Hospital Podcast 114 with London Elektricity

May 14, 2010 in Podcast

New music from Bop, Taxman, Sunchase and of course the mighty Netsky.

London Elektricity previews the Netsky album which drops on May 31st as well as filling you in on the launch party at East Village on June 10th. Also there is news about the Bop sample pack and “Remix Your  Mind” release.

Tony also rounds up what was another awesome night for Hospitality at Matter. Keep on subscribing and buying the music.

  • Kiinnostus

    Your mom hates drum n bass? Ha, my dad likes drum n bass! (The same dad who went what-the-hell on hallefuckingluja, remember?. It was more like amused “what-the-hell” than “I-Am-Going-To-Beat-You-Up-What-The-Hell, all positive!)
    Graphix sounds goood! With three O’s!

  • Roger Berkeley

    you did not mention the release date for the netsky vinyl album…. or is there no vinyl from netsky?
    and yeah what a big big hospitality it was. this event is a must go for everybody who likes drum&bass.

  • Gizm0

    Yes it has arrived, woke up this morning, went to listen to some tunes as I do every morning and what did I notice downloading in the background? None other than 114, yeah boi! and the twitch in my neck is now also gone. Seems like the local club that does DnB parties over here is taking a break till September so I may sort myself out with some extra cash and get myself over to matter in July, plus side to that story is when they do eventually start again Camo & Krooked will be there banging it! Keep up the great work!

  • Lewis

    You played Grafix!! big up tony he’s from exeter near where i live him n Fred V need to get more exposure from people like you :) they have been smashing it! P.S ordered netskys album and just got CnK’s edge of mind EP which is Terminally ill!

  • David

    Any idea what the Cosmos record is? Also who did the T-10 remix?

  • kat

    @Roger, I’m under the impression that the 4x vinyl will be released on the 7th June (a week after the CD, preorders for the CD are already sold out!).

    Thinking of going down to the Bondi cafe for a few beers on the Sunday as well.

  • colak

    D*minds remix is by D*minds themselves – full title: T-10 (Gangster Step Remix)

  • Swanvest


    siik podders again, bring on my netsky preorder

    I once again last Friday attended the ultimacy that is Hospitality @ Matter, I have attended since July last year and it just gets better and better.

    I got to meet my favourite artists in one room playing absolute sickness. Big up B Complex massive set, DJ Marky markster Scratch sickness, netsky mixing king, London Elek dancefloor devestation, C&K messy but methodical.

    Finally matan aka Mrsa humble yet enlightning!

    Please put a swan pic on the next podders and a shout out for matterizers swanvesta,Lii, Oli knicten

    Swanvest for DNB PM

  • Will Britton

    Hello Mr Colman!

    Can i get a shout out, i’ve been listening since Podcast 84 when Agent Alvin was in the hospital and it has changed my whole outlook on music! I’ve only been around in the world for 17 years and i need to get my ass down to Matter when the illustrious 18th year rolls round! Your music is an inspiration to us all!

    Keep up the banging work and i can’t wait for yours and Netsky’s new albums to roll out! The pre-order has been paid for….standard!

    Cheers fella

  • Tall Claire

    Hey Tony :D If your podcasts were on tape or some oldschool sound device, i would have worn out the part with the new netsky song already…..amazing :D. The matter show was sick as usual…..Netsky- Capone, Friday….LEGEND!!!!…..Im going to miss you not being there at the launch party in East Village but have fun on your tour….Thank You for the music :D x

  • Jorge Mendes

    Oh mr Coleman you’ve done it again…
    massive massive podcast,
    Graphix – let Go ;Visionary – Badman Serun VIP
    :insertnicesmilebowingdown: :P

    this podcast made me buying my first pieces of vinyl, getting borrowed from a friend 2 technics decks, and a mixer, mas made me start learn how to mix.. but oldschool way (no mp3 for me)!! thx a lot now my mom is thinking of putting me off home (i kid you not) because i make to much noise, and because she doesnt like drum’n’bass like your mom :P..

    well nuff said keep this “good mood creators comin”
    Jorge Mendes

  • Nathy K

    Every podcast seems to just get better and better :) Can’t wait to get my mits on netsky’s new album :)
    big shout to my mom too? I was busting out netsky’s new tunes and on both occasions she came in my room wondering what I was playing Cos she liked it so much
    look out boris – my mom’s after you! :P
    when will you/ high contrast/ cyantific be busting out a new album?? Would be good to hear some new stuff from the more original hospital producers ;)
    nathy k

  • Jordan

    Using an old e-mail because I can’t remember my other one.

    Massive tunes on the podcast as usual. You going to play some more Netsky?

    all the best

  • Dhany Arliyanti

    awwwww writing to this while its on my earphone rite NOW!!!
    oh and Netsky’s “Lets Leave Tommorrow” was there!!!!
    It’s probably one of my FAVE DNB TUNE EVERRR after “Just One Second”!
    wickedddddd :D
    well can i get Netsky CD in Indonesia? or i have to make a shipping from UK? Please let me know, will ya?
    oh and massive shout for you Tony for your upcoming tour to Aus/NZ/Jp/Korea, bigupssss!!

    cheers from Indonesia
    Dhany :)

  • Jack

    Please tell me there I’m still within the 300 first pre orders, so want some signed hospital merch, Netsky, big tings!

  • Sheradon Dublin

    Hello Tony & Hospital gnomes, I have a bit of a dilema & hopefully someone from the Hospital Collective can help. Until recently I was a devoted follower of the podcast (from podcast 30) & the numerous dnb purchases that followed.

    Unfortunately some time last week my ipod went tits up & had to be restored to factory settings which meant wiping everything. To add insult to injury, even though I had copied across all music as a precaution, that sodding ipod managed to pass on the glitch to my Mac, so now iTunes is buggered and ALL music played skips randomly. Its not funny when entire dnb albums last approx 60secs tops.

    You being a apple man I thought I’d ask you first and possibly the rest of the dnb collective if you happen to mention it on the podcast.

    A big thanks

    A podcast/ dnb starved Sheradon

  • londonelektricity

    sheradon – thats shit! i have no idea how to rectify that. all i know is that if you hunt in this blog you’ll find links people have posted to uploads of all the old podcasts. somewhere! don’t ask where tho. they’re there if you search……. good luck and i’m sorry for your crash. backing up ipods is long but it’s best to do it ‘illegally’ with tinkertool etc to uncover hidden files etc. safest way i’ve found.

  • Risky Business

    Could I please get a shout to my bird Samantha who recently moved to all the way to California. I miss her dearly, but luckily I was able to I turn her into an avid fan of drum and bass before she moved, and her favorite artist is London Elektricity!

    Also, I just made a short (20 minute) mix using all Sick Music 2 tracks that I wanted to share with everyone. Hopefully it’s alright to post this here. I’m not trying to advertise, just trying to spread the DnB love!

  • Stef Mo

    Oi oi Monsieur Le Colemanator! I started listening to your sick podcast when I started at Kingston Uni three years ago, and am just about to graduate. In the meantime I have been to a bunch of fantastic Hospitality nights, and consistently loved your label’s whole output. I’ve recently started mixing vinyl, having been a bedroom laptop DJ before, and I’m absolutely loving it. A shout out would be the icing on a whomping three-year cake of dnb goodness. Can’t wait for your next album. Safe as a duck. x

  • jonlane


    That is totally gash – i lost 20% of my music when my external hard drive yesterday packed up along with all the podcasts.

    This is how i got them first time (and this time too!) – A legend called David from Down Under uploaded them all and updates the list after every episode.

    Or someone else uploaded a zip file of 1-99 (2.6gb but A LOT quicker) onto dnb forum.

    Hope this’ll do


    After hunting around on the youtube, the new Netsky album is fecking quality. Only criticism is he uses the same baby yelp/scream sample in around 10 of his tracks released across hospital/spearhead et al – can you throw him a sample pack or two his way ;-D

    Keep up the good work mate


  • Swanvest

    It’ just come to my attention today when my mate mentioned MATTER (the best hospitality venue in the world) is shutting down due to £3Million debt!

    I have been to every bloody Hospitality there since opening in march for H lovers,

    I have been informed (Mixmag) that it is closing immenantly BEFORE the next hospitality in July which I have tickets for!

    Honestly mate you will not find a better club night in the WORLD,

    please answer my query as I would be gutted (potentialy cry) if it’s true’


    Swanvest for a shout out and let me know.
    Merci beaucoup

  • jonlane

    re last post: listening off youtube NOT downloading the tracks ;-). peace

  • Plumbster

    Tony- Let’s leave Tomorrow by Netsky is the best tune I have heard in years!!!!!! It’s like Listening to High contrast back in the day, truly the freshest talent out there…. you have done so well to sign Netsky!! Absolutely frickin amazing!!!! I Cannot wait to get my hands on the album

  • Calvin

    Magic Russian Bottle….Nuff said That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.

  • Rach K

    Just browsing through tunes on youtube because i’m a poor lowly student I keep finding astonishing tunes which I can’t find anywhere else, it’s a nightmare and the only solution is that you play; Toolbox – Moonlight, Toolbox – Inner City Life, MRSA – What you know, Modu – Void, Muzzy – The road we run and Rockwell – Underpass on your podcasts! Epic tunes for an epic podcast naturally. And Sick Music 2 has made my year, hurry up back to Warehouse Project please!

  • Sleaty

    Alright Tony? Did you get my email? Hoping to get your reply!


  • w0rldd0minat0r

    Graphix = Grafix?

  • w0rldd0minat0r

    yep – Riley it’s Grafix – *facepalm*

    Eh, and Tony I’m holding out on buying the Netsky album haven’t tuned into any of the stuff that’s been leaked; have been calling for YT uploaders to take it down in support of Hospital, will be in my local record store as soon it’s released my end. Thanks for signing him ;)

    By the way, when you first featured Mellow? the track you mixed it into — Jakes -Swerve or something, where can I find that version — the one that I could find was not the same as the immense version you played =X Any help?

    Thanks, love your tunes and the podcast ;) Let me know if you need any copywriting work done

  • Kyle

    Hey Tony long time listener (since podcast 34) can i get a massive shout out to to my beautiful baby daughter Nada born 20th May and a massive shout out to her beautiful mum love you both and loving the podcasts keep up the outstanding

  • Jorge Mendes

    @ Kyle, congratz! :D

    @ my own old coment: damn i have to practice my english writing.. =P

  • Swanvest

    Abosolutely distraught , the ABSOLUTE SIIkness that is MATTER has now OFFICIALLY Closed (apparently for summer)

    Great that you guys there at hospital thought quick to a new venue. But still..

    need to poet my feelings about this:

    matter o matter what will we do.
    first Friday of the second month will now poo.

    entering the sickness for the opening set
    cannot be better than matter i bet

    making my way to the hospital shop
    will now have to effectively have to stop!

    Meeting skankers from a far
    the elek has arrived lalala

    I am aware Mr Goss and team loved it to.
    bring on another venue just as F***ing huge!

    Not again will my glasses light up !
    End of an era ,crack open the 7up.!

    I hope this helps all dnb lovers appreciate the true siikness of a HOSPITALITY @ matter .

    quote: High Contrast – “Best night/Club in the World”

  • Swanvest

    poem line corrected.
    making my way to the hospital shop
    will now effectively have to stop!

    please read on the next podcast. (Its emotional)

  • londonelektricity

    @swanvest: nice poem :-)

  • Tall Claire

    Just bought my brighton hospitality ticket….cant wait. If your heading down to brighton early on sunday, check out pompokos for some yummy japanese food…little restaurant in the laines…good stuff :D seeya sunday x

  • londonelektricity

    pompokos? sounds tempting!

  • Adric Sommer

    Tony!!! you must play the new remix by Pendulum of the Australian ABC news theme song!!!

    heres a link:

    FUCKING LOVE IT!!!! your a champion mate!!!

    P.S. Cant make it to your Adelaide concert and I’m fucking devastated :(

  • Patti

    Hey Tony!
    I’m a little peeved I missed out on the first 300 signed Netsky albums. Nevertheless I pre-ordered mine and it’ll be my first DnB album :D
    Could you give an early birthday shout out to my good mate Jon in Adelaide, who gave me my first DnB album (Cool Steps: Drum’n’Bass Grooves) and got me hooked on the podcast. Absolutely love it and listen to it on the bus to and from uni.
    More power to you and the rest of the Hospital Rec family.
    – Patti
    PS. My mom hates DnB too xD

  • Chuckelberry

    Big up the Bass Drop, The sun dont sine in Sydney till the London Elektrisity come brighten it up! !
    Just lost my job because the called up my old job and got a bad reference! No room for learning it would seem, So 4 in then gone :-( ! Hopefully i’l be all good for the 5th of june, my girlfrinds already got us the tickets the super star.
    Can u tell her i love everything she does for me and we’l get thru this stormy weather togther.
    Catch ya soon Tony… I Know for a fact ur be seeing us & our efforts on the 5th. BIG Love
    Chuckelberry, Sydney

  • KittyB

    Keep Lock the Bass Drop!
    Can’t wait to see you on the 5th of June! Just under a week to go! I got tickets about two months ago for me and my boy and booked the night off work. Then I got a new manager at work who didn’t care I had booked tickets and given 2 months notice and said I HAD to work next weekend.

    off course I QUIT

    we wouldn’t miss the show for anything!!! Plus we have put in some extra effort so you’ll a crazy couple running a muck on the dance floor!

    P.S Could you play, Joman – “Static” (InContext Remix) ?

  • Jack Bevington

    Thank You Netsky, Thank You Tony and Thank You Hospital Records!! I got my signed copy of Netskys album this morning! All I can say is amazing!!!! Every track is AMAZING!! Shout out on the next Podcast!!! Jack Bevington from Cannock

  • Chuckelberry


    Tony cant wait to see u man! Im just finishing off this 3000 word assignment then jumpping on the Party wave and riding on down to meet up with my Small (but non the less energetic) groups of Sydney-ens dnb heads!

    Hope ur as pumped as i am for ur set! I’l see what i can do about getting u another champagne bottle to drink from!! haha!


  • Ben Armstrong

    Is there any info on these Korea gigs???

    Can’t find much out on the internet. All the maps for the Busan show have it taking place at the airport, and no info on tickets and price and that…

    Plus, they all have it listed as Haewonondae beach… which no-one here has ever heard of…

    Any info?? Gonna be a belter of a weekend anyways!!

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