Hospital Podcast 130

November 24, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity returns to host the brand new Hospital Podcast with fresh new music from Calibre, Unquote, Spy and a wicked MJ Cole Remix of Danny Byrd.

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Calibre – Even if
Logistics – Kaleidescope
Rockwell – Everything (& U)
Unquote – Hide Your Tears As We Are In Heaven
London ELektricity – Just One Second – Apex Remix VIP
Vato Gonzalez – Badman Riddim – Friction Remix
SPY – By Your Side
Jaydan – Original Rudeboy
Danny Byrd – Tonight – MJ Cole Remix
Break – Hold On
Lenzman – Take It Back
Echo Inada – Never
Unquote On The Phone

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  • G!zm0

    Ha 1st one!
    Some tasty tunes here this week, didnt think Just One Second could get any better but that VIP remix is banging and so is Calibre’s track.
    Make sure some one gets around to recording this beat box session that is going down in the car park. Im sure us avid listeners would enjoy that.
    B-Complex also tore the place up in Enschede, absolutely great show.
    Speaking of shows any more hidden Hospitality acts/shows planned for the South Island of Nz during the months of Dec/Jan ?
    Big up and keep up the fantastic work.
    JJ from Enschede, NL

  • londonelektricity

    pow pow bish bash bosh

  • Nathan

    where has this man gone? loving the podcast still after this many years! keep up the good work, cant wait for next hospitality!!!

    big up

    Nathan from ashford,kent

  • Dhany Arliyanti

    woooooooow wicked podcast once again, Mr Colman :) we miss ya!
    thanks for the shout once again, always made my day!
    and that Calibre’s Even If inspired meeeeey! :D

    Dhany a.k.a Gladys (as your saying) ;p

  • londonelektricity

    yo Gladys nice campaign on Twitter to get me to Jakarta!

  • Stephen Miller

    I thought the Podcast was sick! Bit of a direct question, but will the VIP of Just One Second be released for digital download? It gave me shivers and it must be part of my itunes!

  • Oliver

    Hi Tony,

    At work today I had to call one of our suppliers to find out when we would receive a product. While talking on the phone to the man at the other end, I recognised a background voice, and listening closer, the music he was talking over.

    The tune in question was Danny Byrd and Netsky’s Tonight and from the voice, it didn’t take me long to recognise that it was a recent Hospital Podcast. Surprised to find another Hospital fan so close to home, I was quick to congratulate the man on his fine choice of work entertainment.

    Finding another Hospital fan really brightened what had become a pretty terrible day dealing with angry customers about shipping errors and product delays. So please, could you give the Hospital Records fan at Magna Pacific in Auckland, New Zealand a shout out from me, Oliver, the Hospital fan from Mighty Ape Ltd.

    Thank you, and keep this amazing podcast rolling!

    Oliver from New Zealand.

  • Ashleigh

    Love!!!! all the way from perth in australia.

    The songs produced by artists on this label give me chillllls

    DnB fever.

    I think we need some massive dnb lineups down in this desolate hole in 2011

    mad respect xx

  • Laurie

    Bladdy ‘ell, this episode has been fecking amazing!
    From the emotional vibes of SPY’s ‘By Your Side’ to the uplifting melodies of Calibre’s ‘Even If': one thing can be said. This is a seriously good time for drum and bass.

    The MJ Cole remix of ‘Tonight’ is rather lovely, too.

  • Scott No Alias

    My brother had his wedding on the weekend in sydney. Thought I would stick Just One Second in to the playlist. It cleared the floor!. *oops* Sorry Tony.  regardless, a good time was had.

    Big shouts and congrats to Grant & Holly.

  • Tom L

    Finally after days of searching the internet. I have found a site which every hospital podcase.

    Now my drive to uni everyday will have dnb and banter from the past few years of the podcast.

    keep up the good work lads. See you in fabric in January


  • Easy-E

    Amazing podcast , tone. So good I couldn’t even get past that first tune from calibre without rewinding. Eargasmic :)

    Jus wondering, U think u guys will ever throw a hospitality in LA?

  • donkey

    just splendid cast , echo inada produces once again a wicked sick track!

    with love, ed

  • Elliot

    I’m only 15 and I found the podcast pretty sick. Can’t wait until i can go to fabric or just any club. SPY-By your side is just too sick.

  • Andrey

    Tony where 131

  • Steve P

    I have been feeling totally shit about not living next the sea for the first time in my life, what is it about drum and bass that makes living in the city exciting and bearable?! FUCKING BASSLINES, that’s what! Thanks again Hospitallllll!
    (Shout to DAVE-AY, Seymansey and the Elmooo!
    Looking forward to fabric boys!)

  • Andrey

    Where it is possible to download echo inada never

  • Mathias

    So, was it Everything (& U) or Reversed Engeneering by Rockwell you played on the podcast? I somehow thought it was the latter while listening to it.

  • stackevil

    looking at the Stats of, folk’s use more traffik ;)

    Data transferred: 402.31 gigabytes 01.12 – 20.12.2010

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