Hospital Podcast 128

November 3, 2010 in Podcast

Chris Goss is at the controls as we welcome P Digsss + Sam from New Zealand Shapeshifter into the mighty podcast studio.

The boys tell us all about their European tour and the “System is a Remix” album on Hospital.

There is also new music from Logistics, Nu:Logic and Trei. Respond on Twitter + for photos from the NZSS tour –

New Zealand Shapeshifter – Long White Cloud – Nu:Tone Remix
New Zealand Shapeshifter “Chat” – Lifetime – Logistics Remix
New Zealand Shapeshifter – The Touch – Netsky Remix
New Zealand Shapeshifter “Chat” – Lifetime – Logistics Remix
New Zealand Shapeshifter – Sleepless – B Complex Remix
Trei – Around the World
Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All
New Zealand Shapeshifter – Dutchies – State Of Mind Remix
Logistics – Weezer
Nu:Logic – Big Foot
Kinetik+Treo – Hollow
New Zealand Shapeshifter – Twin Galaxies – Upbeats VIP

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  • Andrey

    Tony’s greetings, we at you in London, soon play our Spartak, against yours Chelsea, thanks for a podcast are beautiful at you here. Welcome to us to Russia. Rave Digger the best

  • Mike K

    the return of the chapterized hospital podcast! excellence indeed :)

  • melvin

    uhhh…must find out where nzshapeshifter will be lining up in berlin :) thats worth it driving 4 hours

  • Gizm0

    Nice work this week Mr. Goss, keep up the good work. Was funny to hear Riley and the rest of the crew giggling away in the back ground. Cant wait for the B-Complex gig next weekend here in Enschede.

  • mags

    awesome highlight on the nz shapeshifter, but i think it’s rather weak that you didn’t play any ORIGINAL sounds by shapeshifter, only the hospital remixes? granted, they are awesome but just felt like a lil slap in the face imho.

  • mags

    re: below,

    sounds=songs* =oP

  • KittyB & Chukelberry

    Hi Tony!
    Jess and Charlie (from Bondi beach podcast) checking in!!
    we saw B-Complex last night, the man is a GENUIS!! and really lovely to speak too! Sydney absolutely destroyed the dance floor!!
    We are all looking forward to NYD!! i remember when i first got into DnB asking if youd ever have a hospitaltiy in sydney… NYD is like a dream come true, cant imagin what june will be like!!
    Keep up the hard work – you are a legend!

  • KittyB & Chukelberry

    (sorry about the ‘too’, it should have been ‘to’ right?)

  • Dave

    Great podcast guys! BTW thanks for the chapters on my ipod again! Cheears!

  • Ceri Thomas


    Hi Tony
    To pay for my graphic design portfolio I am selling a signed tshirt on a very well known auction site (ahem**ebay) If you go on the well known auction site, search for “I heart jungle tshirt”, bid, and you could own a tshirt signed by Mr High Contrast and Mc wrec. Please do not hesitate to message me on the auction site if yo have any questions. Tony, I have been listening to hospital since the days of plastic surgery 2 and I am also very lucky to own the hospital sampler CD that came with that album. I love the way that “Drum And Bass” has progressed from early stuff like Landslide, phuturistix and Grand Unified to the more recent artists like Netsky, randomer and the new blood stuff. I also love the way artists like Danny Byrd and High Contrast have progressed through the years.Keep bringing out innovative music Hospital!!!!

    Ceri from South Wales

  • Jess

    ok so i wanted to get a new top, so i went to the hospital shop… but all the good stuff is for boys!!! and i already have the jungle music singlet… so do you think you could print the pictures onto some more girly kinda tops? maybe a V neck top?? i would buy one!! im sure there would be many other girls who would.. and maybe even some metrosexual guys!!!

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