Hospital Podcast 119

July 28, 2010 in Podcast

Chris Goss joins Tony in the studio to discuss our “Way Out Patients” bundle. Out on Monday it is the first of 3 megabundles offering you Hospital back catalogue at a bargain price.

Total Science join us for Plastic Surgery:Final Reconstruction on the next podcast and Danny Byrd will be in to discuss the Weapons Cluster on the one after.


1. Grand Unified feat. Kadeem ‘Music Makes Me Feel This Way’
2. Marcus Intalex & ST Files ‘Taking Over Me’
3. London Elektricity ‘Elektric D-Funk’
4. Landslide ‘Hear My People’
5. Sigur Ros hoppipolla/ Nu:Tone Beliefs
6. B-Complex – Beautiful Lies VIP
7. Audiomontage ‘Come With Me’
8. London Elektricity ‘Unreality’
9. Darqwan ‘Three Note Blue’
10. London Elektricity ‘Wishing Well’ (Stateless Remix)
11. Shapeshifter – Dutchies (State Of Mind Remix)

  • Kiinnostus

    I was just about to buy Out Patients 1, but seems like I’ll have to wait couple of more days to get THE bundle.

  • Andrey

    London Elektricity лучше всех подкаст супер хотелось бы в будущем услышать Mistabishi

  • Dhany Arliyanti

    just heard the podcaaaast! AWESOME as always!

    and of course, thanks for the shout, Tony! and why are you laughing when reading my shout?? lol

    Dhany :)

  • Mash Up Steve from Hong Kong

    Hey Tony and Matt,
    Wicked podcast as ever, best hour of the week by far. Could you send a massive shout out to all the old mashup crew from Hong Kong back in the late 90’s. We’re all in our 40’s and still loving the drum’n’bass music. MAY IT NEVER END

  • Mash Up Steve from Hong Kong

    Ha ha… Matt, who the hell is Matt, I mean Chris, sorry mate, I’m being a spaz.

  • Jorge Mendes

    bring it on chris! and get your job done mr tony we want your new album soon ;)

    BIG BIG BIG BIG UP to Shapeshifters and State of Mind for Dutchies rmx… WICKED TUNE

  • OJM

    Big up hospital podcast, just been through and bought netsky’s album after catching him live the other week! Fuck anyone who dosn’t buy its worth every penny!

    Also tony I think you should one day explain on the podcast how all the artist got their stage names.

  • JD

    big up hospital! listening to this new podcast got me through painting the hallway, i’m supporting hospital and med school on my youtube channel because its menttaalllllll!

    also is there a link to the previous podcasts to 104?

  • sylvian

    Would love to hear mistabishi back on the podcast.

  • Eklegein

    Huge podcast, great selection thanks guys!

  • Victor Barre

    Hey Tony & Chris.

    Great Podcast, real nice to have an insight on the original lineup of London Elektricity. Fucking loved the massive response to le dickhead aka Henrick. Big shout out to my brother – Vincent and the Cloak & Swagger crew. We’ll be seeing you attending Brixton Academy in September – cant wait!

  • Sam Bell

    B-Complex is huge. Do you know if Winter was or is going to be released. Definitely the best B-Complex track for me. His set @ Matter was massive too, probably my favourite of the night! So yeah. Big love for B-Complex…

  • londonelektricity

    @Sam Bell – really enjoyed your part(s) in Moon. great film!

  • Daniel K.F.

    Hey Tony

    We all love your podcast and I’m looking forward to see you in Bern!!!!

    Plz can you give a big shout out to a special girl, Mele, she will come to the concert in Bern, when I get a shout out ;-)

    Greetings from the Switzerland


    PS: I’ve just received my new green Classic H t-shirt, JUPPIII.. I had to wait a long long time for this, but it was worth it.

  • djb64

    if you havent seen these yet ,you’ll LOL

    kids today ,i don’t know…..

  • Mike K

    Tony – Would Hospital ever consider giving discounts to people who buy multiple formats of the same release? I favor buying vinyl over CDs/mps. I usually pay equal money for less tracks for the vinyl format. I’d obviously like to have all the tracks available for a certain release but having bought the vinyl, it sometimes feels like I’m double-paying. If a record label offered me a discount on the same release if I already bought a specific format of that said release, I’d more more inclined to purchase the formats I needed to own my vinyl AND have all the tracks.

    Could this be done? Please don’t suggest Serrato as a solution. Vinyl forever.

    Thanks and keep up the great work,

  • Roger Berkeley

    @mike k
    great idea. would also like that option, cause i already buy any release double cause i need the vinyl and want all tracks.

  • londonelektricity

    @mike K: we’re doing exactly that. for new vinyl releases we’re supplying the tracks in mp3 format. when you buy a vinyl 12″ you’ll get the 2 tracks in mp3 as well for free. when you buy an EP you get all 4 tracks on mp3. this is only possible on our webshop. we’ve done it for the camo+krooked 12 and for the b complex and will do it for all vinyl releases from here on, and we’ll roll it out over the back catalogue as soon as we can!

    hope this makes sense


  • Martin
  • Roger Berkeley

    that makes sense and it is great from you, but doesn’t makes it sense to offer a vinyl album and the cd in a bundle to save maybe 1 or 2 pounds? or is it complicated because of the pre-order,the sometimes different release dates of the vinyl and cd and the margin?
    hope this doesn’t bother you, just thinking about it ;)

  • Mike K

    This is great news, Tony. This far exceeds my expectations. Thanks for implementing this and please expect my order very shortly.

    Also, please send a shout out if at all possible. :)


  • WILL

    Please please please please please please come to Leicester very soon.. There’s a new £16 million refit of the Leicester Uni Students Union and its now an O2 academy with capacity of a few thousand.. If there’s a hospitality there IT WILL BE INSANE!! cheers will x

  • Guy

    Yo Tony!

    Just downloaded the Way Outpatients off Itunes, great release!
    Just noticed that some of the track names may be mixed up?
    (for example Marcus Intalex – ‘Taking Over’ is actually the Stateless remix of ‘Wishing Well’)
    Im only going off the tracks played on the Podcast so could be wrong but thought it may be worth double checking!



  • Guy


    In fact i think they are all wrong haha!
    I emailed itunes support to see what they have to say



  • Jayne of the Jungle

    Hey Tony and Chris, epic Dutchies remix there! Shapeshifter blew my mind in Wellington last weekend, the vibe was incredible.

    I’m dying to download Hospitality DNB 2010 and actually pay for it (not like our mate Henrik) but it’s not on the New Zealand iTunes store yet…When can I get my hands on this beauty?

    Shout out to Izzy!

    Big love

  • Oliver

    @Jayne of the Jungle

    Hospital Shop! That’s where I get all my Hospital Records music.

    Oliver in Auckland.

  • The Craig

    Loving life, Loving the podcast. I will soon be making music!

    I look forward to Hospital signing me up in the near future ;)

    Please give a big shout out to Grimeboat City Records!!!!!!!!

  • londonelektricity

    @jayne of the jungle yes go to and go to our shop!

    @guy – thanks for bringing this to our attention. you’re right, we’re trying to sort it!

  • MiSi

    Hey Tony!

    Long time listener all the way from Central Europe reppin Hungary! When are you gonna come here to spread the joy? All we usually get is the darker side of dnb like neurofunk businness (not that I don’t fancy a heavy set) I’m often longing for some liquidfunk gigs to ease my mind.

  • Bernhard

    Hey Tony
    I just finished listening to podcast 119 for the 20th time, and i almost start crying of joy every time i hear the State of Mind Remix of Dutchies by Shapeshifter. I’m not sure you mentioned when “The System is a Vampire” is being released (if that’s where i can find the track), so where can i find the release date?
    I also have a (rather long) question, my family and me moved to Denmark about 3 years ago, and if there’s something that annoys me about this country it’s the lack of good music. Everybody here listens to shitty pop/dance music and except my closest friends people seem to really dislike the thought of Drum&Bass. So i was wondering if there maybe was a possibility to bring DnB more to other places, since i’m 16 and if i have to wait another 2 years before i get to go to a Hospitality (or just some DnB gig) i’m probably going to be insane by then.

  • Heath Stephenson

    Dear Hospital Records and London Elektricity,

    I was listening to podcast 118 the other day and I heard the mail from Heinrich about Netskys album. I have to say I was walking through a german supermarket and I was laughing my head off, brilliant. Absolute takedown.

    Love the podcast, love the music and I cant get enough of it.


  • londonelektricity

    @bernard – system is a vampire due for release mid-late september hold tight!

    @Misi – i have no bookings in Hungary but i’m sure some of the other hospital djs do! have played there quite bit in the past, hope to come next year though

  • Puss n’ Bootlegs

    Hey Tony,

    can we send in artwork for our mashups?

  • londonelektricity

    @ Puss n’ Bootlegs of course

  • Rory 0′ 3

    Just purchased the “Way Out Patients” bundle from Hospital Shop-
    €5.99 for all those tunes- fantastic stuff!

    You’d really want to be a prize prick to go and download it for free elsewhere on the interweb imo..

    Will Hospital be adding more LPs to the “Classic Hospital Range- £4.49 range” anytime soon?
    High Contrasts “True Colours” Lp perhaps?


  • London Elektricity

    get on @rory

  • Thom

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I just found out that More Blood will be released on Vinyl and MP3 only. Am I the only person who buys CD’s anymore?! I don’t play vinyl and I have a major distrust of hard disc’s…

    Are you guys slowly trying to phase CD’s out? :(

  • Thom

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I just found out that More Blood will be released on Vinyl and MP3 only. Am I the only person who buys CD’s anymore?! I don’t play vinyl and I have a major distrust of hard disc’s…

    Are you guys slowly trying to phase CD’s out?


  • Marvin

    does somebody know when the new demo podcast will be out?

  • Gizm0

    Not sure if this message will appear as my last few havent, I thought I was banned or something.
    Great stuff as always and really looking forward to catching the Hospital acts @ Lowlands this summer. Also any Hospitalites attending Phat11 in NZ this year as that would just be ‘the cherry on top of the cake’ or how ever that saying goes :P as im heading there myself in december. Big up!

  • London Elektricity

    @thom – it’s only an EP! 4 tracks don’t sit well on CD :-)

  • Phonografik

    I miss chapters in Podcasts… :(
    Fucking Steve Jobs!

  • Lewis

    / same, why is this???

  • londonelektricity

    @lewis @phonografik – we’re working on it!

  • Josh

    Hi Tony,

    I just wanted to regal you with a story. It is a long one so have a cup of mulled wine ready.

    First I listened to what you had to say about Henrik (I assume he spelled it with a K being Scandenavian), I had to totally agree with you. I have to admit I have downloaded music illegally in the past and some has been from Hospital Records. Now here me out. This was at a time I did not know about Hospital and all its awesomeness. I was searching for good Liquid D’n’B and happened upon some Danny Byrd tracks. Long story short I have delete all the other hospital tracks from my computer (this included a couple of Logistics and a couple of London Elek remixes) but I cannot find it in my heart to delete Danny as I need his music daily.

    So I have decided to order his CD off Hospitals website and download it legally when I get my next pay check. I know this is a cop out as I have been enjoying his music for free for a while, but I feel that I need to support the artists I love and by buying his album, which I should have done in the first place, I hope it can be seen as an apology. I will also be ordering his new album and possibly a couple of those compilation packs as it is just too good a deal to pass up.

    Your sensibility has turned me away from my downloading ways and I am on the fast track of supporting artists. Also Hospitals pricing scheme is quite awesome as well.

    I hope Hospital has drm free mp3’s as it is the reason I do not buy music off iTunes. Even so I owe it to Hospital even if it is drm mp3’s.

    I hope the Hospital Artists can forgive me for my wicked ways and see I am trying to change.

    Josh from Canada.

    P.S. Will Hospitality ever come to Toronto, back in the day Toronto used to be massive with drum and bass talent from around the world.

  • London Elektricity

    @Josh yes our mp3s are DRM free

  • drumnbassbill

    Hey Tony, just wanted to say i’ve been listening to your Podcasts since 99 and they rock!

    119 is an absolute cracker as well!
    Keep up the good work guys. The music Hospital brings out is an inspiration!



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