Hospital Podcast 127

October 20, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity returns with another podcast live and direct from the Hospital HQ in Sydenham, South London.

New tracks from Nu:Logic, DJ Fresh, Unquote plus a wicked Koan Sound remix of Danny Byrd are all there for you to check.

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Apex – Inner Space
Spy – Fields of Joy
Crystal Clear – Futura
Logistics vs IllSkillz – The Block
Original Sin + Taxman – Penamana
New Zealand Shapeshifter – The One – Netsky Remix
Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All – Koan Sound Remix
DJ Fresh – Cylon
Nu:Logic – Sundown
Task Horizon – Foucs Locust
Unquote – Hide Your Tears Because We Are In Heaven
Prolix + Nocturnal – Existence
Skeptical – Sphere
Sato – Detroit Lies Bleeding
Trisector – Lifeforms VIP

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  • Leeroy Jenkins

    By far the best podcast in a long time. Unquote! Fresh! Logi w/ ill! …ugh. Sooo many good tunes it’s beautiful. Drum n Bass is getting an increased bust size :)

  • Tall Claire

    Mmm… just got back from seeing shapeshifter in bristol :D Hospitality in Bath tomorrow….

    It was wicked to see you last week in brighton…what was your amazing last tune in that set??

    Love the podcast and cant wait for your album :D

    BigLove x TallClaire

  • londonelektricity

    @ Leeroy LOL increased bust size. trying to apply that to the bromance equation.
    @ Tall Claire big up! i finished me set with a cut from my new album :-) glad u like.

  • Gizm0

    Some wicked tracks in there, mayor thanks for the shout, not a Kiwi myself but none the less cant wait to get back out there in Decemeber. Was gutted to hear that Shapeshifters cancelled there gig in Dublin but hopefully ill get to see them in Amsterdam this weekend. Big up and keep up the fantastic work.

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    For the bromance equation, an increase in girth & length. Haha! God help me.
    You should drop one of your gems from the new album in the next podcast. (that is if your hosting the next one) Give the world some LE shock treatment :)

  • Julian

    Hey Tony!

    Many thanks for reading out the shout that i wrote after episode 123. meanwhile, the icon was given its licence back. In times, where more and mire clubs in berlin have to close, these were some great news, i couldn’t trust my eyes, when i read it!

    thanks again for reading out my message, if there is some space in your next show i’d like to request a shout to my friend Amanda, who went with me to Logistics, when he played in Berlin last december. It was her very first drum and bass party and she totally fell in love with these kind of partys.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Oliver

    The best podcast ending yet? Yes. Yes it is.

  • londonelektricity

    @ julian – fantastic news!

  • Adric

    Wicked podcast mate! particularity liked the baby screaming noises you made towards the end!! I laughed so hard every time I heard it! I even put it on for my girl (who does not usually listen to D&B)
    She found it so amusing we both tired to emulate it all night!!! (and failed)

    As usual the best podcast mate! you play much better music than the Goose or the Byrd…!


  • computerdog

    Fantastic podcast and loving the information. The best part of the podcast for me however was the secretary general scream. Brilliant!

  • Ashton

    Hey – I’ve been a big fan of the podcast since #63, and it’s taken me two years, but I finally made it to a dnb show. They’re not frequent out here in Vancouver, so when I heard over the summer that Utah Jazz was coming here, I got really excited. He killed it – totally worth the hour-long bus ride all the way across town in the pouring rain! And of course, I was proudly wearing my “siick” Hospital T-shirt.

    Anyways, keep up the great work, and can’t wait for the new LE album.


  • sy Burton

    Hi Tony another fantastic podcast! Can u give a shout out to my son Miles, who at the tender age of 3 now states his favourite music to be drum and bass! All my hard work had paid off, he is particularly enjoying Danny Byrds rave digger. Keep up the sterling work. Sy Burton.

  • Sean Lewis

    To promote the New Zealand Shapeshifter tour, you should definitely play: One (Live) – Shapeshifter. Such a good song, and if that doesn’t get the unconvinced excited I dont know whats wrong with them!

  • BennyC

    Hey Tony,

    Mad cast again. I just returned from Thailand a few weeks ago where I attended a Full Moon beach party in Kho Pha Ngan. My girl friend Amanda and I spent a fair bit of our night rocking the insane DnB stage right on the beach playing all our favourite tunes while the full moon lit up the thousands of beach ravers everywhere. It was one of the most amazing nights I’ve ever had I’d recommend it to anyone can’t wait to go back!

    Just wondering will Hospitality come down to Australia at some stage? If it did im pretty sure that will be giving the beach party a run for its money. Here’s hoping we’l see you and the Hospital crew down Melbourne way at some stage.

    Thanks again for the great cast, Much love to drum and bass lovers worldwide!
    (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Tall Claire

    Wickedd…so excited…you HAVE to do an album launch party at east village…theyre the best :D x Big Love

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