Hospital Podcast 116

July 2, 2010 in Podcast

Krooked joins us on the phone and tells us all about Camo + Krooked’s new single on Hospital. Tony also has great new music from Underworld, Utah Jazz, Die and more. Buy the new Camo and Krooked Single now – Buy

(We are aware of IOS4 bug, so it’s just a plain old mp3 until steve jobs fixes it.)


Camo + Krooked – Climax
Underworld – Scribble
Netsky – Storm Clouds
B-complex – Beautiful Lies VIP
Utah Jazz – Quincy
DJ Die + Interface – Bright Lights
DC Breaks = Babylon
Sato – Dystopia
Rockwell – Full Circle
Camo + Krooked Interview – Sunchase – Violet
Seba – This Is My House
Camo + Krooked – Reincarnation
B-Complex – Little Oranges

  • London Elektricity

    in 1st!

  • Oliver

    Look at this loser below me! :p

    Huge podcast! Got to be one of the best track-lists I have yet seen on a podcast. Love Little Oranges. The interview was a little awkward though at the end.

    Can’t wait for the Hospitality album out on Monday!


  • Chris B

    Fabric was a stormer! What were the first and last tracks you played?? Amazing .. nothing else to say really


  • tenbensons

    I Remember you played ‘think back’ by Camo a couple of years ago, wicked tune, and the stuff with krooked has been top class. Long live the Hospital Podcast!

    Nice scream by the way……


  • Phonografik

    When will you be dropping some cuts from your new album onto the podcast?

  • Luddy Waters

    Will any other Hospital Records kids be coming out to Australia any time soon?

  • ant457

    Hey nice podcast, as always, really looking forward to bigchill bought tickets to see hospital at beachdown in brighton which ended in disapointment as the whole thing folded, but shit happens. Was wondering if there is any way of getting hold of the bop BBC Asian network remix tune ? keep up the good work …

  • KittyB

    heya Luddy Waters,

    Logisitics is playing at chinese laundry on the 23rd of july!!!!
    (hopefully your from sydney and know what im talking about)

    super excited! :D

  • Chalex

    My uni mate is using Netsky – Mellow to create a really nice chilled biking video. He’s taken all the shots of people flying through the air on BMX’s and all that but now’s struggling for motivation putting it all. I was wondering if you’d give Mr. Marshall a shout out to kick him up the ass a bit.
    Looking forward to the new album London.

  • Bryn

    Was great to meet you and the lads on Friday in the bar before fabric, my two mates ed and James and I were wearing lab coats, thanks for a night what was thoroughly enjoyable! The fabric bouncers were a bit lame though, they confiscated our glow sticks for some unknown reason and wouldn’t let me keep the e-ticket you guys signed, I was most annoyed! looking forward to the next hospitality in bristol.
    p.s. could we please get a mention =)

  • kat

    @KittyB Thanks for the heads up.

    @Tony, tweezers, or manscaping dependent I’ve heard the Contrast is now in the possession of a pink Hello Kitty chainsaw.

  • Michael

    After your recent tour of New Zealand and Australia, what city would you say has the best DnB vibe, not the biggest clubs or the most people, but the best following and quality of local DJ’s.
    I was at your Christchurch gig and you tore it up, i love DnB and hospital, keep up the good work..

  • londonelektricity

    @michael – all different mate! could write an essay on each city. one thing i can say – Adelaide always goes wrong lol

  • Luke

    LondonElek, how are you expecting the september 4th hospitality to go down in the westcountry exeter? really lookin forward to it as its my first hospitality!

  • London Elektricity

    @luke – well if the last one is anything to go by it’ll be a total corker!

  • Marcos

    I’m listening to Underworld collaboration on podcast 116 and I’ve been downloading from podcast 71. I have to say that this podcast is fucking amazing!!

  • bartok

    I absolutely adore studying your weblog posts, the variety of writing is smashing.This web site as usual was educational, I have had to bookmark your site and subscribe to your feed in ifeed. Your concept looks lovely.

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