Hospital Podcast 115 With Netsky

May 28, 2010 in Podcast

Hospital Podcast 115 and this week’s special guest is Netsky. His album is finally out and has been one of the most eagerly awaited debut albums in recent D+B history. We hear all about it on the podcast.

There is also brand new music from Camo + Krooked, B-Complex and Muffler.

Order Netsky’s album here


1. Netsky feat Darrison – Escape
2. Muffler – Uplifter
3. Grum  – Heartbeats – Stanza Remix
4. Netsky – Secret Agent
5. Sunchase – Alluvion feat Electrosoul System
6. Mindscape – Zombie Nation
7. Netsky – The Magic Russian Bottle
8. Sato – Turning Point
9. Netsky – Daydreaming
10. M. Ashraf  feat Nahid Ahktar – Good News For You – Bop Remix
11. Camo + Krooked – Reincarnation
12. Echo Inada – Breath
13. Netsky – Gravity
14. B-Complex – Beautiful Lies VIP

  • Matt

    Big Up for another cracking podcast Tony! Boris is a genius and his album is insanely brilliant. Can i get a shout to myself and everyone else who has bought this musical masterpiece?

    Keep up the good work


  • http://podcastarchive djb64

    LE set on jjj mixup tonight!
    Can’t wait , LE @ Metros in Perth next Friday!

    Shout out to all going , i here a lot of ppl will be wearing doctors and nurses uniforms ,should be mad , see you there!!!

  • http://podcastarchive djb64
  • Oliver

    Huge podcast once again! I’ve gone a bit Hospital merch mental! Having bought several CDs already, I have started buying t-shirts, with my third one on the way even before my second has arrived! My third is one of the new glow in the dark ones that I am hugely looking forward to!

    However, we’re having some problems with the postage to New Zealand. My second shirt was ordered close to a month ago and we have had no sign of it, which looks a little dodgy on the postman’s part, and my Future Sound of Russia CD is taking its sweet time arriving too! I ordered it on the same day as I ordered Bop’s album and I have had Bop’s for well over a week. Another thing is that almost all the CD jewel cases arrive smashed. I replace them with cheap ones from down at the shopping mall.

    I will still continue to order from you though! I may be in contact about the missing items soon though! In the meantime can I please get a shout-out for me and my girlfriend Rebekah?

    Oliver in New Zealand, newly tricked out in Hospital gears.

  • Oliver

    PS: I will see you on June 11th at Zen!

  • Greg Biggs

    Another booming podcast! Boris and Coleman in at no.10? Raaaaaaaaaaa

    The tracks in this podcast did something strange to me… My ears heard something different… As though my left ear was making love to my right ear and in between was some messed up funky love-juice flowing from ear to ear.

    It felt dirty.

    Dirty but nice.

    But then I thought… Shit… I don’t want ear-love babies in my brain. That would be massively inconvenient. Like an arsehole on my elbow. Plus I don’t want my future ear-love babies to not know their sound-noise parents. A dilemma I can be sure I wanted to avoid.

    The podcast needs a warning… In fact everything coming out of the Hospital Records tune-omitor should bear a warning:

    The music enclosed will be good: Be prepared. Wear protection.


  • kat

    Anyone notice the similarities between The Upbeats ‘Big Skeleton’ album artwork vs that of ‘Static Nitro’? Triangles are happening.

  • Nathy K

    Safesafe tony
    another sick as fuck podcast :D
    loving the bit about the recipe cards :P
    by the way is that acapella from nu:tone – system?
    And if I’m right can I have a prize? ;) :P
    much love

  • http://podcastarchive djb64

    Here is a link to the London Elektricity set
    aired on JJJ mixup last night. ‘World Exclusive mix’

    Recorded live at Hospitality @ Matter 7th May 2010

    nice set Tony , (hope you don’t mind me posting this!)

  • Phonografik

    Is it just me or is the vocal sample on Echo Inada’s Breath repeatedly singing about Tescos….?

    Cool tune tho :p

  • kat

    @djb64 Cheers mate! Was going to edit the first 2 hours out of the stream this morning but ran out of time.

    Notice how many mistakes are in the stream/page? She keeps pronouncing “Gross” as opposed to “Goss”, and according to the Triple J site Hospital Records is French!

  • Jason Alderson

    Hi Tony

    Can I get a huge shout out for my fiancee Nicola. We got engaged this weekend in “sunny” Cambridge.

    The Netsky LP arrived just in time and will always remind me of this weekend.
    Trying to persuade her to go for ‘Moving With You’ as our first song. Think I’ve still got a bit of work to do but reckon it’s possible.

    I’m sure you’re wondering if you can be the DJ at our wedding. Well no dates have been set yet and we need to have a discussion with Disco Steve but hang in there, I’m sure I can pull some strings.

    Anyway, love the podcast as always.

    RIP Matter


  • Dugy

    Alrite tony awsome podcast as usual, I haven’t comented for a while but I just have to say how siick netskys albulm is just downloaded it on iTunes and i am not disapointed I haven’t heard one track by by Netsky that I haven’t liked his tunes are just awsome can’t wait to see his set this Friday in Portsmouth I saw him live in Birmingham and his set took my breath away especially when he droped black and blue I had shivers up my spine, can you please give a massive shout to my mates Callum, clarkie and kieran who are all traveling down to catch hospitality with me this Friday. cheers Dugy.

  • Sleaty

    The best way I can think of how to describe Netsky’s album is……. perfection, good job signing him Tony, I could kind of see it coming mind lol. Cheers for your reply as well I’ll get right on it, I sent you the email by post as well just to make sure you got it, its the same letter so just bin it.

    Keep spreading the good vibes and stay well!


  • Malc

    Hi Tony
    love the cast big up to borris

  • Sato

    …if Mrs Sato catches you describing her as my mum there will be hell on! She is in-fact my wife (of five years this weekend – happy anniversary Mrs Sato!)

  • Matt Witts

    Great podcast…loving Boris’ sounds. Fresh and breezy for the (hopefully) sunny summer months….

  • Dhany Arliyanti

    Netsky is an awesomeness on DNB scene! massive shout to you boris, cant wait to see you on Paradise in Bali on November! always been thinking about it these past days.
    “Lets Leave Tommorow” is probably one of my FAVE dnb tunes, like, EVER!!!
    Shout to you Tony, you have a verrry awesome job rite there :) wish you could come to Indonesia soon.


  • BennyC

    Tony this podcast was great! really enjoyed it and its made me all the more excited for your gig at the Prince in Melbourne Sunday week!

    Also I’m pretty sure it has convinced me buy the Netsky album loving Secret Agent!
    Really loved the Stanza Heartbeats remix would love to hear you drop it in Melbourne!

    Love to shout to all my mates and anyone else attending the Melbourne gig on the 13th its going to be rocking fun!

    (Im only a little bit excited….)

    Thanks again Tony for the great cast!


  • Stuart

    Hey Tony,
    A little while ago you asked for some merchandise ideas, how about Hospital style screen savers like the Jungle Music one and rotating logos that you have projected on the walls at Hospitality?
    Please help brighten up my work PC.
    P.s Thanks for bringing Netsky to Southampton, what a night!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • donkey

    OH MY GOD , Echo Inada – Breath , THATS DUCKING MINDBLOWING !!! can’t wait for ful release!

    also sidenote, tony , have you ever considered inviting TC to your studio? I tried to look up your previous podcasts , didnt notice any with TC though… nerdy out!

  • Tarakan

    Netsky feat Darrison – Escape
    amazing stuff.. that piano sample, simply amazing…

  • Crazy Kitty

    got the scrubs out and pre hospital burns!

  • rohan

    hey tony, banger of a night at metro city, good to hear a sick mix of new tunes at the best nightclub going!! look forward to hearing what you have to say about the nights shenanigans on the next podcast.
    p.s apparently my housemate told you that you should mix less cds. i laughed hard :)

  • Tori

    Heavy podcast as always, was great to hear some of these tunes being played out at Hospitality in Brighton last Sunday…

    Also it was really nice to chat to you Tony, thanks for listening so politely to my rather drunken babble…! I meant what I said about the chilled Hospital vibe though, you are the personification of it and everyone at the party seemed to be on great form.

    Peas and Love to all the Hospital family


  • Lawrence

    Hi Tony,

    Loving the podcast and how many times netsky said ‘Yeh’.

    Please give a shout to Nate, and also a shout to Anders. CU @ Fabric 2nd July!

    Also, if your allowed, please play Logistics remix of Donut by Booka Shade – gnarly, gnarly tune.


  • Adam O’Hara

    would like to know what happened to Q project

  • Ben Armstrong


    Any news on these gigs in Korea at all…

    2 weeks to go, getting rather excited for them, and no info to be found at all!!

    Heeeeeeeelp please!!

  • Stanislav

    Great podcast!BIG UP LONDON ELEKTRICITY!.Greetings from Bulgaria!!!

  • sean nielson

    Cool! Party till you drop.


  • Drewbar

    LOVE THIS PODCAST, also i am going into the city tomorrow to try and track down Netsky’s album. It is a must have, love the track off it so much, everyone is a ripper.

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