Hospital Podcast 134

February 3, 2011 in Podcast

Hospital podcast 134 with London Elektricity. This week previewing Hospitality Drum & Bass 2011, the massive compilation which is out now.

There are new tracks from Marcus Intalex, Blokhe4d, Nu:Tone and also some sneak peaks of Medschool’s “New Blood 011″.

You can buy Hospitality Drum & Bass 2011 Here and for more from Hospital, follow us on Twitter.

1. London Elektricity – Just One Second – Apex VIP
2. Eddie K & Minus (Feat. Beezy) – Serial Killers (Distorted Minds Remix)
3. Eric Prydz – Niton – Sigma Remix
4. Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be
5. Lynx & Malibu – Star
6. Eleven8 – Mile End
7. Sigma feat Logistics – Dreams to Reality
8. Art vs Science – Magic Fountain – Royalston Remix
9. Nu:Tone – Shine In feat Natalie Williams
10. Marcus Intalex – Steady
11. Nu:Tone feat Logistics – Bleeper
12. Fred V – Simple Beginnings
13. Rawtekk – Snowflakes
14. Stray – Saturday
15. Bookashade – Regenerate – Thinnen Remix
  • pinochle

    No more swearing!!!! HOOOORRRAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guy

    Hey Tony!

    Just watched your video with your sneak preview of your new single!! LOVE IT! Was it the tune you played as the last track of your set in Christchurch NZ and danced around to with the crowd? It sounds familiar!


  • vlad

    For those wondering Thinnen hails from Macclesfield. You can view more of his (rather wonderful) tracks at

  • Lunarfix

    I’ve noticed, from pictures at least, the DnB crowds seem to be a hell of a lot younger in the UK than in the US. Am I wrong? -Hugo

  • Atmo

    Hi Tony, loving the podcasts as always, can’t wait for your and nu: tone’s album! Just one question, when is the next democast going to be? They’re always full of brilliant new talent!

    Atmo (Dav W)

  • Glenski

    Hey Mr Elektricity,

    I live in Bright, Victoria, Australia,
    Love the podcasts, heard about them from a pommy geezer named Michael who stumbled into my bar, I showed him a new album I had just bought (Weapons of Mass Creation 3). He said he used to DJ in london and new you and the guys from Blue Marten and various others. Your podcasts have opened up a whole new style of music to me. I have bought heaps of hospital music through i-tunes and hang out for more.
    I will be 39 this year so not quite as old as you but it seems we are both young at heart – you come across as very youthful.

    Love your stuff



    Check out my bar at

  • London Elektricity

    pinochle sorry i just recorded the next podcast and i couldn’t help myself. i started discussing GB’s motorway services and the expletives just came out

  • Olly Clapp

    Hey Tony,

    Perhaps Button and Hamilton need to watch out now that Nu:Tones around haha. But we wouldn’t want to lose him from the D&B scene.

    Loving Simple Beginnings by Fred V, heard it on the podcast a few times now and that bassline has really grown on me!

    Can’t wait to hear Thinnens new remix too, they feel too few and far between.

    Wish the podcasts were more frequent, though! Car journeys dont feel the same when you’ve listened to a CD to death or when Radio 1 is interviewing some famous book writer!

    Long time listener, Olly

  • pinochle

    I heard that and my head exploded! Good ups on trying to make a difference. You’ll get there! :)


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