Hospital Podcast 107

February 26, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity returns with a barrage of great tracks this week on the Hospital Podcast.

New music from Medschool’s “New Blood 010″ release, as well as huge tracks from Netsky, Sunchase and Camo + Krooked. The show also features the huge “Piano Anthem” by Sonic which is out now on the Hospital Shop.


1. Camo + Krooked – Turn Up (The Music)
2. DJ Madd – Don’t Want To Be
3. Spor – Overdue
4. Blue Motion – Only Words
5. Kabuki FEAT Jenna G – Just Hold On (serum remix)
6. Netsky – Memory Lane
7. Sonic – Piano Anthem
8. Sinistarr – Anorak – Lynx Remix
9. Sunchase – Moulded
10. Pryzma – Ufology
11. DKay and Raw.Full – Directions

  • McCluskey

    yo tony, cheers for the shout dude! that was another beautiful podcast mate and i was so happy to hear piano anthem in it! could you please please please give a shout to me, my mate muttley and my legend of a photography teacher ryan butler! one final request, i know you’ve been playing sweet harmony by danny byrd alot recently but if you could squeeze it in one more time you would be a complete hero because fucking love the piano bangers down here x

  • Saaaam

    Hey Tony, been listening for a while now and I’m totally hooked on the hospital release skills! Massively looking forward to Netsky in Brighton at hospitality and his album release I think? Siiick!

    Anyway was wondering if I could get a shout out to Dripsy Cats, for the total jokes she provides.

    Cheers Sam

  • undef

    it is possible to download podcast or when i can hear it?

  • Gizm0

    Yo Tony,
    Podcast are as good as always if not better, masterly!

    Looking forward to the new upcoming releases, especially new album from Netsky and S!ck music II.
    Cant get over to Hospitality for the 5th so were going to our own Dnb night here in Enschede with Matrix & Futurebound and Black Sun Empire. Gonna be savage.
    Peace out & greetings straight outta Holland

  • Oliver

    Hey Tony,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the shout on Podcast 105! I just spent up large on the Hospital shop, buying up all Logistics’, Cyantific’s, and Danny Byrd’s previous releases. I tried to get Nu:Tone and London Elektricity but most of the ones I wanted are out of stock! Any chance they’ll be back in stock on CD soon?

    Also pre-ordered New Blood 010, recently purchased Crash, Bang, Wallop! and apparently I’m getting a Hospital T-Shirt for my birthday next Monday (8th March).

    Anyway, I gotta say keep it up. I want to keep spending my money at the Hospital shop!

    Oliver from New Zealand.

  • Chalex

    Sick podcast, listenning to it (probably to loud) in the library doing my degree work. I’m having some trouble with some artist names. Camo & Krooked: is it spelt with a C instead of a K or what. Theres loads of stuff across the internet with it spelt either way. And is the epic artist pronounced as Netski or netsky. Logic dictates the last one, but with these foriegn producers its getting hard to tell.
    Anyways keep up the good work, im sure ill be irritating fellow library users for years to come.


    hey London can u give a shout out in Ur next podcast to myself and everyone who likes dnb in Canada and ravers that are thirteen. also could u give a shout out to my cousin Marla who introduced me to drum’n’bass and my best friend Nick who is my only friend who likes dnb

  • spongey

    Hospital shop request!!

    I’m quite serious about this one…
    having a kid later this year, and my mrs wants to get a fancy changing bag with pretty flowers….

    Lets face it, it won’t go with my Hospital T’s!!!

    Any chance of a record bag/changing bag being made up!?

  • siwak35

    hi mr elek was wondering if you could shout out my friend tim who is ill at the moment it would cheer him up cause he is the person i usally go to hospital nights with him and he wont be going out to hospitilize himself for a while and i know he is a bit down at the moment and this would be perfect to cheer him up ill miss you partner simon

  • londonelektricity

    lol changing bag!

  • norfy73

    Cheers for the top podcasts Tony,they’ve not got me through tough times but they making driving on the M25 a damn site more tolerable !! three requests, last year you jokingly mentioned doing a proper long podcast for those of us stupid enough to be training for/running marathons … any odds ? secondly you recently mentioned a link to some of the older podcasts (my itunes deleted a load and I’d love to go back in time a bit) can’t seem to find it ? and lastly any chance of getting a ‘rant’s page added to the colminator iphone app, that one about prizes at school had my missus in stitches !!

    Keep up the good work.


  • DiscoBuscuit

    Yes tony smashing up the podcast as always, netsky and danny byrd are tearing it up to, cant wait for 108.
    Just wondering when you and the rest of the hospital label are going to be up Bristol next for a big night,
    and a messive SHOUT OUT to all the hospital fans up here at UWE in Bristol!!

  • djpittster

    Hey Tony, I like the show, its great. You should check this out, it makes me think of those people who treat drum and bass as a religion.

    Also I have a merchandise idea for you, fleece (about 100% polyester) hoodies. They may cost more, but they are more durable than cotten, and look real good too. You should put the Hospital logo on Black or White fleece hoodies and get some rave colors like neon orange and green, and since they are fleece they will stand out better under those black lights in the clubs.

  • Duct

    Hi Tony,

    i have been listening to your podcasts for a damn long time now, always enjoyed it! So first of al thanks! I have always enjoyed the drum’n bass scene and so, but here in Belgium i have the feeling dubstep is taking over the scene in general, i know there are a couple of new, huge tracks out now (and coming ). But i wanted to know what do you think of it? Is dubstep taking over? ..or is it just me seeing things wrong? :)

    Take care, and keep the podcasts coming!

    Dimitry from Belgium

    By the way, could you shout out my girlfriend sophie and myself? thanks!

  • horse_meat

    Hey Tony loving this weeks podcast really smacked it droppin netsky and camo & krooked.
    lets here some muffler on the next one! Embrace is a quality track if your feeling for it.
    thanks, James in Londonnnnnnn

  • junkstar

    Yo Tony, me and my mate are in the French Alps for the season and are also craving drum and bass massively. There have been numerous complaints and threats in our building for music being too loud, seems evident the French don’t appreciate it in the same way. Whenever we go out we just hear crap music and cannot wait to get back in May for a proper filthy session at Matter!

    Keep it coming!
    Lawrence & Nate

  • pumptronics

    Matter last night Tony! My eyes are like piss holes in the snow this morning. My first time there. Wicked sound system, great crowd, sweet sets. Loved your 100m sprint round the decks! Thanks for bringing us a great night. m

  • Saaaam

    Yesss Tony! I know I already commented earlier saying how great hospital is and asking for a shout but last night (was a birthday present for Dripsy Cats)….. That was something else. When Danny Byrd dropped Red Mist it was too good, I was soaked in sweat jumping about to those tunes!

    So much love for the Hospital peeps.

  • zosia_zosia

    Alright Tony

    Would love a shout out on the next podcast for Zosia, Charlotte, Ieva, Freya and Ella. We all went to hospitals first birthday at matter and happily were aching the next day, though the moves you were cutting on stage were pretty enviable!

    Absolutely loving turn up the music by camo and krooked at the moment, that tune went down a treat on friday :) fits in perfectly with these crisp pre-spring sunny days.

    BIG love

  • Alex Gash

    Hey tony

    I got into this serious liquid funk about the same time I got into surfing, recently advancements in technology now allow me to do both in the water, this makes me happy!!!! hospitals podcasts help me get through a three hour surf session in near freezing sea water.

    I am a true drum and bass head and am looking forward to seeing you at matter in a next month.

    ( on the matter of merchandise rubber band like the ones for help for heroes, these can be alternated with name of venue Hospitality for example Matter 5th of january) so on and so forth.

    Which was one of my first ever hospitality gigs i ever went to.

  • Booker

    Hi Tony!

    Loving what the podcast has to offer! I do a marketing degree and can honestly say that your podcast is a quality idea for getting drum & bass on the map!

    Just seen that you have announced hospitality at Digital Newcastle! Will be there without a shadow of a doubt! When will the line up be announced?

    Just wondering when we can expect to hear some more tunes from Randomer? I’m loving his techy sound and cant wait to hear more!

    Cheers, Booker

  • cpfcwill

    Hi Tony

    Just wanted to say how awesome the podcast is. Its such a good source to keep up to date with latest D n B and what Hospital has to offer.

    I have been listening to the podcast for over a year now and it has certainly changed my look on music as a whole. I used to just be into rock but for some reason the podcast has turned me into a massive D n B head!

    I recently bought a Hospital t-shirt. I wore this to school and I have suddenly found lots more people interested in Hospital Records that I would never of thought!

    Anyway can I get a massive shout out for campaigning D n B throughout my school and to my mate Joss who keeps banging out the Hospital chooons wherever possible!

    Keep up the good work! ;)

    Will in the Lake “Jungle” District

  • RaWW

    Alright Tony,

    I know there are most likely some other great podcasts out there, but Hospital Records is the only one you’ll find on my itunes…and its all I need!

    I would love to hear you give my raving buddy Mark and I (Rowan) a shout if possible. We loved up the last two matters and vow not to miss any in 2010! This would also be the reason for my recent instalment of black out blinds in my room – perfect for the morning after a wicked night!

    Just like to mention, as a fellow producer, that it was a pleasure attending the Hospitality Q+A+E before matter…what a brilliant idea! Look forward to the next!

    Take it easy T,


  • osho

    To everyone at Hospital

    I just wanted to say a big thanks, for the amount of input you have had in the last couple of years of my life. You have influenced the music that slips onto my Ipod.

    you’ve introduced me to loads of artists from across the globe, as well as keeping me informed on all the spin off’s of drum and bass. mainly burial-step.

    I doubt if you remember Tony, but i was working at LetsGoCrazy @ Fire all that times ago, I was the small Techy lad. I probably said some appreciative words to you.

    I’m still not 18 yet, but if you would kindly oblige and book a Hospitality anytime after the 10th of August and i will be there.

    Keep the Podcasts flowing.

    Osho. London

  • JessieB

    loving the uplifting sounds of Camo & Krooked currently listing to them now, they make my heart beat, send my mind somewhere else
    currenty getting pumped to see them this sunday – on a boat cruising around sydney harbor!
    dont get too jealous now.
    (almost a little hypocritical because every time u talk about the Hospitality nights out in the UK it hurts i can not commprihend seeing you, Netsky, logistics, danny bird, high contrast, noisa the list could go on FOREVER all on the one night- it seems like a dream.)
    would there ever be a chance ud bring one to sydney!? (just a little heads up Home night club is nice and big!)
    when i first got into DnB it was around podcast 70. when i saw u in kings cross i cried – Just One Second was the first DnB tune i heard and i fell in love.
    back then there were two promoters of DnB – Bass drop & No Frills & Locus.
    now Lockdown has been brought back, bass drop moved to a bigger club, and there are a few locas putting on smaller events like bassfreqs – people are beginning to notice + the lovers of DnB are expanding!
    anyways i must get back to doing my home work!!
    keep up the AMAZING work and good luck with ur album!

    will always love the beauty and richness that dnb is all about..


  • Kiinnostus

    Link to the HosPod Archive, somebody asked it? Not mine, just found it and decided to link it here…

    Also am I disgusting? :C

  • londonelektricity

    thanks kiinnostus. are you disgusting? i doubt it.

  • bom tailey

    hey tony loving the podcasts keep up the good work just became the priviliged owner of crash bang wollop and clear your mind loving the old russian states dNB at the moment cant wait to see whats in store for 2010 ..

  • Jake ekaJ

    New podcast was awesome, I can’t wait for Sick Music 2, Mufflers tune is too good. Finns make the best dnb :) Also Kiinnostus, the disgusting guy is also Finnish so that might explain something. Shout out for him!

  • Kiinnostus

    Shut up, you’re disgusting! :D

    Nah, I love you.

  • GeorgeGoodwin

    Been listening to the podcast for a long time, love listening to it after a long week a uni. Can’t wait for my first Matter next week!! Shout out, for me and my fellow podcast listener Will fisher and all of the Gibraltar crew!

  • Charlie

    Dear Tony,

    this is Charlie – just to say I absolutely ADORE your podcast (been listening since #94) and that I’ve bought my ticket to the Under the Radar set you’re doing at Matter in April! It’ll be the first drum and bass mashup I’ve been to – cannot. bloody. wait. Spreading the gospel of drum and bass at my school (postcode SL4 6DW…) is hard but I’ve managed to gain a few converts!
    Also, I know you have to give loads of shout-outs but could I please get one to Billy and Townie on the next podcast, please? Can’t wait for April :)

    Mad love

  • katalyst

    And the neighbour shall forever remain a mystery.

  • donaldj

    Thanks for the shout out! You guys rock!

    I actually buy three copies of your releases over the various formats though and not just the vinyl. I’ll usually buy the downloads as .wavs on release day from beatport or or I’ll pre order the CDs from you guys and then I’ll order all the 12″s from you guys, red eye or here locally in Los Angeles. I’d say I do have doubles of alot of the vinyl releases though just because I’ll run into used copies here locally and I’ll pick them up. I have doubles of more than half of High Contrast’s stuff on 12″.

  • Rev. J. Painbringer

    Started listening recently and can’t get enough. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Much love from across the pond,

  • Rev. J. Painbringer



  • leybht


    was class on friday. thought that DKay and Raw Full tune went down a treat. loved the whole night, was brilliant to see john b too.

    do you (or anyone else on here) know what that tune high contrast finished with is called? my mate reckoned it sampled some kind of ‘stand by me’ vocals – though not from the film or song.

    anyway, sick tunes, keep it up!


  • Swanvesta

    YoHo There Mr Might London ELek!”

    Attended the Destruction that was Hospitality at Matter… IT was how shall i say “ABSOlUTELY SICKK…”

    Got the New mAtter t-shirt (PINK’d Up)

    Thought that everyone put on an ULTIMATE show. IT just got better and better.

    You had a Banging Set, Danny B “Meistro” SIk set & Nu:LogigB2b was also Ultimacy!

    JOHNNN B you SMashed it!

    The Swanvest Loved IT (In His ELEMENT)!!

    Shout Out for Matter Crew! (The Swanvest,LeeOften & The Knightster”

  • Harriette

    Hey Tony,

    Could you give a shout out to Busking Cancer on the next podcast please?

    Its a great cause and lots of fun for people to get involved with.

    Seeing as you mentioned busking on the last one I thought it was worth a shot!

    Thanks Tony & thanks for the great set at rammed Matter on Friday!

    Harriette. x

  • Plumbster


    After 4 years of listening I finally got a shout out last week thanks man!!!

    I would totally buy a hospital sweat band.. when will they be available? It would even tempt me to start racing half marathons again just so I could wear them.

    When is the Jonny L track that you played on cast 105 out?

    Jamie Nottingham

  • Swanvesta

    YoHo There Mr Might London ELek!”

    Attended the Destruction that was Hospitality at Matter… IT was how shall i say “ABSOlUTELY SICKK…”

    Got the New mAtter t-shirt (PINK’d Up)

    Thought that everyone put on an ULTIMATE show. IT just got better and better.

    You had a Banging Set, Danny B “Meistro” SIk set & Nu:LogigB2b was also Ultimacy!

    JOHNNN B you SMashed it!

    The Swanvest Loved IT (In His ELEMENT)!!

    Shout Out for Matter Crew! (The Swanvest,LeeOften & The Knightster”

  • emma_xo

    Hey Tony,
    Emma and Ruby from New Zealand here. Could we possibly get a shout out to Ben, Alex and Dylan, without whom, we’d have never found out how amazing Drum and Bass is.
    Big ups on the podcast and carry on doing a great job (: 

  • Pfhor

    Easy Tony,

    I just got back from a long day on the slopes (sorry Tony), which I spent snowboarding while listening to the Hospital Podcast.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say that DKay and Rawfull – Directions was bloody brilliant. Screw what the Tomahawk says, keep playing Sick Music 2 tracks!

    That tune was hot hot hot. Hairs on the back of the neck time indeed.

    Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for Sick Music 2!

  • maxi

    Dear Tony,

    After hearing about all these people who travel hundreds of miles to get to Hospital events I feel like even more of a mug for getting to Matter at 4.30 on Friday. I’m only glad we didn’t miss John B doing the robot.

    Snowbombing last year was the most incredible week but wouldn’t have been half as good without you lot there! Any plans to do it ever again?

    Big love to the chairman, lady colminator and everyone at Hospital,


    P.S. I’d love to get a shout out to James whos is so jealous of my jungle music oyster card holder that he refuses to travel on the tube with me anymore.

    P.P.S. You chould call your best of album ‘Colmanation’ hahaaa

  • Sly


    Hospitality at Matter was INSANE! Can’t wait for the next one! Could I please get a shout out to my mate Broom who couldn’t make it to the event. Thanks!


  • mammelon

    Hi Tony

    Podcast is awesome as always. But the reason i’m writing is i heard a wicked tune @ Balou. Muffler playd the white stripes icky thump dnb remixd (i belive it’s the upbeats remix or something) and it’s absolutely the best tune i’ve ever heart! So i really want to hear it again, buy it, listen the hell out of it, but it isn’t released. WHY? Could you do something about it?
    Oh, and you could give a shout out to my friend Magnus from Tallinn, who has a birthday today (11.03) and all the main junglists in Tallinn Estonia.
    And thank you of course for the great music and podcast. I’m eagarly waiting for the release of sick music 2.


  • obidel

    belting release…congratson the podcast, gets my podgy arse around my gym sess, or run in no time. trying to get themissus into the sound, so we can both enjoy…

  • Swanvesta

    YoHo There Mr Might London ELek!”

    Attended the Destruction that was Hospitality at Matter… IT was how shall i say “ABSOlUTELY SICKK…”

    Got the New mAtter t-shirt (PINK’d Up)

    Thought that everyone put on an ULTIMATE show. IT just got better and better.

    You had a Banging Set, Danny B “Meistro” SIk set & Nu:LogigB2b was also Ultimacy!

    JOHNNN B you SMashed it!

    The Swanvest Loved IT (In His ELEMENT)!!

    Shout Out for Matter Crew! (The Swanvest,LeeOften & The Knightster”

  • Equiinoxz

    Hey Tony,

    Please could you give a shoutout to me, I’ve just started listening to the Podcast and it’s inspired me to get into Vinyl, i recently bought my first one, the Sick Music 2 sampler and absolutely love it. Carry on with the amazing Podcasts!

    Ben :)

  • susiqx

    Hi Tony

    Please can you give a shout out to me and my boyfriend Denny because we think you and your podcast are super duper. We have both agreed that you would DEFIANTLY be invited to our fantasy dinner party. Hope you got rid of the sick smell in your studio you need to wash it with white vinegar. Love and sunshine Susie and Den

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