Hospital Podcast 118

July 16, 2010 in Podcast

Hospital Podcast 118 and Tony previews out Hospital Accapellas release. Why not get involved with our competition…

Hospital Accapellas Competition!

Hospital Accapellas is out this week and in conjunction with the Hospital Podcast, we have a competition for all our creative fans out there. We want you to take one of our accapellas and do something creative with it – mash it up with a classic pop record, do a dj mix, Create a whole new backing track for the vocal or use a vocal sample to create a track in your own style – We will leave the ideas to you.

When you have finished, simply upload to Yousendit, Sendspace, or your favourite file uploading service and email your MP3 over to with ‘Accapella competition’ in the tile. Our favourites will be played on the podcast and one overall winner will win all of our Hospital sample packs- a gold mine of samples worth well over £150. You can get the Hospital Accapellas on the Hospital Shop now. Good luck!

(We are aware of IOS4 bug, so it’s just a plain old mp3 until steve jobs fixes it.)


1. Nu:Tone – Strange Encounter
2. London Elektricity – Round The Corner
3. London Elektricity feat Lianne Carrol / King Tubby – Welcome to Blackboard Jungle
4. Phuturistics feat Jenna G – Beautiful
5. Landslide feat Alison Crockett – It’s Not Over
6. B-Complex – Beautiful VIP
7. Mistabishi feat Danman – Fallin In Love
8. London Elektricity – Just One Second
9. Cyantific – Don’t Follow
10. Logistics Haunted By Her Yesterday / Culture Shock Imax
11. Nu:Tone – Beliefs
12. L.A.O.S – Panda Style
13. London Elektricity feat Lianne Carrol – Rewind (acoustic)
14. B-Complex – Little Oranges
15. High Contrast – Everything’s Different
16. London Elektricity – Born To Synthesise

  • Sam Bell

    Easy Tony.

    Great podcast yet again, very much looking forward to the 24th. Last time I saw some live sets with hospital (Matter with Zarif and Natalie Williams) it was Siick!

    Anyhow, was was wondering if I could get a shout for my girlfriend Jenna Sinclair. We’ve been apart for 2 months travelling and our first night out together is going to be Brixton academy!

    Loving the label, the artists and events every time. As for Henrich, what a fail. Totally ridiculous view of what money is for.

    Peace Sam

  • Ben

    Great stuff Tony

    This was the first podcast in a long while that I have listened to right through. Guess it was the old school hospital vibes, love those older tracks, haha. You played in Auckland, NZ a while back and I missed you again because Zed Bar won’t let in under 18s cause they cant be bothered taking I.D on the Bar… My parents even asked the owner if they could chaperone me (but that failed) >_< Would be a dream to see you live, but at this rate wont be till 2012! Ah well… keep up the good work ^_^


  • henrik

    Hey again Tony. It seems to me that you missed my main point (probably because of my bad english and perhaps my stupid wording). I do of course understand why you dislike downloading in general, and I agree with most of the things you said.

    What I meant is that even if the pirate bay didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have bought this record. That is because of several reasons, the most notable being that I can’t spend a lot of money on music, and Netsky’s album wasn’t high priority for me.

    I’m sure Netsky worked very hard to make it, but neither he, nor hospital is missing out on my money because I downloaded it illegally, because I wouldn’t have bought it anyway.

    What do you think of this?

    Also, now that I’ve listened to it a few times, and found it to be surprisingly good, I am actually considering buying it to support Netsky if I could get my hands on a physical copy. Don’t take this into account when answering the above though, if I hadn’t liked it a lot, I would definitely not have bought it.

  • XenophunK

    I am someone like Henrik. However, I keep my observations to podcasts like this, DNBA and all the YouTube users that act as the people that distribute good and new DnB songs be it full or previews.

    It got me to buy Hospitality: Drum and Bass 2010. Breathe is a good track :)

    Where is the shout section?

    Big up to you Tony.

  • Oliver

    Music isn’t expensive. In fact it’s damn cheap, and as long as you’re getting a bit of pocket money each week, then you can afford it. If you have an internet connection then there are hundreds of places that will sell you music, the Hospital store being one of the cheapest. Get your parents to buy it for you, then pay them back. I also doubt Swedish record stores will turn you away if you ask them to order you a copy.

    If you aren’t getting any pocket money or you just can’t spare the money for music, then you can’t have it. Music is like any other product, if you have it without paying for it, then you are STEALING. Which is ILLEGAL. I’m sure your parents would rather you get your music legally and therefore would help you do so.

    The fact that you say you are now considering paying for it shows that you do indeed have the money for it, and that your excuse that you can’t actually buy the album (not distributed in Sweden, and only 17) was actually a load of crap.

    Oliver from New Zealand who pays for all his music gladly.

  • henrik

    oliver: it’s not a load of crap. when i wrote “if i could get my hands on a physical copy” means that i cannot yet, but i probably will when i turn 18. anyway, that doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t have bought it anyway.

    I do have money for some records, but like I said, Netsky’s album was not a very high priority one until i had heard it a few times.

    That still isn’t my point, it’s: How does it hurt Netsky (or any other artist) if i download their music and listen to it, when I wasn’t intending to buy it in the first place?

  • Phonografik

    I’m just gonna throw this one out there….. I think the original version of Just One Second is so much better than the apex remix. That’s not to say the remix isn’t good it but it doesn’t include the best part of the whole song i.e the chorus! When Elsa comes in singing the title of the song its a really goosebump driven uplifting moment that defines the whole song (if not the whole syncopated album). The one time you actually play the better version of the song and you bloody mix out of it before it can get to that point!

  • Oliver

    Phonografik: Entirely agree. And the one time they play the better version, they get the track-listing wrong and call it the Apex version. The uninitiated won’t even realise it is the original.

    Henrik: You just don’t get it. The rules don’t lift just for you. Do you have no principles or pride?

  • londonelektricity

    @ oliver + phonographik – sorry! i like the chorus too. despite the fact that it’s got me doing backing vocals. Elsa’s going to be singing the track live and don’t worry it’ll be the original version.

  • londonelektricity

    @xenophunk – right here!

  • Jorge Mendes

    i loved (as damn usually) the podcast this is really something refreshing, this is my new goodmood creator for morning @ work!
    i LOVED the classics High Contrast – Everything’s Different & London Elektricity – Born To Synthesise (this is still on my top 3 vocals all time, and its my ringtone since i first ever listened to it) but what i really liked about this podcast was the PANDA STYLE return, oh i missed this tune… brilliant. i sent you a tweet asking for Panda Shirts back to stock ;) please…. (Puss in Boots from Shrek eyes) LOL

    BRING MORE ACAPPELAS! looking for your new album, get on work m8
    iam planning 3rd week of september to make holidays in UK, perhaps London, is there any hospitality there or near @ that time?

    Big Up from Portugal!

  • Jorge Mendes

    DUH i didnt saw the banner announcing O2 Academy Brixton @ London 24th sep :D!!!!! i might go there!

  • Phonografik

    Gotta bit of a bone to pick Tony. After messaging about Just One Second i started thinking a lot about a couple of tunes I was working on and how I might fit a vocal around it. I had a wicked idea playing around in my head involving the Elsa Esmarelda sample from Just one second, specifically the bit when she sings “i think you are beautiful…..did you long for summer time”
    So I downloaded the acapella album…. Its not there! Its only got half of each verse in it. I went over my overdraft limit and everything for that. :(

  • London Elektricity

    @phonografik really? shit. that’s my error. email me. i dunno if have what you want but i’ll do my best.

  • Phonografik

    @London Elektricity Thanks that would be much appreciated! I’ll email you now.

  • xenophunk




    I meant in the podcast. Without the obviously marked title (and with the stupid iOS4 bug) it’s hard. Though you did get me back into L.A.O.S. :)

  • Kiinnostus

    Give a shout to yourself Tony, god damnit I can’t breath from this laughter

  • Jorge Mendes


  • Adric


    Another sick podcast! Certainly cheered me up on my depressing Monday morning commute to work!! And cant agree more with your views of Henrik as said in the words of Netsky himself “Fuck Em”

    i cant say Ill buy the Accapella album as its not my thing but I will definatley be purchasing the Netsky album very shorty :)

    Cheers matey!!!!! and lets hope Henrik’s old man makes it in the Colostomy bag industry BAHAHAHAH!!!!

  • Tony D&B

    Tony, just wanted to ask a seperate (but still somewhat related) question. Aside from the competition entry that i send to the e-mail address, can i also send a demo track/s to that address too? Haven’t got Aim and i’m not able to install it either, so i wouldnt be able to send the track to the “HospitalDubs” address at the moment.

    Thanks :-)

  • PompeyDave

    Hi Tony.

    After the chilling shout you gave last time from that sweedish guy about illegal torrenting of music. I would like to share my views on the matter. I used to downloading everything i liked. There must have been a period of about 5 years where i didn’t buy any music.

    Listening to the Hospital podcast has changed all that. I’ve been subscribing for over a year now and hearing such vibrant music from such inspiring artists has made me realize how important it is to support the scene which you love. Randomer posted a tweet last year asking if anybody had any part time jobs going. Artists as highly skilled as him should not be subjected to the bread line.

    Since subscribing i’ve invested in so much brilliant music through itunes and the hospital shop as well as making sure i’ve bought a vinyl with every pay check in 2010. The only hospital related things i torrent now are early episodes of the podcast. I’m listening to number 1 right now! hope thats okay with you. Long live drum and bass.


    Any idea where i can find a copy of Webster Lewis ‘Do You Believe’? I can only find it on you tube and I Tunes, Amazon, E bay, Discogs all dry.


  • Roger Berkeley

    nice one as usual especially the grudge about the swedish download guy henrik. and i have also some questions for him, but riley blurred the emailadress so i allow me to ask him here.

    dear henrik,
    if netsky’s album wasn´t high prority why do you need it in good quality?
    why is the preview on the hospitalshop not enough to decide if the album is worth a buy?
    why do you wanna own something you don’t want to pay for?
    do you wanna just listen to the tracks or own them?
    cause if you just want to listen, you don´t need to steal it.
    you can hear the tracks for free on the podcast, on internet-radio-shows or in mixes from dj’s.
    so please rethink your arguments cause they are very childish.
    if you steal a product, even a digital one, you steal it!
    and now go to the next recordshop and order the album to make up for downloading it, and if you need money, go work for it.

  • pasterofmuppets

    On the Henrik/Netsky/filesharing on Pirate Bay tip, surely I’m not the only amused by the irony that one of Netsky’s tracks is called ‘Pirate Bay’?


    (For the record Tony, I love – and paid my hard-earned for – the album, so no need to send the boys round!)

  • Martin

    BANG!! POW!!! BOOM!!! And other batman related sounds to describe the pod cast!!!! On the Henrik/Netsky/filesharing on Pirate Bay tip, If you need it my pimp hand is strong tony, and that dude needs a serious back handing!!! SUPPORT YOUR DJ’S DO NOT STEAL FROM THEM!! I wanted to give a shout out too J.Santana & Curtis James!!!!!

  • London Elektricity

    @pasterofmuppets – Boris made that tune at the last minute after preview copies of his album were file shared on the internet – he was making an ironic statement.

  • pasterofmuppets

    Oh dear…I realised after posting that comment that the song title must have been deliberate…d’oh! (although I didn’t know about the leak)

    I’ve just finished 2 years of law school and parts of my brain (and soul) have died.

  • Craigy

    Big shout out to you Tony, love everythig you and Hospital are doing.

    Please give a big dirty shout to me and my mate! (The Craig and The Bucks)

    Loving the liquid drum and bass vibe at the moment! Peace!

  • Roger Berkeley

    oh and what i forgot.
    i never thought that my hospital collection is more complete than yours:)
    and i have a spare black 7″ of pandastyle (mint condition) in my “archive”.
    maybe you have an interesting dubplate to swap with ;)

  • London Elektricity

    @roger berkely ah you say a black one? it’s the white one i want! and yes i have many interesting dubplates i don’t need ;-)

  • Nick

    Yo Big Ups Tony!
    You made the national news in Aotearoa (New Zealand) last night!

    keep it the mad work bro!

  • Roger Berkeley

    email me tracklists and price and we speak business ;)

  • Jorge Mendes

    sad sad sad i cant go to hospitality this time, i will go on holiday to london but on week between 13th and 18th sep… i cant go the week after because i have my sister wedding day lol bad luck for me…

  • Ross

    Hi there Tony, a big fan of the Podcast and all things Hospital in general. I am currently living in China working as an English teacher. During those rare pangs of homesickness I often load up an old episode of the Hospital Podcast to remend me of home and look forward to attending a Hospitality night when I get back in December.

    I am living in Shenzhen, a city in the south of China, and we are currently in the middle of another tropical storm. Im looking out at the rain, thunder and lightning whilst listening to B Complex Beautiful Lies VIP on the latest podcast, magic!

    Please give a shout to me, Laura, and all of the English teachers at Global Kids English in Longgang District, Shenzhen.

    Cheers! Ross.

  • Tyler

    Mr. Coleman,

    Podcast #118 (released on my birthday, thank you very much) was the best ever, in my humble opinion, and I’ve been listening since podcast #8! I love hearing new versions of my favorite old LE tracks, but dropping Lianne Carrol over King Tubby was the best hospital mash-up ever, and a wonderful gift. Thanks so much for keeping it fresh.


  • sean broussard

    Hey tony,

    just wanna say big ups for the podcasts, they’re getting steadily more incredible as they go on. such wonderful tunes available nowadays and it pains me that not enough other people out there have access, so i try to do my part and spread the drum ‘n’ bass word…

    also would you please play senses by subwave on the next podcast if possible? I can already tell it is insanely big and i haven’t heard the full track yet!!


  • Sean Warburton

    Saw this and thought of the podcast;

    Loving the podcast, listening to you ramble on and on while dropping fresh tunes keeps me from slipping into a coma when revising. Without it I’d have dropped out of med school a long, long time ago, so big up yourself!

    Can I get a shout for my mate Ed who’s in hospital at the moment? Maybe a bit of good MRSA will cheer him up! Sean

  • Scal Mangle

    Yo Tony,
    I’m loving the podcast been a listener from day one.

    I’ve never written before but couldn’t resist when I though I saw you on T.V. I came across the new series of Big Brother and thought I saw you as a contestant!! The guy’s name is actually Dave. You need to check him out via the link below of check him out on Ch4 for yourself.


    He’s a splitting image of you, just wondered if he’s a relation of any kind?

    I’m looking forward to your new album. It going to have to be ‘pretty classic’ to top Syncopated City!

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting a response on the next podcast. Keep up the good work mate. Peace out.
    Scal Mangle (Scott)

  • Steve

    Just listened to cast 118. like Henrik the podcasts have got me back into D&B after an absence (been into breakbeat recently) some top quality D&B around at the moment, love it. However, I do believe that if you work your nuts off to make music, sell records, set up a label etc. (probably earning nothing at the beginning) you should be rewarded for your hard work, what could possibly be wrong with that? As a minimum bills need paying and mouths need feeding.

    I have many albums that i bought and didn’t like or listened to once. It’s just a chance you take. I’m sure many people have been to the cinema and didn’t like the film they just paid to see. Such is life.

    Support the artists, record shops and so on or there will be no dance music scene at all, what ever type you are into. Where would that leave us?

    Liked the colostomy bag shop analogy. Coming to a high street near you soon.

    Keep up the good work

  • kat

    All that’s missing is the ‘Double Rainbow’ accapella.

  • henrik

    Roger Berkerly:
    i did not download the album to get it in high quality, nor to evaluate it. If i had wanted to own it, i would of course have bought it. i downloaded it to be able to listen to it on demand.

    However, in which way is it any good for netsky if i listen to the music on the podcast, on internet-radio-shows or in mixes from dj’s, instead of on my computer or ipod?

  • remixyourmind

    @henrik please shut up, your hole is just getting deeper and deeper! If you dont like what is being said about you just man up and ignore it! Big ups to Tony, how about you forward his email to some police place, when the coppers come knocking then he will think twice! Can I get a shout out to all the dnb producers out there and esp. b complex who i just had a good convo with on skype!

  • Roger Berkeley

    did you fell on your head very badly as a child or what is wrong with you?
    when you want to listen to something on demand you need to own it!!!
    and if you haven’t noticed it, internet-radios, downloadable dj mixes and podcast are all only running on a computer, and free mp3 dj mixes and espescially the podcasts are also running on an ipod!?!
    and it would be best for netsky if you buy his music and not steal it.

  • Salamander

    fuck off henrik, you thieving fucking prick. all you do is take take take and contribute nothing.

    fuck you sideways, you pikey cunt

  • London Elektricity

    @salamander – oscar wild couldn’t have put it better himself

  • JD

    big up hospital! listening to this new podcast got me through painting the hallway, i’m supporting hospital and med school on my youtube channel because its menttaalllllll!

    also is there a link to the previous podcasts to 104?

  • Jesse Crcockett

    Hey Tony happy to see that Alison Crockett recorded for hospital…I had no idea…I picked a up an Alison Crockett record called “Crossroads” a few years back on the Wah-Wah 45’s label partly on the strength of the fact that I shared a last name with her and it turned out to be great…now I discover through the podcast that both she and the 45’s have been associated with you, just after also seeing an article on Crockett in my hometown paper that I used to deliver 20 years ago? So another piece of music I run across on a whim (the first was your Billion Dollar Gravy some years back) leads me to your good self and label. Cheers Tony.

  • Buy FFXI Account

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  • will

    so , how do i download the podcast ? awful site .

  • marctwo

    Will you ever be releasing any of the acapella mash ups? I still can’t get the Logistics Haunted By Her Yesterday / Culture Shock Imax one out of my head, brilliant.

  • ironman

    London Elektricity Thanks that would be much appreciated! I’ll email you now.

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