep up the great work! Can you give a shout to my mates at home Ben and Andrew helping to spread the word of the coleminator to our new friends at school


  • thepuregallus

    Hi Tony, got into dnb through randomly hearing London Elektricity’s Cum Dancing and have devoured the podcasts since number 88. I didn’t realise how much until I put on 104 in the car and my six-year-old son said “Oh no not that man again”. Keep them coming, he’ll get into it…he’ll have to.

  • trisc

    Mr Coleman!!!!

    G’day from Australia!!!

    Some of you Poms might not know, January 26th was “Australia day”.

    Historically the day symbolises the arrival of the ‘First Fleet’ at Sydney Cove in 1788. Since then it has developed into a national day off, to celebrate all things Aussie. Bluntly put, it means having a BBQ with all your mates around the pool (if your lucky enough to have one) and sinking a slab of tinnies to get pissed!

    Specifically for us in Perth, the weather turned on a nice healthy 38’c day, spent in the pool with plenty of female eye candy to soak up, complimented with a beef spit roast with fresh king prawns for lunch.

    Point of the story? Being a historically Ozzie day, NO we didn’t crank up the ACDC, Inxs or Icehouse, we had our neighbours banging along to the beats of the Colminator and the hospital crew. Whilst we sizzled in the sun in our bikinis, boardies and beers.

    So to you, Mr Coleman, we raise our beers (No not a bloody crappy Fosters either) as a toast to you and the rest of the Hospital crew, on a superb effort in 2009 and this year so far.


    A.K.A Twistie

    P.s. Absolutely loving the Netsky tunes… both of you have got to come tour in Perth when you have finished in the studio, Metro Perth’s new EAW sound system is waiting for a Colminating!

  • vBeeeee

    Listened to this one late but once again amazing podcast Tony.

    Proper had me in fits at some points (no change there) Went a little mental when i heard you drop Mutated Forms however i did notice that you called it “Centuries” whereas im pretty sure the tracks called “Ready When You Are”

    Keep it comming :)


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