Hospital Podcast 117

July 7, 2010 in Podcast

Back from the other side of the world London Elektricity returns to bring you a fresh new podcast previewing the awesome “Hospitality Drum + Bass 2010″ album out this week. Culture Shock, Camo + Krooked, B-Complex and much more are featured as well as all the latest Hospital News.

Hospitality Drum + Bass 2010 has 26 tracks by some of the biggest names in drum + bass plus an incredible mix by rising star Stanza and all for just £4.49 on iTunes.

(We are aware of IOS4 bug, so it’s just a plain old mp3 until steve jobs fixes it.)


B-Complex feat Diane Charlemagne – Rolling With The Punches
Culture Shock – Gears
Echo Inada – Breathe
Fred V – In my head
Grum – Heartbeats (Stanza Remix)
Netsky – Pirate Bay
Qemists – Your Revolution (Reso Remix)
Underworld – Scribble
Bladerunner – Back to the Jungle
Way Out West – The Gift (Logistics remix)
Airwalker – Big Sky
Dubone – Raye
Joe Syntax – Leave Your World Behind
Zarif – Box Of Secrets – Cyantific + Wilkinson remix

  • Jack

    Hi Tony and all those at Hospital, please could i get a shout to my mate Ollie who 4 years ago introduced me to the wonders of Hospital records back when i was 15 and he was ONLY 12! much love to him and all my Range FM family, thanks soooooo much for everything your all doing music + gig wise! KEEP IT UP!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Giles M

    hey tony. great podcast. Can you give a shout to all the NHS folk down here in weymouth we always have the pod on in the ward, even sometimes during surgery ( no joke & ha the irony)… ps feeling the new album, loving the new underworld and that joe syntax tune .. great stuff!!!

  • Oliver

    Big podcast once again, and only a few days after the last one which was great. I’m absolutely loving Rolling With The Punches by B-Complex. You guys seriously need to sign that boy.

    Downloaded the Hospitality Drum & Bass 2010 album the other day and am completely stoked with it! What I’m not stoked with, however, is myself for going and deleting the Pdf booklet that came with it by accident! I went back to the Hospital Shop and found I can’t re-download it at all, and it looks as though you don’t take kindly to idiots like me.

    Any chance of getting that back? I absolutely love the Hospital artwork that Trickartt pulls off for you guys. Actually, please give him a shout on the next podcast!

    Oliver in New Zealand

  • Jimbo

    CD’s die in hot cars!

    Big up Ton! My newly purchased Netsky cd is dead. Don’t leave cd’s on the car seat during hot days! The recent heat wave in the South East caused my cd, which was resting nicely on my car seat while i was at work, to melt and warp beyond recognition. Gutted. Owned it just over a week.

    Been tuning into hospital podcast since episode 4, and listening to hospital since the release of Lincoln’s Return of Forever. Big respect to all you guys at Hospital, keep up the good work!

    Jimbo in Surrey

  • London Elektricity

    @jimbo: mate what can i say! schoolboy error! post me the melted one and i’ll see what i can do

  • London Elektricity

    @oliver – email me and i’l see what i can do

  • London Elektricity

    i’m an agony aunt today

  • Jorge Mendes

    @Londonelek LOL!

    nice podcast as usual, (i repeat this after every podcast)… i cant really decide for a greater tune between all this because they are all awesome, bring up the next one!

    i also have some idea why dont you make some kind of contest for us to choose (from every last podcast) some of your best lines/screams etc to make the v2.0 of Coleminator?

    big up from portugal, i’m still waiting for a hospital party here… :S

    jorge mendes

  • Stuart the birthday boy

    Talk about saving the best til last!

  • Stuart the birthday boy

    4.37am Tony……. Now that is commitment! I remember a little while ago you mentioned that High Contrast was directing a film and was wondering if you have any news on this?

  • henrik

    hey tony, i just wanna say that i really like the podcast, it has got me back into drum and bass after a year of listening to nothing but obscure screamo and post-rock.

    also, i downloaded netsky’s self-titled album from the infamous pirate bay today, and i’d like to know why you guys think that it’s so bad? i mean, i wouldn’t (and couldn’t, because it’s not being distributed in sweden, and because i am 17, i can’t buy stuff from the internet) have bought it anyway, and unless the only reason you’re making music is money, you’d be happy to get more listeners.

  • London Elektricity

    @henrik you’ll be dealt with on the next podcast

  • Mike K

    Hey Tony, another excellent podcast, although I must say this IOS4 bug/no-chapterization thing is quite a bummer.

    Anyway, the podcast convinced me to grab the Hospitality Drum & Bass 2010 Album off iTunes (the US store), specifically the Stanza remix of Heartbeats, but to my surprise this does not appear to be included in the US iTunes version. I can see it as track #16 on the UK store version and naturally on as well. Intentional omission (hopefully not!) or snafu? I’m not against getting this one track solo as it’s quite good, but I thought I’d get a check from the source first :)

    Thanks for the great work!

  • The Swanvest

    Massive Podcast!

    Hospitality Drum and Bass 2010 is BIG BIG and even BIGGER!!

    26 Bad boy billy joe tunes and to top it off an ultimate 1hr mix by Stanza himself… Full of PURE Love!

    A massive night at Fabric Friday Hospitality! Nice to say ello Mr Elek.

    Trueness could never be better said… Underworld Scribble a True SPINE CHILLER.

    Shout out for the Swanvest

  • Cara

    Hey Tony, Smashing podcast (as always) still talking about your set at metro’s loved every minute of it. Hope you come back soon!!

  • Martin

    Thank you again Tony for another smashing podcast, i wish you and all the people involved with hospital including the DJ’S:) the best!!!! And you need to plan something to america man Chicago,IL to be exact!!!! We need your sound here!!!!

  • xenophunk

    B-Complex continues to amaze.

    Is it true there’s a Netsky & Danny Byrd collab, as apparently heard at Fabric?

  • londonelektricity

    @xenophunk: it’s true

  • Jorge Mendes

    oh please god make hospitalrecords release To Fly – Eastcolors & Enei on vinyl!

  • Sam Langford

    after about 80 podcasts, I have just noticed that you sound exactly like jack dee

  • xenophunk

    Is there gonna be a release schedule… released akin to what Viper Recordings and what Ram Records is apparently doing?

  • Ant

    Hahaha henrik you got fucking told you thieving little wanker!

  • londonelektricity

    @ Ant: :-)

  • Patti

    Heya Tony,

    Just wanted to say I really, really, really, really love the Hospitality DnB 2010 album. Still deciding on whether on not to buy the AU/NZ double disc you and Agent Alvin did in conjunction with your last tour. I noticed a lot of the tracks are similar in both albums. Knowing how much I can’t resist, I’ll probably end up getting it anyway.

    Thank you SO much again for the autographed ‘Syncopated City’ album. It’s a precious part of my CD collection. So sorry about Adelaide >.> we’ve got a loooong way to go in terms of giving you the audience that you deserve.
    Keep up the awesome work. Love, love, love the podcast.


  • Mallie Seibel

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