Hospital Podcast 125

September 29, 2010 in Podcast

Massive new podcast following our sold out show at Brixton Academy. Chris Goss is at the helm with some new Nu:Logic, Blokhe4d and of course all the Danny Byrd news as he makes a surge towards the top 40.

Back the Byrd by buying “Ill Behaviour” click – Here .


Nu:Logic – New Technique
Plan B – The Recluse : Netsky remix
Danny Byrd – ill Behaviour radio edit
Flux Pavillion – Got To Know
Wayne Smith – Under Me Sleng Teng remix
Wookie – Scrappy
Altern 8 – Activ-8
Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be
Siren – Broken Silence

  • Gizm0

    Nice work from the Goose, I could totally get used to this. So how can us non-UK inhabitants aid in getting the Byrd man himself to rise up in the Top 40 charts?
    Keep up the good work and cant wait for my copy o Rave digger to be sent out. The sample’s on the Hospital shop just aint doing it for me.

  • Steve Pike

    Och. I just watched the vidcast of Danny Byrd’s promo video – Have to admit that having been there at Brixton, having long-loved Hospital’s releases and laughed along to Tony’s somewhat blunt comments on the last 70 odd podcasts, I was a little choked. Well done guys; your tunes are banging, your nights are incredible, and the podcasts complete your repertoire of awesome. Keep it up, lots of love.

  • Roger Berkeley

    you were right mr. goss. it wasn’t huge at all…. it was gigantic!!!
    again nice selection for the podcast.

  • Another AmERICan

    …eh, semi-good podcast, Chris. Please don’t play anything like that Altern 8 tune again, for future podcast sakes. My mind was bleeding…in a bad way…

  • Alex Pitts

    Chris do you still wear your cloths backwards like when you were a kid back in the day on the hip hop seen in america?

  • Jesse Crcockett

    Full of old school goodies this podcast was thank you for that. There is the bit in the Nu:logic tune where the chords suggest “Good life” by Inner City (intentionally or not), of course Altern-8 (which this American loves), and the tack that was nearly an SL2 “Way in my Brain” remix and…well I think that may have been it. Lovin the vibe…very timely as I’ve been feeling the old school sound these days. Almost goose-bump creepy to hear the SL2 sample as I just bought that on Itunes!
    Keep up the good work…Looking forward to hearing more Nu:logic and Ravedigger songs on the podcast in the near future!

  • Guy

    36….aint bad!!!

  • djb

    Hospitality @ 02 Academy Brixton 24-09-10

    96k audio rips from DNBA live stream

    B – Complex

    Danny Byrd


    High Contrast

    London Elektricity



    looks and sounds like it was an awesome night you
    luck bastards!!!


  • djb

    I just got told i’m going to see NZ shapeshifter @ One movement festival in Perth this weekend , how sweet it is !!!!

  • Swanvest

    Massive podcast from the goose there.

    Some big tunes played and nice to see the Byrd in the charts at number #36 .

    Still getting over the sickness that was Hospitality @ the O2 Brixton.

    Rave Digging from start to finish. Big up to the Hospital family.

  • inna

    As usual, the podcast is awesome! congrats for this, congrats for all of it!

    I must tell u that i’ve been listening to the podcast for about 2 years now and for a looong time i wish of going to a Hospitality event..and FINALLY my wish will come true!! just got told by a friend that we are gonna drive(from belgium) for the hospitality in nottingham on the 15th of octomber!! could not express how happy i feel right now!
    So now i must ask for a big big shout for my friend sebastiaan thanks to whom im going to the event im longing for such long time!!

    keep it great!



  • Rafal

    I began to listen to Hospital Podcast around ep. 86 and so far think Christmas Podcast was the best ever – can’t wait for another Festive one.

    Can I also say that although I’ve been to Matter 7th Nov 2009 and Brixton Academy 24th Sept – I can’t wait for my first Hospitality in Liverpool where I currently live.

    Keep up the good work on inspiring next generation of ambitious music listeners (and perhaps producers one day?)

    Can I have shouts on the next podcast to all DnB fans in Liverpool and Poland (where I am from) – especially Sylwia and Pedro. Thanks. Rafal

  • X-Intel

    Oh hi, Tony, I just want to make a shout out to all of you guys in hospital. Because what you guys are doing is epic. Like Danny reaching for the top 40(come on danny, make it top40 over in north amercia :/), It was you guys that got me into the world of drum & bass and I’ll still stand behind you and the rest of the hospital crew, even with all the crap rage I see on DOA. Also Tony, if it wasn’t for you, beating are heads in buying our music, I wouldn’t never buy music.

    I would like to give a most important shout out to Chris Blu Mar Ten for being a pretty cool guy.

    If you’re in Toronto in the near future, I would love to shake your hand for being an honour.

    From the guy from the forest city, X-Intel.(btw, if my tweets towards you is getting annoying, kindly tell me to stop, because I know sometimes I can go too far on twitter.)

  • Adrian

    Hey Tony
    Cheers from the latest Hospitality fan in Australia.
    I will not rest until my entire apartment building (30 apartments) all subscribe to your podcast. I blast your podcast through my sound system and shake the walls.
    Also, a F*^&K OFF to the ‘hater’ from podcast 119(?) who said that he hates uplifting DnB. If it wasn’t for DnB I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning, get to the gym or run the 20kms that I do every day. You spread the love through your amazing music. Hospitality is the latest soundtrack to my life and I love it. Keep up the great work.
    You and the artists on Hospitality are all inspirational.

  • Phonografik

    Wooooah. I just heard Unquote’s “hide your tears…” track on soundcloud.
    You’ve got to play that on the next podcast. Sounding epic!

  • Phonografik

    …. although I have to say, amazing as their (unquote/sizef) music is, they don’t half have some cheesy track titles. One of the tracks is called “Last tear from your fruity eyes will concern my space when night will visit us” wtf!

  • djb

    NZ shapeshifters were awesome live , spot on tony!!

    heres my vid!

  • Bmx Indyrecs

    Ho my bloody gods !!!!! Danny,Tomahawk, “hot fuzz” is just huuuggggeeeee !!!!!!
    the perfect “conbinaison” (in french) of the oldschool rave scène and the actual sound of D/Bass !
    one word: perfect…
    big up from the french alps !!!

  • Bmx Indyrecs

    And BIG SHOUT to dj Marcel & all the “Musikall crew” please !!!!!

  • Mike Hawk

    That blockhe4d tune “the way life used to be” should be in the drum n bass hall of fame for “Most epic beat drop”. Nearly had brown trousers when I heard it first. breathtakingly brilliant tune.

    Keep it going, Blockhe4d

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