Hospital Podcast 106

February 12, 2010 in Podcast

The mighty hospital podcast returns, having been sitting at number 1 on the iTunes charts this week.

Thanks to all of you who subscribe, keep checking it out and keep buying the music.

This week we have new music from Kharm, Noisia and High Contrast on remix duty.


1. Kharm – White Picket Fences
2. Trei with Johnny Hooves – Body and Soul 2010
3. Lifestyle – Melon Colly
4. Noisia feat Foreign Beggers – Shell Shock
5. Tiesto feat Jonsi – Kaleidoscope (high Contrast remix)
6. Netsky – I Refuse (Shock One Remix)
7. Mode – Riley
8. Phace – Simplicity
9. London Elektricity – Song in the key of knife (2010 version)
10. Alaska – The Mesozonic Era

  • Plumbster

    Dear Tony- love it that Riley got his own special track this week….
    Also in true “the podcast is helping me through hard times fashion” I just wanted to say that the podcast is not getting me through hard times it is however bloody brilliant to revise to. I am taking loads of post graduate medical exams (I am an anaesthetist) and I spend a lot of time each week reading medical books- the podcast makes this a whole lot more bearable!

    Jamie Nottingham

  • Dugy09

    High contrast and tiesto that is beautifull.

  • andrewWYATT

    Hello Tony

    Dont Suppose You Give Give Me A Shout In The Next Podcast Please

    I have loved drum and bass the majoirty of my life and your podcasts are just epic

    I would be creaming for weeks if my name was mentioned in podcast 107 :)

    Andrew Wyatt

  • ap_wilson

    good podcast, loving the Netsky – I refuse (Shock One Remix), what a tune!! When’s the release date for b-complex rolling with the punches from podcast 105?

  • Swanvesta

    Hello Tony DE la Colman (french version)

    The Names Swanvest and just sent in pictures repping hospitality @ matter in la Malta . “ave it”


    should be called:
    **Natural Netsky Needs For SwanKind/Man Kind**

    Let me know tony if you like it?

    The Swanvest

  • blairt

    hey tony,

    blair from New Zealand here. I am currently living up in the North West of British Columbia in Canada living the ultimate ski bum life, getting out skiing nice deep powder every day. I love cranking some nice DnB tunes before ripping up the mountain, always gets me stoked and revved up to ski a nice line!

    Could you please give a shout out to all the kiwi lads from Palmy North in New Zealand who love the pod cast are over here in Canada living the winter dream!!

    That would be stellar!!! Always love the podcast and love everything DnB.

    Blair from NZ|! cheers

  • adz552

    Hi Tony
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give a shout to my girlfriend Anna on the next podcast. We went to hospitality in brighton last night and when you started your set with B-Complex beautiful lies you had her in tears of joy… its her favourite track. i think together you and me have converted her to drum and bass.

    i,ve had every podcast since podcast 50 and you rock it every time. thanks for keeping me sane while i stick it out in the army.

    P.s Now when we go to Hospitality Matter i have to propose… Do you wonna do a set an my wedding lol

    clarkee from brighton

  • McCluskey

    Tony, your podcasts are incredible please keep the tunes coming. also can you give a shout out to me and my mate muttley. If you could play song for my dog by bop you would be an even bigger legend, i am completely addicted to that song

  • daishitikkan

    Hi Tony!

    A huge hello to all the Hospital artist from Romania. To my shame, I’ve stumbled upon your podcast at the beginning of this year and I simply love it.

    Please give a shout to my lovely Julia who has to “bare” yet another wall-tearing set of sounds thanks to you.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Iain da goth

    Dr Tony
    in september of last year me and my friends ado and richie when to hospitality at warehouse project manchester, we had an amazing night and laughs all around. how ever it stated on the line up that you would be playing but you didnt leaving us all dissapointed, Recently the easter line ups for warehouse project were annouced and to our delight a hospitality was announced with you and netsky on the bill is this true? we’ll still be attending no matter what as we love all things hospital keep up the good work. Iain in da baff

  • MinervaMP

    Hi Tony,

    Im So happy that high contrast has remixed kaleidoscope by tiesto….

    its one of the best pieces of music tiesto has ever produced. im going to see him next month at brixton academy next month in preperation for this years Ibiza outings… gotta be done.

    the best part about this remix is that i can now drop a tune i absolutely adore into my sets….

    spot on contrast.

    when are hospitality coming out to ibiza again?

    that would be amazing.


    Thom Clarke

  • Swanvesta

    Hello Tony DE la Colman (french version)

    The Names Swanvest and just sent in pictures repping hospitality @ matter in la Malta . “ave it”


    should be called:
    **Natural Netsky Needs For SwanKind/Man Kind**

    Let me know tony if you like it?

    The Swanvest

  • Marshy

    Hello Tony!
    Just wanted to say sterling job on the podcasts and congratulations on being number 1 in the itunes chart – you’re a top embassador for the DnB world!
    Can you please give a shoutout on the next podcast to Notts University DJ Society, which we started a couple of months ago. We are all avid listeners and are teaching budding DJs about the world of drum n bass, and recommending the Hospital podcasts to all our members! Hoping to organise a big trip to Hospitality soon.
    Big love,

  • Dugy09

    alrite tony hows things? another briliant podcast as usual, how does netsky do it his tunes are all wicked. anyway i have a question for you.
    I recently found out that the medicine bar at custard factory in birmingham is closing and there doing an end of an era rave on the 3rd of april. your names on the lineup as is netskys can you confirm? because i thought you were only playing at matter, cheers. Dugy.



    Loving the podcasts I simply cannot get enough of them!! once Ive finished the latest one I go right back to first one I have (which is: number 95!)and start all over

    can i please get a massive shout out to my girlfriend Kate, who does not generally like DandB! im hoping maybe a shout out will help :P

    keep up the good work mate, all the way from South Australia


  • Dugy09

    wicked hopefully i can make it if im not workin its an amaizin lineup.

  • ben march


    been listening since podcast 92 but only just got an account on your website. Always enjoyed it, and share all the good tunes with my mates. 106 proper good as always, really loving the noisia and that track melon colly

    now me and my mate bob are travelling round the world for nearly 8 months, just started really in Japan for 2 weeks now, been listening to the podcast on the bullet train, watching the countryside speed by @270kph listening to crazy beats.

    if you could please give bob a shout out that would be sweet, cant wait to see him listening to his ipod and realise that your talking about him.

    amazing source of news on fresh music on the dnb scene, you know that if you want to put on some good sounds the podcast will always deliver

    so basically
    cheers mate!

  • londonelektricity

    yes dugy i’ll be there – doing a few regional shows in April!

  • LittleRaz

    Hey Tony, Love your podcasts great source of entertainment :)
    Can i get a shout out to all the
    “Spawn dnb/dubsetp” boys from Perth Western Australia.

  • phonografik

    Tony! I’ll keep my shout short and sweet. Where is Mistabishi these days?


  • Colak

    probably best not to call mr contrast “High conty” – Cont is the welsh word for c*nt…

  • londonelektricity

    Ryan – maybe you can tell me!

  • Shivaxi

    Wicked podcast as usual mate.

    And quite honestly, I think the 2010 version of “Song in the key of knife” was brilliant. Snare was fine in my opinion, and the pads as well. I absolutely love how the pads make the bass stand out. Could just be the low quality of the podcast that it sounds different to me, but if anything, I think the bass could be upped a tad. It was harder to hear compared to the rest of the tunes.

    Shame you’re not releasing that one…I think it’d be a big hit honestly. =)

  • Khav

    My names Khav!

    Im from sacramento CA and just recently started listening to drum and bass thanks to a friend of mine. I was wondering when the Bop remixes album was coming out cuz id really like to get it…

  • Jungle Bums Colorado


    I have been listening to the podcast for the last year and love it. In a time where jungle seems to be dying out locally the hospital podcast keeps me motivated to keep our night going and constantly search out new tunes and producers.

    Unfortunately one of our fellow jungle bums, who got me listening to the podcast initially, has had to go back to his hometown of Chicago where he has undergone two open heart surgeries in the past couple of months.

    Would you please give him a big shout on your next podcast for a full recovery? We miss him and hope he is able to come back to colorado soon.


  • groovelastig


    has anyone posted the link to the Tiesto / High Contrast remix yet? if not, here it is, if too, here it is again –

    MP3 direct link:

    via –



  • carter

    Mr. Elektricity,

    This is Carter from my home in Vancouver. Having a blast listening to Hospital Mix 8 during the games. GO CANADA!

    P.S. Any 2010 shows planned in my neck of the woods?

  • Swanvesta



    Swanvesta OUT!!

  • vBeeeee

    White Picket Fences! What a tune!

    Great podcast Tony!

    If pos can i give a shoutout to all those going to Matter on the 5th March especially Diva, Jojo, Kate & Adelaide!


  • Kiinnostus

    Aaw, no shouts this time? Also, Danny’s new album in September? Song in the key of knife 2010!? I loved that 2009-version from the summer’s podcast AWESOME!

  • Swanvesta

    Hello Tony DE la Colman (french version)

    The Names Swanvest and well i thought you needed to know how i feel about your recent records….

    THey are indeed



    should be called:
    **Natural Netsky Needs For SwanKind/Man Kind**

    Let me know tony if you like it??

    Also if you could give my ideas and me a SHOUTOUT would be much appreciated.

    The Swanvest
    & Nicole De la Buckett

  • Some Nerve

    A little Q&A with the LE man and his faithful deciples…

    Matter – what a legend venue for a night of D&B hedonism. How many bricks did it take to complete ??

    The answer is 1


    Big fan of all things hospital will start sending in some demos once they stop sounding average ..


    Some Nerve


    hey London can u give a shout out in Ur next podcast to myself and everyone who likes dnb in Canada and ravers that are thirteen. also could u give a shout out to my cousin Marla who introduced me to drum’n’bass and my best friend Nick who is my only friend who likes dnb

  • sk-tter

    Christ, Tony! I’m loving the new rework of Song in the Key of Knife! If you aren’t gonna be releasing this one (or the one from 6 months ago) I sure as hell hope you come back to (Sydney) Australia so I can hear it some more.
    The repeated broken chord on the violin at the start is bliss. Really liking the vocal, and the flute solo sounds as brilliant as ever. Can we expect any more reworks of older NHS tunes?


  • huichonacho

    please please please!!! big big big shout from tehuacan to u and all the d&b lovers… love your music… buena vibra!!!

  • JeremyKirkwood

    Hi my name is Jeremy Kirkwood and I’d like to give a shout out too two people who have introduced me to DnB. One comes from Las Vegas and is name is JR Lyles, and the other is my twin brother Ariel Kirkwood.

    Thank you very much :)

  • akirapilot

    Man, you didn’t read the entire shout out from Poddy 105, and that makes me a very explosive Nicaraguan from the U.S. Grrr. But I got my name shouted outs tho!!!!!!!!

  • Funk Acrylic

    Hey Tony,

    If Riley was an orphan I would probably adopt him. But with the amount of names he gets wrong on the i-gaps I would probably disown him on his 18th birthday. He could have my old clothes and a hot meal before he left though.

  • sean

    hey tony,
    just wanna say your podcast is absolutely amazing and has sucessfully swung me over to dnb and all things hospital. Anyways if you gave me a shout out it would make my day, big shout out to the whole notts uni crew and in particluar Harry, and also the boys back in Norwich (we’re not all inbred farmers like in Alan Partridge!). Yeh mate you’re a legend and keep it up dunno where id be without you.
    Sean from Nottingham x

  • Ollie Lysaght

    Hey Tony,

    are we going to see any of the hosital lot at Bestival 2010?

    You know you want to :) your set last year was amazing dude



  • spongey

    Evening Tony,

    Got hauled back into the dnb scene by a good friend of mine Jim, and went to the first Hospitality @ matter last March and have been a regular ever since!

    Loving the podcasts, you do make me chuckle! And loving those siick chooooons you blast out!

    Looking forward to yet another sold out Matter this Friday, I’ll be on the top floor dancing my ass off on the flashing dance floor!

  • norfy73

    Cheers for the top podcasts Tony,they’ve not got me through tough times but they making driving on the M25 a damn site more tolerable !! three requests, last year you jokingly mentioned doing a proper long podcast for those of us stupid enough to be training for/running marathons … any odds ? secondly you recently mentioned a link to some of the older podcasts (my itunes deleted a load and I’d love to go back in time a bit) can’t seem to find it ? and lastly any chance of getting a ‘rant’s page added to the colminator iphone app, that one about prizes at school had my missus in stitches !!

    Keep up the good work.


  • djpittster

    Hey Tony, I like the show, its great. You should check this out, it makes me think of those people who treat drum and bass as a religion.

    Also I have a merchandise idea for you, fleece (about 100% polyester) hoodies. They may cost more, but they are more durable than cotten, and look real good too. You should put the Hospital logo on Black or White fleece hoodies and get some rave colors like neon orange and green, and since they are fleece they will stand out better under those black lights in the clubs.

  • Harriette

    Hey Tony,

    Could you give a shout out to Busking Cancer on the next podcast please?

    Its a great cause and lots of fun for people to get involved with.

    Seeing as you mentioned busking on the last one I thought it was worth a shot!

    Thanks Tony & thanks for the great set at rammed Matter on Friday!

    Harriette. x

  • Laird T

    Your podcasts have got me through some…….FUCK that shit! What is with these people D&B allways makes me feel good! Whether its beautiful tunes like “one second” or dark moody bass lines that make you want to explode on the dance floor ;) My 6yr old son Tyler loves his D&B too, he has listend to it since he was in the womb (coz i tump my tunes) and plays my cd’s every night to get him to sleep. Tyler has got a dance comp coming up and it would be fantastic if you could wish him good luck in your nxt podcast, he’s a true raver in the making so please give us a shout out and keep up the good work. All the best Tony and Tyler Matthews. Castle vale. P.s let Riley on the mic lol

  • chrislanglaysmith

    could you please shout out to my friend.

    he was walking down the road and got ram records by a car. we lifted music him up and then a spearhead records came out of nowhere and hit him right in the metalheadz. he went to hospital records and was in a critical recordings state. his life recordings was in jeopardy. after he gave his signature recordings to his lawyer he was let out to have some ganja records. drum and bass got him through this dramatic event. thank you
    chris langlay-smith

  • banksy

    shout to the chairman, better out than in fella!

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