Hospital Podcast 140

April 1, 2011 in Podcast

Returning with a fresh batch of musical goodness is London Elektricity. New music from Icicle, Brookes Brothers and Marcus Intalex plus two first plays of tracks from the forthcoming London Elektricity album “Yikes!” means it’s another high quality podcast from Hospital Records.

There are plenty of shout-outs and all info about upcoming hospitalities. Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment and don’t forget to check out the new London Elektricity videos over at

1. Brookes Brothers – Beautiful feat Robert Owens
2. Icicle – Top Of The Page
3. Misanthrop – Latitude
4. The Upbeats – Tor – Audio Remix
5. Hazard – Foodfight
6. Marcus Intalex and SPY – Celestial Navigation
7. London Elektricity – Yikes
8. Stanza – Number Gas
9. Topcat – Special Dedication – Sigma Remix
10. Marcus Intalex Feat Lynx and Danny Fierce- Climbing The Walls
11. Mr Joseph – Danger Room
12. London Elektricity – Invisible Worlds

  • Kelley

    rock some Dnb in the U.S.A Philly loves you

  • Mike Kim

    Tony – great podcast #140. Thanks for all your hard work.

    I usually listen to the podcast as I’m running and after I had finished #140 wondered what your thoughts were on possibly having the fittest listener base in the drum n bass podcast community.

    I’ve noticed there are other junglists who are also runners write in from time to time. Perhaps Hospital could sponsor a race and put on a big rave at the end. “Race to Hospitality 5K”?

    Just a thought.

    ps: Saw High Contrast in Chicago a few nights ago and he ripped the place apart. Stayed up till 4am on a work night but very much worth it.

  • BennyC

    Hi there Tony,

    Great cast yet again loving the depth and diversity that has been emerging from Drum and Bass artists of late.

    I have just made a leap forward in my love of drum and bass and have bought my first piece of vinyl (the Yikes LP ) despite the obvious issue of not owning my own turntables to play it on. But I thought it is time that I collect some vinyl of my favourite genre of music, drum and bass.

    So what to do now I asked myself? In my excitement of sharing my purchase with my friends online another mate Chris (aka Auzwa, the man responsible for getting me into DnB) has offered to lend me his turntables while he is traveling in Canada. I am super keen to take him up on his offer and finally become more involved with the music I love by playing it myself, I feel this is the next step in being able to enjoy my music more and hopefully one day even get good at playing a set who knows but can’t wait to get started.

    Big shout out to Chris ‘Auzwa’ Ausitn and all drum and bass lovers in Australia and around the globe.

    Thanks again Tony bigs ups to you and the Hospital crew!

    Melbourne, Australia

  • Michael Gorman

    A while ago you asked for suggestions for items for the Hospital Shop. I’m not too sure if you ever saw my suggestion, but I think that a baseball cap (or even a beanie) displaying the Hospital logo would be brilliant! I know quite a few people that would buy one (myself included) and I live in the middle of nowhere in the United States. I can only imagine how many people would buy them in the UK and other places where drum and bass is actually popular.

    A huge loving shout out to my wonderful fiance Samantha who shares my love for all things Hospital. Drum and bass is the music that brought us together and I can assure you there will be plenty of London Elektricity being played on our wedding day.

    Big respect and big big love coming at you from Northwestern Pennsylvania!

    -Michael Gorman

  • Sandman

    Love the podcast! I listen to it while working in a Northern Irish apple orchard and it makes the day go faster! All I need for my life to be complete now is for Hospitality to have a night in Northern ireland! P.S can’t wait to get my copy of Yikes, that album is magnificent

  • Destructo the Mad


    Just watched & listened to the video of the acoustic version of ‘Electricity Will Keep Me Warm’. Beautiful, gorgeous song. Just freaking fantastic. Ordered the album on the spot – can’t wait till it gets here.

    Been listening to the podcast since I first got an iPod. There is no d&b scene up here in northern British Columbia, so the ‘cast has been my only lifeline to drum & bass. Congrats on the new album.

    Hey, could you see if you can play some more shows in North America (I suggest in Montreal during the Grand Prix), as I have a slightly better chance to be able to get to one of those, then to a Hospitality in England.


    Destructo the Mad

  • LLS

    Im also waiitng for A hospital bed to 5k drum and bass podcast. Im stuck in canada, Also, Techo is really bigh her. Urgggh!

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