Hospital Podcast 110

April 1, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back with a brand new podcast previewing the awesome Sick Music 2 album coming out 26/04/10 on Hospital.

New tracks also from Reso, Nu:tone, Xample + Lomax and more.

Pre-Order Sick Music 2 now on the Hospital Shop.


1. Sonic – All I Wanna Do
2. BCEE – Mr Bidigun – Total Science rmx
3. Wilkinson – Hypnosisi
4. Nu Tone – Get Hyper
5. IllSkillz – Directions
6. Klute – Fools Love
7. London Elektricity – Bare Religion – Subwave Remix
8. Xample and Lomax – Rushing Dragon
9. Reso – Slap Chop
10. Enei – Atlantis
11. S.I.N – Make Me Happy


  • Nick S

    Massive love to Hospital.

    I was just thinking, what with ‘summer sun’ fast approaching (hopefully), why not make some Hospital beach-towels?

  • Morgan Davies

    hi tony
    was wondering if you could give a huge shout out to my girl friend jade for buying me a ticket for the hospitality in cardiff on the 24th of april for my 18th birthday which is on the 20th of april, can’t wait to see you, high contrast, david rodigan and breakage!

    thanks, morgan

  • Butcher

    Siick indeed.

    Thanks for the musical panacea. Any chance you could bring me some of your Colman’s English mustard for me sausages when you visit South korea? can’t get your brand here, only the french stuff.

    Also a shout out to the British, ozzy, sewth efricken and kiwi ex pats over here would be nice thanx ta.

  • Gizm0

    Wiicked tunes, cant wait for my copy of S!ck Music II to arrive, Thanks for the shout just not sure what you meant with ‘ah your from the Netherlands say no more’ Ill assume that was a good thing.
    What about a Hospital H style bottle opener like a key chain and bottle opener all in one? Thatd be well handy and everyone would be representing whilst enjoying there favourite beverage. Thumbs up,

  • guido-daido

    Matrix, Futurebound, L.A.O.S and ShockOne all dropped Camo & Krooked ‘Turn up the music’ at least twice in every set last night at the ‘Easter Weekender’!!! FARKIN AMAZING!!!

    Bring on Sick Music 2!!

    Guy from Christchurch NZ

    P.S. Cant wait till you come out here!!

  • freakzoid

    happy easter to you’ll hospitalaholics. :)

  • Tarakan


    Just finished listening to the 110, good stuff..
    Anyway, I just wanted to correct you real quick – There aren’t TWO Tallinn’s in Estonia.
    Tallin is a common misspelling of Tallinn. Just one of those here, it’s also the capital.
    I’m pretty sure you’ve been to Tartu also and might have gotten the two confused.. Although, I don’t know how..

  • robzilla

    merch idea… bumper stickers/surf/skate board stickers

    would be kick ass to have the hospital logo on my surfboard

    peace out

  • londonelektricity

    yeah. could be that. or the vodka.

  • Enigma

    Amazing Podcast!

    New listener (since nº106).

    At first I could stop thinking ” why doesn’t this guy shut up”, now a actually enjoy your lecture :D

    Big ups to the “sick” Chairman.

    Anxiously waiting for nº111.

    P.S: Lala song is amazingly annoying Tony.


  • Mechanix

    psyched for Sick Music 2

  • SpiredArc

    I just listened to all the previews to Sick Music 2 on and I have to say it sounds like you Smashed it (the good kind of smashing). I’m really, really looking forward to the 26th now. I get out of school for the summer on that same day, also. so it will be a coincidental celebratory gift.

  • freakzoid

    speaking in merch.. i received my Eye Test Black tshirt today!! great stuff, thx for the flyers.. unfortunately i CANT go to the party because iam @ Portugal :(

    when a hospitality here in Portugal? :)

  • campbellWinter

    Hey Tony,

    Been through tough times loosing my best friend in a stag party (Showt Out to Pony) RIP Mate.

    Have been made redundant for the 3rd time in my job in New Zealand.

    Just want to thank you for the podcast and keeping my spirits high.

    I enjoy your stories and im half British any way thanks mum for the passport im going back to my roots

    P.s I enjoyed your gig at Zen in Auckland would be good to see you on the decks again soon.

    Campbell Winter —–New Zealand

  • brighter.than.sun

    Great podcast, Tony.
    Especially loved new Klute’s track.

    Any chance we are seeing you in Ukraine in 2010? I’m still living with memories of your gig in Kiev sitting strongly in my heart =)

    Anyways, best wishes to whole Hospital Family and to the Colmans, of course =)

  • JamesP93

    Hi Tony!!!

    I recently turned 17 and have just started driving! Big fan of the podcast and all of Hospital’s artists. I was out and about in my car the other day, and I said i’d drive my mum to the shops. On the way I introduced her to the podcast, and drum and bass for the first time. Needless to say she was shocked, “who is this man?!” she cried! However, I was getting picked up from my friends house later that week, and as I sat down in the car and turned up the radio, to my delight I heard the one and only MRSA! My mum is now a fan of the podcast, and my world is a better place. Also woud like to ask what the new shouts song is you play? Im a big fan of the yodeling…


  • eManZero


  • Burt Reynolds

    S.I.N tack is amazing and a cracking Poscast all in all. Tidy work there Tony

  • scott b

    Tony please tell us more about S.I.N! Make Me Happy is such an amazing and inspirational tune and we’re all curious to see what else this artist can do.

  • Inger Bennerson

    I really must make the comment that it’s very refreshing to come across a somewhat ‘different’ blog like this, excellent effort. I expect I’ll be coming back again soon and I look forward to reading your next post when I do.

  • Kiinnostus

    S.I.N – Make Me Happy

    That was so relaxing…

  • aer0

    Greetings from all the way over in New Zealand!
    Firstly a huge thank your to yourself and all of the Hospital crew :)

    Your story in podcast 109 about The Chairman being sick is something i can completely relate to, i have a 6 year old son Bailey and a 14 month old daughter Ella. Bailey is a pro “sickie puller” and will do almost anything to get out of having a bath or going to bed on time.

    Anyways thank you for helping support Drum and Bass in New Zealand we have some amazing producers and DJ’s here and having them on albums such as Sick Music does good things for our country!

    If i could get a shout on the next podcast for my partner Jane, our childern Bailey and Ella that would be awesome :)

    Cheers and long live vinyl.

    p.s. see you in June I hope!

  • Oliver

    Another great podcast! Should have been expecting more Trololol but when it came on I still cracked up. Loving New Blood 010, and seriously looking forward to Sick Music 2 which I preordered as soon as it hit the shop.

    Thanks for my second shout in podcast 108 by the way! My girlfriend Rebekah is getting well jealous.

    Anyway keep it up, 2010 is going to be big! Like aer0 below me, I’m hugely looking forward to seeing you live in June (hopefully)!

    Oliver from New Zealand.

  • Thom

    I won’t lie to you Tony, when ‘All I Wanna Do’ dropped it reminded me how great it feels to be alive! MASSIVE shout out to my wing man M-Train who made it to Hospitality despite dislocating his knee-cap the night before. Major props. Cheers for keeping drum & bass well and truly alive.

  • cpfcwill

    Sup London Elek

    Just been listening to the latest podcast and you mentioned suggestions for new products for the hospital shop! As you said this I peered across my desk and saw an empty can of Carling and thought hospital should have its own brand of beer! To me this would be pure nectar!

    Great podcasts as usual and i can’t wait for Sick Music 2 to come out so i can start blazing it out to all my mis-guided friends who are banging out rubbish like Black Eyed Peas, Jason Derulo and Glee!!

    Keep smacking these podcasts ;)

    Will from the Lake District!

  • Jake ekaJ

    When you said about having multiple Sick casts, I think that I came a little.

  • maxi

    Morning Tony,

    I’m going to get two cats and call them Lincoln and Boris. If i get a badger I’ll call him Tony.

    Nottingham Hospitality was sick yet again I was so drenched in sweat when i got back.

    Can i get a shout out to my mate James who is so bitter that i got a hospital oyster holder before they sold out that he ‘accidentally’ poured a white russian all over my laptop before hospitality at matter last month. All the podcasts gone. Disaster!

    Can’t wait for sick music 2!

    Loads of love,


  • freakzoid

    oh yes please more sick podcasts.. just finish listening (and iam listening again :P) the podcast, and what a podcast,sonic – all i wanna do, klute – fools love, S.I.N. – make me happy… OMFG! amazing tunes. as for ideas for hospital merchandise, i suggest a open contest “design our tshirts” style, and the winner gets his design as special edition tshirt sold by hospital. also keychains, caps, free stuff like wallpapers etc etc etc, i have some ideas dont you need some1 to work @ merchandise department? lol

    also you mentioned some mc during show, i remember a great podcast special from makoto feat deeizm mc that worked out pretty well, you could do something like that to, for example with zarif

    keep up with this great “goodmoodcreator” podcasts i’m addicted since 100th, and iam sorry for not be since 1th.

    Big shout from Portugal to you Mr. Tony

    cheers, jorge mendes aka freakzoid :P

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