Hospital Podcast 120 with guest Total Science

August 10, 2010 in Podcast

Following on from our “Way Out Patients” podcast with Chris Goss we continue this week with a special “Plastic Surgery – Final Reconstruction” podcast with special guests Total Science.

This extra long podcast features some classic tracks showing where Hospital has come from and also has some brand new exclusives from the Total Science boys. You can pick up Plastic Surgery – Final Reconstruction now. 36 tracks and 3 mixes on the Hospital Shop for just £5 – HOSPITAL SHOP


1. Total Science – Let It Go
2. London Elektricity – Wishing Well (Danny Byrd Remix)
3. DJ Calm + Citizen – Venus
4. Shapeshifter – Loggy Mix
5. Total Science – Flip Flop
6. Total Science and S.P.Y – Legion
7. Quartz – Your Love
8. Nu:Tone – Strange Encounter (Thinnen Remix)
9. DKay + Lee – Touch
10. NERDSTEP – London Elektricity Bootleg
11. Tomahawk – Until Dawn
12. Echo Inada – The Happening
13. Total Science feat Riya – Red Lines (breaked remix)
14. Total Science – Scaremonger
15. Total Science, Spy, DJ Lee – Useless
16. Stray – Frost
17. Total Science – Concrete Proof
18. Zed Bias – Something About This

  • Chris

    Hi London Elektricity. I loved what u sed to a guy called henrik bout him downloading netsky’s album off piratebay.. thought it was hillarious. I want to jump on my high horse, canter over to sweden and slap him with my Netsky LP. haha.
    i’m trying to catch up on the podcasts today to see if you’ve played any of the new Danny Byrd album aswell as start my dissertation work. can i get a shout out please?

  • Gizm0

    Some nice classic tunes this time round. Great stuff. Just bought myself the Plastic Surgery final reconstruction album, quality stuff. On the whole Henrik topic, I will have to admit I have downloaded the fantastic Netsky album but have also purchased it from the Hospital Shop along with many fine other releases. Most of the time it is because im to lazy to rip the cd’s or lp’s to my pc myself. Interesting thing I read the other day ( BBC Focus Magazine January issue i think) is that people who illegally download music tend to purchase more music themselves than those who wouldnt download anything. Maybe this is down to the individual themselves wanting to have the original artwork or the actual LP/CD itself. Not that im endorsing not paying for music, I believe the artist and composers should be rewarded for their work but I do believe the availability of music these days brings in more fans and in turn more people who are willing to support the scene and in turn pay for l releases and go to the actual gigs. Just my two cents on the downloading topic. None the less keep up the good work and looking forward to your new album.

  • Lewis

    i love the podcasts! although how come the recent 5 or so havent had the chapters and artwork etc?? or is it just me..

  • Alex

    Hi Tony, Big up the Plastic Surgery podcast, those tunes really kept me in drum n bass. Please play Citizen and Kalm ‘Mirage’ (you said you would), my favourite tune on the series, maybe even the label!

  • TripleBypass

    Hey Tony,

    Killer Podcast as always! I was wondering where I could get that Chillout track you made on the Hospital Cast before this! I would love to get a hold of it!

    It has been a while, but the Hospital Gnome is still be worked on.


  • londonelektricity

    @ alex -oh yeah i played venus instead didn’t i – duh!

  • Pranev Sharma

    Big up Tony – don’t know if you remember, but I was the annoying 15 yr old who kept emailing you back in the day – thankfully I’m older, and more mature now – but still love those classic Plastic Surgery sounds.

    But where is the London Elek remix of Nitin Sawhney – got to be my favourite Plastic Surgery tune!

    P.S. Boo Henrik. Love music? Buy music!

  • Zach Berwaldt


    Great Podcast, as expected. The Nerdstep bootleg is amazing, I can’t stop listening to it, much like when I first heard Logistics’ Time Has Come. I just got back from a trip to England a couple of weeks back, my sister got married there to an English man. Long story short it was smashing. A very refreshing trip, and nice change from America. I’m looking forward to returning soon, hopefully after a visit with my Sister and my Brother-in-law I’ll be able to attend a Hospitality. Fingers Crossed.

    Zach B.

  • Dhany Arliyanti

    Hi Tony!

    As always, wicked wicked podcast! and thanx once again for reading my question for Total Science! :D

    you always made my day with your podcasts, Tony! Big up!!! :D

  • djb64

    For some reason the “podcast archive’ has a new address (even though the old one still works).

    all the podcasts from #1 onward are available plus various videos @


  • henrik


  • London Elektricity

    @henrik love you mate

  • Henrik

    I am a pleb and know F**K all about how to get Hospital , Big Badder and Better

  • The Swanvest

    Well said Henrik! You ****

  • henrik

    the guy with the big H is a fake henrik

  • Zach

    Is it wrong to play house and drum and bass together in one play list? is there some sort of music playing etiquette i don’t know about? if there is, can you teach me?

  • Andrey

    Tony’s greetings all super especially the second and eighteenth track prompt when to wait please for new album Mistabishi, itself from Russia forgive for illiterate English language

  • djb64

    is this a pic of a very short haired High Contrast???

  • dnbman

    Any chance of having a direct download link for each podcast? I do not use windows or OSX, so cannot use itunes.

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