Hospital Podcast 137

March 10, 2011 in Podcast

London Elektricity returns to host the podcast and he has so much new music he recorded an extra long show. The big news is an exclusive play of his new single “Elektricity Well Keep Me Warm” and the b-side “The Plan That Cannot Fail”. Also, Tony reveals that if you head to on Friday 18th of March the “EWKMW” video will be revealed for the first time and you will be able to buy the single either from iTunes or the Hospital Shop also on that day.

Remember to keep a close eye on Tony’s blog where he is sneaking out info on the “Yikes!” album, including a cool video of a recent “Yikes!” photoshoot!

1. System feat Youngman – Hold It
2. Terravita – Freak Out
3. Marcus Intalex – Triband
4. Flame – Watcha
5. London Elektricity – Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm
6. Icicle Feat Robert Owens – Redemption
7. Fracture – Brainfreeze
8. Tyke feat Recipe – Music Makers
9. Blumarten – Erykah Badu – You Got Me Remix
10. Subwave – Senses
11. Calibre – Easy Glide
12. London Elektricity – The Plan That Cannot Fail
13. Origin Unknown – Lunar Bass – Commix Remix
14. Misanthrop – Sidereal
15. Sato – Distopia
16. Raiden – Barbican
17. Nuage – Missing You
18. Nu:Tone – Feeling – Featuring Ben Westbeech
19. Unquote – Cold Tenderness

  • Roger Berkeley

    never thought that my tweet maybe comes to reality when i did it last year mentioning that i would like to subscribe the hospital vinyls….:)
    Cannon Food for the STWOV Soldiers!
    and i am still interested in buying your unneeded dubplates…

    btw. i moved twice in the last 6 month in the third floor and fourth floor, and i can say that carrying my 2000 records was exhausting but every time i load them back in my shelves i am happy sticking to them. a room filled with vinyl looks way better than a hard drive…Vinyl is and will be the best format for music….

    can’t wait for yikes!!!

    Big Up

  • Oliver

    What’s with Tyke feat Recipe – Music Makers? Different version to the one on Nightlife 5… I think I like the Nightlife 5 one better.

  • Easy-E

    Thanks for the shout, Tony! …and for the spell check. Haha …drinking and typing is never a smart idea. Lol By the way Fat Tire is this American beer that’s got a delicious chocolately taste to it. Bomb ;) I wish I had wings so I can fly over to hospitality in Mia. Sounds like Miami is having another hurricane coming it’s way. A hurricane not destroying, but creating good times, love,…and dirty filthy raunchy bass lines!

  • Tom Mountford

    This podcast really changed my day for the better, like some kind of therapy for my ears! Reminded me how much DnB means to me, how it is such a huge part of my life, and just how much it means to others too. I spent my life in musical limbo until I discovered Hospital about three years ago, nothing has been the same since. Podcast 137 really made me feel like I’m part of a big and welcoming family – thanks Tony!

  • Brendan

    Wow I cannot believe how good The Plan that Cannot Fail is. Have been listening to it nonstop over the last few days. Really looking forward to the album!

  • Radim Lainka

    Wow I can say truth, this is the best DnB podcast ever!

    Big thanks for doing this show from one man from Czech republic.

  • Stef Mo

    Hi Tony, another brilliant podcast, but also very moving. Felt compelled to mention the moment when you read a very sad shout from a man in New Zealand, and the emotion of the moment really seemed to get to you. I find there’s a very pervasive macho mindset in a lot of drum and bass and dubstep, and I can’t think of many other podcasts where such a genuine, unguarded moment might have occurred. It was very touching, if sad, and I’m sure everyone listening felt it as deeply as you did (despite the uncompromising whomp of Misanthrop in the background!), and that all our compassion and empathy goes out to those in New Zealand, Japan and other countries around the world stricken by terrible disasters. What do we do when life seems to turn against us? We turn to each other, and to music. Big up the human spirit, and big up drum and fucking bass! Big love.

  • steve

    hi i love hospital records but you just talk to much in the podcast and break up the tunes, less chit chat and let the tunes do the work please.

    • Jordan

      How about you do less chit chat and let Tony do the work? Thank you very much!

      • Stef

        i second that.

    • Oliver

      Fuck off Steve.

  • Mark

    Just finished listening to this episod was great mate loved it some sick tunes on here and the bit with .the letter from the guy in NZ made me stared welling upto IRS been crazy this year especially here in the Aus NZ & now Japan but we still have music to keep us going can’t wait for yikes keep up the great work Tony

  • Nickmar

    This podcast would be so much better with less talking over the tracks what is the point of playing songs when ya just gonna turn the volume down so you can talk some bs one the latest podcast the second track was dropping and instead of letting us hear the drop they talked over it saying this is when ppls hands go up. You think I give a shit when ppls hands go up.

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