Hospital Podcast 108 “New Blood” Special

March 12, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity presents a special podcast this week focusing on Medschool’s awesome new complilation “New Blood 010″.

Synkro, Circa, Joe Syntax and So:Flow all joined Tony in the studio to chat about the release and lots more.

Grab “New Blood 010″ now on the Hospital Shop.


1. So:Flow – Long Way Over
2. Circa – Ida
3. Joe Syntax – Expectra
4. Anthony and Johnsons – DNB Bootleg
5. Derrick, Tonika + Implex – Personal Diving
6. Your Revolution – Reso Remix
7. Synkro – Departure
8. D-Bridge – The Question
9. Circa – Zone
10. – Blokhea4d – Full Circle
11. Synkro – Letting Go – D – Bridge Remix
12. Subwave – I Need (Bop Remix)
13. Joe Syntax – Sensory
14. Helios – First Dream Called Ocean – Stray Remix


  • sheddd

    finaly made an account!!
    bene following podcast and a fan since number 27 ha.
    love it!!
    as were talking new merch, car stickers and the likes!?

    think some would look sweet om my classic mini!

    keep up the work dude’s!

    Sheddd x

  • Swanvesta

    YoHo There Mr Might London ELek!”

    Attended the Destruction that was Hospitality at Matter… IT was how shall i say “ABSOlUTELY SICKK…”

    Got the New mAtter t-shirt (PINK’d Up)

    Thought that everyone put on an ULTIMATE show. IT just got better and better.

    You had a Banging Set, Danny B “Meistro” SIk set & Nu:LogigB2b was also Ultimacy!

    JOHNNN B you SMashed it!

    The Swanvest Loved IT (In His ELEMENT)!!

    Shout Out for Matter Crew! (The Swanvest,LeeOften & The Knightster”

  • Snoa

    Hey tony,

    just injected some new blood 010 into my iPod. I have to say it’s very easy to listen to on the train home. Proper proper music. Shout outs to all the Sydney dexus crew; beast, hollyelles and Jeramy.


  • shaneisgreat

    Hey Tony,

    Just bought New Blood. Outstanding! I feel the same way about it as I did when I picked up Reality Checkpoint, mesmeric, every tune, beautiful album.

    You were too good at Matter, wicked night. Please, please, please play Bestival this year. I know the Contrast and Wrec are going, so just hop on the coach/ferry with them and maybe drag Logi, Netsky etc on aswell!

    Let me know man, you know you want to.


  • JessieB

    dear tony.
    on hos pod 108 u said there was a post all about SYDNEY
    and gave a shout out to “martin” as u said u were not reading it cause it was too long..

    but id put on my life i wrote it on the 107 blog and my name is jessica.. not martin!!!
    should i blame riley for that mistake?!

  • siwak35

    hi tony thanks for your shout out to tim it did cheer him up likeing pure blood its different but good have you ever heard of a ODP they are medical technisions that work solely in operating theatres thought you maybe able to use it some where as its hospital we are called odps which stands for operating department practitioners a usefull bit of info for you simon thanks

  • londonelektricity

    no blame me i do the shouts. not very well!

  • sammy lang

    Tony, nice bloodcast, cant wait to get my hands on new blood

    listening to this podcast got me thinking, next time you have a crowd in the podcast, a video podcast would be pretty sweet

    just a thought…

  • Swanvesta

    YoHo There Mr Mighty London ELek!”

    Attended the Destruction that was Hospitality at Matter… IT was how shall i say “ABSOlUTELY SICKK…”

    Got the New mAtter t-shirt (PINK’d Up)

    Thought that everyone put on an ULTIMATE show. IT just got better and better.

    You had a Banging Set, Danny B “Meistro” SIk set & Nu:LogigB2b was also Ultimacy!

    JOHNNN B you SMashed it!

    The Swanvest Loved IT (In His ELEMENT)!!

    Shout Out for Matter Crew! (The Swanvest,LeeOften & The Knightster”

  • matt sentance

    Eze Tony,

    Loving the podcasts as always, keeps me going many a time while out and about in the big bad world. Could you give a big shout out to my girl Zoe K Fox who has just been granted a 6 month fashion work placement in New York City. We both love the Hospital vibes and it would make her day to get her a shout to congratulate her. Looking forward to seeing yourself and the Hospital crew spin the decks at Detonate this friday nite gonna be huge. Big respect to the Hospital family


  • scottsinhk


    Hey Tony,

    I’ve recently moved out to Hong Kong and your Podcasts are like a UK Relief Package expertly delivered by your dulcet tones and quality DnB vibes.

    Time to run a VOCALCAST with some of the Hospital featured vocalists including Wrec (if you pay him obviously), Zariff, Lianne Carol, Elsa Hedberg, etc. We hear a lot about the producers at Hospital but time to give the vocalists some love me thinks!

    Shouts to DJ Keefos and the Crawley Home Town crew.

    Big love,


  • Plumbster

    Tony- this is a bit late but I just found this so funny… from 108- ‘ I’m Jack Bailey from Derby in Sheffield’ now I’m no geographer but Derby is in Derbyshire last time I looked not Sheffield! Sort these youths out!!! Good tunes though so not bothered if their geography is a bit out….

  • spike


    great podcast – great album. Awesome stuff – I love hearing about the artist backgrounds on the podcast. Much like the sickcast (nr 90) – my favorite one !
    I bought the album and I love it – especially the Synkro and So:Flow drums. Excellent !

  • freakzoid

    i missed out this podcast, but nowi step back and i was listening this and now iam in love with Ida by Circa.. amazing tune =)

  • acolmer

    Yes our kid. Looking forward to seeing you at either the Busan or Seoul gigs (lets hope I have a day off around one of them). Can you please Big up Benny C, wish him luck from me in the South West DNB awards, wish I was there for it. Check him out if you don’t know him!

    Get On! Alex

  • roobb

    Hi Tony, um im trying to send you a couple tunes through AIM Messenger but when i type the screen name it doesnt appear, ive really resisted e-mailing them to you, as you go on about it lol. So can you fix it, thanks

    Huge love, Robert

  • londonelektricity


  • TripleBypass

    Yo Tony,

    Nice to here the MedSchool fellas and some of their soulful tuneage. Killer H-cast as Always! I cannot get enough of the Helios track, probably my favorite track of the year so far, a=or maybe Camo & Krooked’s Mindset!

    I will have my buddy work on a Hospital Gnome and get you some artwork in the next few weeks!


  • londonelektricity

    ez triple! couldn’t agree more. bringeth on the gnome!

  • MacCrockett

    Thanks for another fine podcast..”Come on guys, give ‘em a big awww”

    My good friend and I walked around my neighborhood in the wee hours a week ago with my very nice set of headphones thoroughly enjoying podcast on high blast whilst thoroughly altered on an old fine rave favorite. Kudos to you and yours and everyone’s music featured on the podcast…

    “2010 stop winjing!”

    Careful to the 13 yr old canadian raver massive…but it is better than television!

  • McCluskey

    That was another beautiful podcast Tony! loads of love to the lads who joined you in the studio too. Can you please please please give a shout out to my mate Muttley and my legend of a photography teacher Ryan

  • londonphoto

    Hello Tony & podcast team,

    Must say a big thanks to you guys for the ongoing extremely high level of d&b over the weeks-months since the new year.

    I have been travelling around asia and was welcomed when I returned home to 4 podcasts all containing absolute belters.

    The Above & Beyond album was another bundle of gems that had to be purchased, I have so far only got to track 4 as I have the previous tracks on constant repeat, they are that good.

    keep up the outstanding work-



  • tosch

    Hi Tony,

    my name is Torsten i am from Dresden/Germany and i would like to say, that i don’t like, but love your podcast. :)
    I have been listening to almost every episode since #44 in 2007 and it’s definitily the #1 podcast.

    Thanks for the “Hospital Podcast 108 New Blood Medschool Special”. Cause i can’t wait to listen to my copy of “New blood” which is on the way to me.

    Bye and keep on broadcasting…tOSCh

  • JessieB

    dear tony.
    some scary things are going on, was killing for a new podcast.. and there was one!! made my day!!!
    just finished listening to it,, was very nice, something beautiful to relax to and change the mind frame… loved D-bridge – the Question!

    also Krooked is NOT in australia!!!!! – its just camo & well.., camo!! – please let him know i was devastated that he didnt play “mindset” “skylined” OR “turn up the music” in full, maybe only a 30sec snippet cut and mixed in and i was ACHING to hear at least one of them nice and loud in an amazing atmosphere.. ( they day was still off tap, amazing, went beyond my expectations and he did do an amazing job.. but stil!!!)

    cant wait for the next one!

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