Hospital Podcast 123

September 15, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back in the podseat with P Digsss of New Zealand Shapeshifter on the phone and new music from Danny Byrd, Medschool and Loadstar. An extra long show this week…


1. New Zealand Shapeshifter – The Touch – Camo + Krooked remix
2. Circa – Kabal
3. Swedish House Mafia – One – Netsky Remix
4. Loadstar – Link to the past
5. New Zealand Shapeshifter – Dutchies – State Of Mind Remix
6. Original Sin + Taxman – Penamana
7. Enei – Brick
8. HyperLogic – Only Me – Hamilton Remix
9. Craggz + Paralell – Metroplex
10. Danny Byrd feat London Elektricity – Fail Safe
11. Stray – Saturday
12. Unquote – Lubov Moya
13. Plan B – Recluse – Netsky Remix

  • Julian

    Hey Tony,

    thank you for another big podcast!

    Can you please give a shout out to the Icon Club in Berlin, who is supporting drum and bass since the 90s. Unfortunately they have to close their club, because a new appartement block was built directly next to it and their seems to live an angry lawyer now who doesn’t like drum and bass heads.
    Still there seems to be a very little chance that Icon can go on, so i would ask you to call on all people who are listening to give full support to this lovely place (netsky played there in august).

    thanks & greetings

    Julian from Berlin

  • Dan

    Hey Tony,

    What has happened to the CD release of Shapeshifter’s album you mentioned a few podcasts back. It seems to have disappeared from the release schedules, I hope it hasn’t been cancelled.

    Dan from Woodley

  • Gizm0

    Some great tunes in there, loving the System is a Remix album alongside the Shapeshifters other 2 albums, fantastic stuff. For those looking for a link, available here ->

    Any news on the dates for the Netsky and High Contrast gigs down under round Christmas time? Heading to Christchurch Nz for New Years and would love to be able to catch a set or two.

    Could I also get a shot out to my brother Chris and all the other Kiwi’s whom have had to endure the many quake’s which have hit the Canterbury area over the last 2 weeks, and to my other bro Alex whom has just touched down after moving over from Ireland to hopefully be able to help rebuild the many damaged homes.
    Big up and keep up the fantastic work.
    Greets from JJ @ Enschede, NL

  • James Kelly

    I love the tunes running out on you. I love the poor mixing. I love all the little imperfections. But most of all I love the talking over the tracks! It’s all about the raving rants and restaurant reviews. Without a commentator the podcast would just be like listening a record collection, and so it would offer me nothing different from what I can do at home. Pointless! Danny Byrd did a magnificent job, and you also this week. Thanks to the whole Hospital crew for their services to music!

  • The Swanvest

    O yes Tony,

    Big things happening in the hospital camp!

    What an absolute bobby dazzler in your collab with Danny ! 3 words To some it up you ask??
    2. Beautiful
    3. Mindblowing

    Indeed these are vocals filled with the belief that anything is possible!! ANYTHING

    Recluse (Netsky Remix) = Pure unadulterated fucking Bliss!

  • Brian

    Tony, & the Hospital Crew,

    Being the only listener of Drum and Bass (so I think) residing in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, these podcasts provide me with a portal across the ocean and into the world of wonderful music. With country music blaring out of every radio, blue overalls lining sidewalks, and cowboy hats blocking my view, I can roll into downtown with Hospital joy. And at the same time surprising people and making my parents think twice.


  • Dhany Arliyanti

    Eeeee hi Tony!
    Its been long time since you podcast, and we miss you! :)
    Thanks for the shout once again, your podcast never fails to made my days :D
    i am never ever ever ever ever ever ever everrrrrr stop to convince you how you should doing a tour to Jakarta, Indonesia! i would be the first person who buy a ticket if that come true! :p

    cheers :)

  • aMadBunny

    Yo Tony,

    I just wanted to say…that t*$t who slagged off you, Danny Byrd and the Hospital podcasts needs to go and do one, preferably with a donkey :) LOL Who does that pr*$k think he is???? The podcasts are wicked, I’ve been subscribed for well over a year now and I always look forward to each and every one! They keep me up-to-date with all the latest and up and coming D&B tunes and would well miss ‘em!

    Keep up the good work. Also can you give my girlfriend ZoeB and I a shout out please, that would be sweet!!

    Cheers fella and peace :)
    Paul (AKA aMadBunny) from Essex, UK

  • xenophunk


    That Only Me remix is amazing, too bad you talked over it:P

    Nah, you have a voice that one can stand ;)

  • Another AmERICan

    Fucking wicked podcast, Tony. That Danny Byrd vs. London electricity tune is on constant rewind for me. Helps me get through stocking and organizing shoes at Nordstroms, a retail company. The hospital podcast is like my left nut. I can live without it but fuck it, I gotta have it in my life

    Could u give a big shout out to all the drum n bass heads of riverside, California?
    Big up to you, Tony! Can’t wait for the album.

  • TripleBypass

    Great to Have ya Back Tony!

  • Fliss

    Hi Tony!

    can you please give a shout out to all my Aston Uni mates, we are all dedicated ravers and Hospitality fans. Can’t wait for Hospitality at the HMV institute in Birmingham! Unlucky for me I broke my big toe, but that will not stop me going wild to the Hospitality bangers!

    Thanks and much love!

    Fliss from Brum x

  • Oliver

    Hang on just one second guys, Tony made a mistake with the name Oliver and he corrected himself. The guy being a wanker WAS NOT called Oliver, but the shout out after WAS from Oliver (me) and I have absolutely nothing against talking over the tracks on the podcast, in fact it’s one of the parts that keep me regularly and religiously listening to it!

    So don’t go blaming me for that outbreak! My shout out was praising the podcast and the upcoming music from the Hospital camp!

    Thanks for another great podcast Tony. I just bought the More Blood 010 EP and am absolutely loving Frost by Stray!

    Oliver from New Zealand.

  • Newman

    Easy Tony

    Whata podcast, that netsky remix of one is absolutely sickkk, just had to go buy it! I was 16 just a couple of days ago and will be spending basically all the money i got on the hospital collections which are out, but now i’m 16, i’m wondering, when, if ever, is hospital going to do another under the radar event cos all my mates are raving about it? Can you give a big shout to all the Sheffield Drum and Bass massive espcially everyone at King Ecgbert School.

    Can’t wait to see you guys live, shame i can’t get to see Shapeshifter XD

    Cheers mate and big love to all subscribers

  • Robert Batchelor

    Shout out to my best mate Ben Clarkson who turned 23 on the 16th of september! He introduced me to the hospital podcast two years ago and I am now addicted to them… love all the music and stories you tell, great combo, keep up the good work… And good luck on your album mate!!!

  • Guy


    Hospitality NEW ZEALAND please!!!


  • XenophunK

    Cheers for the shout, Tony.

    Hahahaha, the same thing happened to me again, with the girlfriend!

    She was a bit of a bitch anyway ;)

    Shout out to yourself mate. All the best with your album.

  • XenophunK

    with another girlfriend, rather.

  • Oliver

    +1 for Hospitality New Zealand!

    Oliver from New Zealand.

  • mags

    dear tony coleman/colman/colmin/colmun,

    Toronto IS part of the NORTH AMERICAN continent.. please do not confuse the Northern part of the United States for the Northern part of the American content. it’s the same way you might get your knickers bunched when Americans call people from England ‘British People’.. rant over

  • Roger Berkeley

    dear mystery man.

    so what exactly is your problem with a podcast that never was different???
    it is like moaning about a newspaper using typo you don’t like, or asking why the plane you sit in must make that engine-noise. simply stupid…
    there was and will be always someone who speaks through all of the tracks. so how do you got the idea mr. colman will change this?
    this podcast is made to “preview” new tracks and give some info about it. or just chat some funny rubbish.
    if you wanna hear the drop or the full track, then buy it or search for it. or attend a hospitality or another drum&bass party. i am sure you gonna hear several tracks from the podcast.
    so my question for you is why you can’t accept the concept of this podcast. it is like it is, so enjoy it, or change the channel.
    now go to your parents and get a nice slap on your face for such dirty mouth….

  • carz

    Favourite podcast yet! on the next podcast could you please give a big shout out to my best friend Dan Mountford for being able to get on it and still get A levels at the same time, true fucking G!

  • Duncan Birch (aka @dunkndisorderly)

    Thought I would comment on here as probably most relevant place. O.k so first of all Wanted to say massive respect to all the Hospital records crew especially you Tony. Having been a massive drum and bass fan in my youth when Jungle was huge in the 90’s it kind of went off my radar for a long time until I discovered the Hospital podcasts, has massivley rejuvinated my love for this music. Now a regular listener, purchaser and rave goer all thanks to you guys and the sterling work you produce, artists you sign and great promotion you do. Always pushing the boundaries and the passion for the music comes through big time. That is the thanks bit done

    Secondly wanted to give a huge big up to Shapshifter who I saw last night at Audio in Brighton. (again thanks to hospitality for signing them) Tony has always said they are THE best live drum and bass bands and I would have to say I totally agree. Not often you see the kind of energy and tighness from live electronic music P diggs was just fucking amazing great voice, great lyrics great emotion and it went off. If you have to see one band see them while they are on tour it was off the scale.

    Tony if you could give me a shout on the podcast that would be awesome ;-)

    Keep up the amazing work,

    p.s Failsafe is such a great tune

  • Robby Kaigler

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