Hospital Podcast 126

October 11, 2010 in Podcast

Joining Chris Goss this week in the studio is the rave digger himself “Danny Byrd”.

His second studio album Rave Digger is out now, and it has been tearing up the dance floor at Hospitality as well as the BBC RADIO ONE playlist.

Danny drops in to tell us all about it + what he likes to get up to day to day on the dangerous streets of Bath.

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Danny Byrd feat Cyantific & I-Kay ‘Judgement Day’
Danny Byrd feat Netsky ‘Tonight’
Danny Byrd ‘Soul Function’
Danny Byrd ‘We Can Have It All’
Danny Byrd ‘Amen Alley’
Danny Byrd ‘Dog Hill’
Danny Byrd feat Zarif ‘Wait For Me’
Metrik ‘Arrival’
Cyantific ‘Obey’
Danny Byrd feat Tomahawk ‘Hot Fuzz’
Danny Byrd ‘Planet Earth’

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  • djb

    saw NZ shapeshifters last night were awesome live , spot on tony!!

    heres my vid!

    can’t wait for my copy of ‘Ravedigger’ to arrive , nice one danny!

  • xenophunk

    At least you aren’t fucking up my name like people were to Danny’s. :D

    Big up to Danny and the Goose

  • djb

    drum and bass arena are releasing the hospitality brixton vids on youtube

    danny byrd –

    highcontrast –


  • Victor Barre

    YES Danny Byrd! Big up Crooks & Castle! i have this shirt

    loved your set @ Brixton Academy! You were off the hook!

  • Kimber

    Big props to Danny on the new album; he nailed it! It takes you on a journey and the production is impeccable.

    You might want to include a disclaimer that this album will make you dance and bop your head at inappropriate moments, talk to strangers, go insane trying to place the vocal sample in Planet Earth, and feel like you’re capable of solving the world’s problems.

    Thanks Hospital for giving us all another reason to be (willing) slaves to the music! :D

  • Fliss

    Hi Tony!
    remember us?

    You were absolutely sick at Hospitality last night at HMV!

    much love, Fliss

  • Adric

    Wicked podcast mate! particularity liked the baby screaming noises you made towards the end!! I laughed so hard every time I heard it! I even put it on for my girl (who does not usually listen to D&B)
    She found it so amusing we both tired to emulate it all night!!! (and failed)

    As usual the best podcast mate! you play much better music than the Goose or the Byrd…!


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